cDNA array experiment

This page allows searching for cDNA macroarray expression profiles. Searches can be done by accession number (e.g. BP058334), clone name (e.g. GENf001a09) or gene name (e.g. kinase). The retrieved data is raw signal intensity normalized by the total value of all spotted probes which was set to 1,000,000. Fold change values relative to uninfected root is indicated for N2, N4, N7 and N12 (2, 4, 7 and 12 days after Mesorhizobium loti inoculation) samples.

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Search by the expression pattern is available by checking the box. The red and the blue pattens indicate the fold change of more than 2 and less than 0.5 relative to the signal value of uninfected root, respectively.

  R N2 N4 N7 N12     R N2 N4 N7 N12
01             11          
02             12          
03             13          
04             14          
05             15          
06             16          
07             17          
08             18          
09             19          
10             20          

Similarity search of your gene of interest against arrayed clones is available.

Search program: BLASTN TBLASTN

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Query sequence  (FASTA format recommended)

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Filter query sequence (DUST with blastn, SEG with tblastn)
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Kouchi H, Shimomura K, Hata S, Hirota A, Wu G J, Kumagai H, Tajima S, Suganuma N, Suzuki A, Aoki T, Hayashi M, Yokoyama T, Ohyama T, Asamizu E, Kuwata C, Shibata D, Tabata S
Large-Scale Analysis of Gene Expression Profile during Early Stages of Root Nodule Formation in a Model Legume, Lotus japonicus.
DNA Research, 11, 263-274 (2004) [Supplemental Table]

Lotus japonicus
Kazusa DNA Research Institute
Department of Plant Gene Research