BB922056 ( RCE28314 )


BLASTX 2.2.22 [Sep-27-2009]

Reference: Altschul, Stephen F., Thomas L. Madden, Alejandro A. Schaffer, 
Jinghui Zhang, Zheng Zhang, Webb Miller, and David J. Lipman (1997), 
"Gapped BLAST and PSI-BLAST: a new generation of protein database search
programs",  Nucleic Acids Res. 25:3389-3402.

Query= BB922056  RCE28314
         (572 letters)

Database: uniref100 
           9,526,577 sequences; 3,332,566,763 total letters


significant alignments:[graphical|details]

UniRef100_Q6Z8Q6 Os08g0444100 protein n=1 Tax=Oryza sativa Japon...   175   3e-42
UniRef100_A9NKI0 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Picea ...   175   3e-42
UniRef100_UPI00019834E8 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein n=1 Tax=...   174   4e-42
UniRef100_C7J5Z7 Os08g0278966 protein n=1 Tax=Oryza sativa Japon...   174   6e-42
UniRef100_C6SX24 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Glycin...   173   1e-41
UniRef100_A9PBX5 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Populus trichocarpa R...   173   1e-41
UniRef100_P58728 Uncharacterized protein At4g14342 n=2 Tax=Arabi...   172   1e-41
UniRef100_B9SS71 Splicing factor 3B subunit, putative n=1 Tax=Ri...   172   2e-41
UniRef100_C5XZL2 Putative uncharacterized protein Sb04g009940 n=...   172   2e-41
UniRef100_A9PDM1 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Populus trichocarpa R...   172   2e-41
UniRef100_A7NXD4 Chromosome chr5 scaffold_2, whole genome shotgu...   170   6e-41
UniRef100_Q9LW64 Uncharacterized protein At3g23325 n=1 Tax=Arabi...   170   8e-41
UniRef100_A9TEU1 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Physcomitrella patens...   160   8e-38
UniRef100_C1MM14 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Micromonas pusilla CC...   151   3e-35
UniRef100_C1E238 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Micromonas sp. RCC299...   150   5e-35
UniRef100_A3BTL4 Putative uncharacterized protein n=2 Tax=Oryza ...   144   4e-33
UniRef100_A8IV17 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Chlamydomonas reinhar...   136   1e-30
UniRef100_Q016Z2 Putative symplekin (ISS) n=1 Tax=Ostreococcus t...   133   1e-29
UniRef100_A4RYW9 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Ostreococcus lucimari...   129   2e-28
UniRef100_Q175C9 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Aedes ...   125   2e-27
UniRef100_C1BNH4 Probable splicing factor 3B subunit 5 n=1 Tax=C...   123   9e-27
UniRef100_Q7PZH2 AGAP011907-PA n=1 Tax=Anopheles gambiae RepID=Q...   122   1e-26
UniRef100_B0XFY1 Splicing factor 3B subunit 5 n=1 Tax=Culex quin...   122   1e-26
UniRef100_Q4PM93 Pre-mRNA splicing factor SF3b 10 kDa subunit n=...   122   2e-26
UniRef100_B7QIF0 Pre-mRNA splicing factor SF3B 10 kDa subunit, p...   122   3e-26
UniRef100_UPI00015B4091 PREDICTED: similar to IP03424p n=1 Tax=N...   121   4e-26
UniRef100_C1BLR9 Splicing factor 3B subunit 5 n=1 Tax=Osmerus mo...   121   4e-26
