BB908145 ( RCE06713 )


BLASTX 2.2.22 [Sep-27-2009]

Reference: Altschul, Stephen F., Thomas L. Madden, Alejandro A. Schaffer, 
Jinghui Zhang, Zheng Zhang, Webb Miller, and David J. Lipman (1997), 
"Gapped BLAST and PSI-BLAST: a new generation of protein database search
programs",  Nucleic Acids Res. 25:3389-3402.

Query= BB908145  RCE06713
         (579 letters)

Database: uniref100 
           9,526,577 sequences; 3,332,566,763 total letters


significant alignments:[graphical|details]

UniRef100_B7FK47 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Medicago truncatula RepID=B7FK...   282   2e-74
UniRef100_Q41709 Ferritin-2, chloroplastic n=1 Tax=Vigna unguicu...   226   7e-58
UniRef100_Q948P5 Ferritin-4, chloroplastic n=2 Tax=Glycine max R...   225   2e-57
UniRef100_C6TM43 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Glycine max RepID=C6TM43_SOYBN      213   9e-54
UniRef100_B9HSJ8 Ferritin n=2 Tax=Populus RepID=B9HSJ8_POPTR          209   9e-53
UniRef100_B9S460 Ferritin, plant, putative n=1 Tax=Ricinus commu...   208   3e-52
UniRef100_Q948P6 Ferritin-3, chloroplastic n=1 Tax=Glycine max R...   208   3e-52
UniRef100_Q8H1T3 Ferritin-2, chloroplastic n=1 Tax=Nicotiana tab...   208   3e-52
UniRef100_Q6A196 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Conyza canadensis RepID=Q6A196...   207   4e-52
UniRef100_C6TEV0 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Glycin...   204   5e-51
UniRef100_A8D002 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Pyrus pyrifolia RepID=A8D002_P...   202   2e-50
UniRef100_Q4EWB8 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Avicennia marina RepID=Q4EWB8_...   202   2e-50
UniRef100_Q1L4E2 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Malus x domestica RepID=Q1L4E2...   202   2e-50
UniRef100_A7Q3N8 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Vitis vinifera RepID=A7Q3N8_VITVI   199   2e-49
UniRef100_A7UGG8 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Solanum tuberosum RepID=A7UGG8...   198   3e-49
UniRef100_C5MRG1 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Jatropha curcas RepID=C5MRG1_9...   197   5e-49
UniRef100_A5BV73 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Vitis vinifera RepI...   196   8e-49
UniRef100_A8D015 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Pyrus pyrifolia RepID=A8D015_P...   196   1e-48
UniRef100_B9HHU8 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Populus trichocarpa RepID=B9HH...   195   2e-48
UniRef100_A9PB36 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Populus trichocarpa RepID=A9PB...   195   2e-48
UniRef100_Q9SRL5 Ferritin-2, chloroplastic n=1 Tax=Arabidopsis t...   195   2e-48
UniRef100_Q9S756 Ferritin-4, chloroplastic n=1 Tax=Arabidopsis t...   193   7e-48
UniRef100_Q681H8 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Arabidopsis thalian...   192   1e-47
UniRef100_