UniRef100_UPI000186F00B conserved hypothetical protein n=1 Tax=P...   120   6e-26
UniRef100_UPI0000434274 PREDICTED: similar to Probable splicing ...   120   1e-25
UniRef100_C3KGY3 Splicing factor 3B subunit 5 n=1 Tax=Anoplopoma...   120   1e-25
UniRef100_B9EQE5 Splicing factor 3B subunit 5 n=3 Tax=Euteleoste...   120   1e-25
UniRef100_Q9VHI4 Probable splicing factor 3B subunit 5 n=6 Tax=m...   120   1e-25
UniRef100_B4JFR7 GH18222 n=3 Tax=Drosophila RepID=B4JFR7_DROGR        120   1e-25
UniRef100_UPI0001793369 PREDICTED: similar to Probable splicing ...   119   1e-25
UniRef100_UPI0000015B36 UPI0000015B36 related cluster n=1 Tax=Te...   119   1e-25
UniRef100_UPI0000D576AF PREDICTED: similar to splicing factor 3b...   119   2e-25
UniRef100_Q6ZM78 Splicing factor 3B subunit 10 n=1 Tax=Danio rer...   119   2e-25
UniRef100_B4NA69 GK11422 n=1 Tax=Drosophila willistoni RepID=B4N...   119   2e-25
UniRef100_B5DIX0 GA25581 n=2 Tax=pseudoobscura subgroup RepID=B5...   119   2e-25
UniRef100_B9ELX9 Splicing factor 3B subunit 5 n=1 Tax=Salmo sala...   117   5e-25
UniRef100_B3M203 GF18434 n=1 Tax=Drosophila ananassae RepID=B3M2...   117   5e-25
UniRef100_A7SCP5 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Nematostella vectensi...   117   5e-25
UniRef100_C1BTB7 Probable splicing factor 3B subunit 5 n=1 Tax=L...   117   8e-25
UniRef100_Q0VFD4 Splicing factor 3b, subunit 5, 10kDa n=2 Tax=Xe...   116   1e-24
UniRef100_Q9BWJ5 Splicing factor 3B subunit 5 n=2 Tax=Eutheria R...   116   1e-24
UniRef100_UPI00006106F8 PREDICTED: similar to splicing factor 3b...   115   3e-24
UniRef100_B3RPW7 Putative uncharacterized protein (Fragment) n=1...   114   5e-24
UniRef100_C1BIE1 Splicing factor 3B subunit 5 n=1 Tax=Oncorhynch...   113   1e-23
UniRef100_UPI0000E46973 PREDICTED: similar to conserved hypothet...   112   2e-23
UniRef100_Q923D4 Splicing factor 3B subunit 5 n=1 Tax=Mus muscul...   112   2e-23
UniRef100_C3ZV85 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Branch...   112   3e-23
UniRef100_Q8CEW9 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Mus mu...   111   3e-23
UniRef100_UPI000192582F PREDICTED: similar to predicted protein ...   110   6e-23
UniRef100_C4M9T8 Splicing factor 3B subunit 10, putative n=1 Tax...   109   2e-22
UniRef100_B0EU72 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Entamo...   109   2e-22
UniRef100_UPI000180C4D1 PREDICTED: similar to Probable splicing ...   105   2e-21
UniRef100_Q55BF5 Splicing factor 3B subunit 5 n=1 Tax=Dictyostel...   104   5e-21
UniRef100_A5K2G5 Splicing factor, putative n=1 Tax=Plasmodium vi...   102   3e-20
UniRef100_B3L766 Splicing factor 3b subunit, putative n=1 Tax=Pl...   101   4e-20
UniRef100_C4Q3W4 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Schist...   100   6e-20
UniRef100_Q4YTN9 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Plasmo...   100   1e-19
UniRef100_A8N2X9 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Coprinopsis cinerea o...   100   1e-19
UniRef100_C0H5I5 Splicing factor 3b subunit, putative n=1 Tax=Pl...    99   2e-19
UniRef100_A8Q7A4 Splicing factor 3B subunit 5, putative n=1 Tax=...    99   3e-19
UniRef100_C7YMS3 Predicted protein (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Nectria ha...    99   3e-19
UniRef100_A7ANA1 Splicing factor 3B subunit 10 (SF3b10), putativ...    98   4e-19
UniRef100_Q4N510 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Theile...    97   7e-19
UniRef100_Q7R9T6 Putative uncharacterized protein PY06774 (Fragm...    97   9e-19
UniRef100_B6K9E9 Splicing factor 3b subunit 10, putative n=2 Tax...    96   2e-18
UniRef100_B5Y5M4 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Phaeodactylum tricorn...    96   3e-18
UniRef100_Q4XYA2 Putative uncharacterized protein (Fragment) n=1...    95   3e-18
UniRef100_Q4UEI4 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Theile...    95   3e-18
UniRef100_A8XGX8 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Caenor...    95   3e-18
UniRef100_B0CRN2 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Laccaria bicolor S238...    95   3e-18
UniRef100_UPI000023CD56 hypothetical protein FG08814.1 n=1 Tax=G...    95   4e-18
UniRef100_UPI0000085569 hypothetical protein n=1 Tax=Plasmodium ...    94   1e-17
UniRef100_Q5KKD6 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Filoba...    94   1e-17
UniRef100_B8C4E3 Predicted protein (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Thalassios...    93   1e-17
UniRef100_Q7SFN1 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Neuros...    93   1e-17
UniRef100_C5L3H1 Splicing factor 3B subunit, putative n=1 Tax=Pe...    93   2e-17
UniRef100_C5KH03 Splicing factor 3B subunit, putative n=2 Tax=Pe...    93   2e-17
UniRef100_A7YXN4 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Perkin...    93   2e-17
UniRef100_A6S638 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Botryo...    93   2e-17
UniRef100_A7F957 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Sclero...    92   2e-17
UniRef100_A0DS79 Chromosome undetermined scaffold_61, whole geno...    91   6e-17
UniRef100_B9PIY7 Splicing factor 3B subunit, putative n=1 Tax=To...    89   3e-16
UniRef100_A4QR78 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Magnap...    88   4e-16
UniRef100_B8NRW4 Splicing factor 3B subunit 10 (SF3b10), putativ...    88   5e-16
UniRef100_Q0CTC8 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Asperg...    87   1e-15
UniRef100_A1CR93 Splicing factor 3B subunit 10 (SF3b10), putativ...    87   1e-15
UniRef100_A6QS51 Splicing factor 3B subunit 10 SF3b10 n=4 Tax=Aj...    86   2e-15
UniRef100_Q1E0L7 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Coccid...    85   3e-15
UniRef100_C0S314 Splicing factor 3B subunit 5 n=1 Tax=Paracoccid...    85   3e-15
UniRef100_A2RAK6 Similarity to hypothetical protein SPBC211.05 -...    85   3e-15
UniRef100_C5P965 Splicing factor 3B subunit, putative n=1 Tax=Co...    85   4e-15
UniRef100_A1D459 Splicing factor 3B subunit 10 (SF3b10), putativ...    85   4e-15
UniRef100_C1G0T8 Splicing factor 3B subunit 5 n=1 Tax=Paracoccid...    84   1e-14
UniRef100_B6HCP8 Pc18g02030 protein n=1 Tax=Penicillium chrysoge...    84   1e-14
UniRef100_B6Q6G4 Splicing factor 3B subunit 10 (SF3b10), putativ...    83   1e-14
UniRef100_B8M5U8 Splicing factor 3B subunit 10 (SF3b10), putativ...    82   2e-14
UniRef100_B0XP63 Splicing factor 3B subunit 10 (SF3b10), putativ...    82   2e-14
UniRef100_Q4PGL5 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Ustila...    82   3e-14
UniRef100_C5FDZ8 Splicing factor 3B subunit 5 n=1 Tax=Microsporu...    82   3e-14
UniRef100_Q2H468 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Chaeto...    81   5e-14
UniRef100_C4JKC2 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Uncino...    81   5e-14
UniRef100_B2VRT6 Splicing factor 3B n=1 Tax=Pyrenophora tritici-...    80   1e-13
UniRef100_B6AC89 Splicing factor 3B subunit 10, putative n=1 Tax...    78   5e-13
UniRef100_Q0U903 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Phaeos...    78   5e-13
UniRef100_A8Q9B8 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Malass...    77   7e-13
UniRef100_Q9P7R6 Uncharacterized protein C211.05 n=1 Tax=Schizos...    77   9e-13
UniRef100_C8V5B8 Splicing factor 3B subunit 10 (SF3b10), putativ...    77   1e-12
UniRef100_UPI000155577F PREDICTED: similar to Splicing factor 3b...    76   2e-12
UniRef100_B6JWT1 Splicing factor 3B n=1 Tax=Schizosaccharomyces ...    72   2e-11
UniRef100_A3FQN7 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Crypto...    59   2e-07
UniRef100_Q6CGS7 YALI0A16566p n=1 Tax=Yarrowia lipolytica RepID=...    59   2e-07
UniRef100_C4QWK3 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Pichia...    55   4e-06
UniRef100_A7TD36 Predicted protein (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Nematostel...    54   8e-06
graphical overview:
UniRef100_Q6Z8Q6 UniRef100_Q6Z8Q6 UniRef100_A9NKI0 UniRef100_A9NKI0 UniRef100_UPI00019834E8 UniRef100_UPI00019834E8 UniRef100_C7J5Z7 UniRef100_C7J5Z7 UniRef100_C6SX24 UniRef100_C6SX24 UniRef100_A9PBX5 UniRef100_A9PBX5 UniRef100_P58728 UniRef100_P58728 UniRef100_B9SS71 UniRef100_B9SS71 UniRef100_C5XZL2 UniRef100_C5XZL2 UniRef100_A9PDM1 UniRef100_A9PDM1 UniRef100_A7NXD4 UniRef100_A7NXD4 UniRef100_Q9LW64 UniRef100_Q9LW64 UniRef100_A9TEU1 UniRef100_A9TEU1 UniRef100_C1MM14 UniRef100_C1MM14 UniRef100_C1E238 UniRef100_C1E238 UniRef100_A3BTL4 UniRef100_A3BTL4 UniRef100_A8IV17 UniRef100_A8IV17 UniRef100_Q016Z2 UniRef100_Q016Z2 UniRef100_A4RYW9 UniRef100_A4RYW9 UniRef100_Q175C9 UniRef100_Q175C9 UniRef100_C1BNH4 UniRef100_C1BNH4 UniRef100_Q7PZH2 UniRef100_Q7PZH2 UniRef100_B0XFY1 UniRef100_B0XFY1 UniRef100_Q4PM93 UniRef100_Q4PM93 UniRef100_B7QIF0 UniRef100_B7QIF0 UniRef100_UPI00015B4091 UniRef100_UPI00015B4091 UniRef100_C1BLR9 UniRef100_C1BLR9 UniRef100_UPI000186F00B UniRef100_UPI000186F00B UniRef100_UPI0000434274 UniRef100_UPI0000434274 UniRef100_C3KGY3 UniRef100_C3KGY3 UniRef100_B9EQE5 UniRef100_B9EQE5 UniRef100_Q9VHI4 UniRef100_Q9VHI4 UniRef100_B4JFR7 UniRef100_B4JFR7 UniRef100_UPI0001793369 UniRef100_UPI0001793369 UniRef100_UPI0000015B36 UniRef100_UPI0000015B36 UniRef100_UPI0000D576AF UniRef100_UPI0000D576AF UniRef100_Q6ZM78 UniRef100_Q6ZM78 UniRef100_B4NA69 UniRef100_B4NA69 UniRef100_B5DIX0 UniRef100_B5DIX0 UniRef100_B9ELX9 UniRef100_B9ELX9 UniRef100_B3M203 UniRef100_B3M203 UniRef100_A7SCP5 UniRef100_A7SCP5 UniRef100_C1BTB7 UniRef100_C1BTB7 UniRef100_Q0VFD4 UniRef100_Q0VFD4 UniRef100_Q9BWJ5 UniRef100_Q9BWJ5 UniRef100_UPI00006106F8 UniRef100_UPI00006106F8 UniRef100_B3RPW7 UniRef100_B3RPW7 UniRef100_C1BIE1 UniRef100_C1BIE1 UniRef100_UPI0000E46973 UniRef100_UPI0000E46973 UniRef100_Q923D4 UniRef100_Q923D4 UniRef100_C3ZV85 UniRef100_C3ZV85 UniRef100_Q8CEW9 UniRef100_Q8CEW9 UniRef100_UPI000192582F UniRef100_UPI000192582F UniRef100_C4M9T8 UniRef100_C4M9T8 UniRef100_B0EU72 UniRef100_B0EU72 UniRef100_UPI000180C4D1 UniRef100_UPI000180C4D1 UniRef100_Q55BF5 UniRef100_Q55BF5 UniRef100_A5K2G5 UniRef100_A5K2G5 UniRef100_B3L766 UniRef100_B3L766 UniRef100_C4Q3W4 UniRef100_C4Q3W4 UniRef100_Q4YTN9 UniRef100_Q4YTN9 UniRef100_A8N2X9 UniRef100_A8N2X9 UniRef100_C0H5I5 UniRef100_C0H5I5 UniRef100_A8Q7A4 UniRef100_A8Q7A4 UniRef100_C7YMS3 UniRef100_C7YMS3 UniRef100_A7ANA1 UniRef100_A7ANA1 UniRef100_Q4N510 UniRef100_Q4N510 UniRef100_Q7R9T6 UniRef100_Q7R9T6 UniRef100_B6K9E9 UniRef100_B6K9E9 UniRef100_B5Y5M4 UniRef100_B5Y5M4 UniRef100_Q4XYA2 UniRef100_Q4XYA2 UniRef100_Q4UEI4 UniRef100_Q4UEI4 UniRef100_A8XGX8 UniRef100_A8XGX8 UniRef100_B0CRN2 UniRef100_B0CRN2 UniRef100_UPI000023CD56 UniRef100_UPI000023CD56 UniRef100_UPI0000085569 UniRef100_UPI0000085569 UniRef100_Q5KKD6 UniRef100_Q5KKD6 UniRef100_B8C4E3 UniRef100_B8C4E3 UniRef100_Q7SFN1 UniRef100_Q7SFN1 UniRef100_C5L3H1 UniRef100_C5L3H1 UniRef100_C5KH03 UniRef100_C5KH03 UniRef100_A7YXN4 UniRef100_A7YXN4 UniRef100_A6S638 UniRef100_A6S638 UniRef100_A7F957 UniRef100_A7F957 UniRef100_A0DS79 UniRef100_A0DS79 UniRef100_B9PIY7 UniRef100_B9PIY7 UniRef100_A4QR78 UniRef100_A4QR78 UniRef100_B8NRW4 UniRef100_B8NRW4 UniRef100_Q0CTC8 UniRef100_Q0CTC8 UniRef100_A1CR93 UniRef100_A1CR93 UniRef100_A6QS51 UniRef100_A6QS51 UniRef100_Q1E0L7 UniRef100_Q1E0L7 UniRef100_C0S314 UniRef100_C0S314 UniRef100_A2RAK6 UniRef100_A2RAK6 UniRef100_C5P965 UniRef100_C5P965 UniRef100_A1D459 UniRef100_A1D459 UniRef100_C1G0T8 UniRef100_C1G0T8 UniRef100_B6HCP8 UniRef100_B6HCP8 UniRef100_B6Q6G4 UniRef100_B6Q6G4 UniRef100_B8M5U8 UniRef100_B8M5U8 UniRef100_B0XP63 UniRef100_B0XP63 UniRef100_Q4PGL5 UniRef100_Q4PGL5 UniRef100_C5FDZ8 UniRef100_C5FDZ8 UniRef100_Q2H468 UniRef100_Q2H468 UniRef100_C4JKC2 UniRef100_C4JKC2 UniRef100_B2VRT6 UniRef100_B2VRT6 UniRef100_B6AC89 UniRef100_B6AC89 UniRef100_Q0U903 UniRef100_Q0U903 UniRef100_A8Q9B8 UniRef100_A8Q9B8 UniRef100_Q9P7R6 UniRef100_Q9P7R6 UniRef100_C8V5B8 UniRef100_C8V5B8 UniRef100_UPI000155577F UniRef100_UPI000155577F UniRef100_B6JWT1 UniRef100_B6JWT1 UniRef100_A3FQN7 UniRef100_A3FQN7 UniRef100_Q6CGS7 UniRef100_Q6CGS7 UniRef100_C4QWK3 UniRef100_C4QWK3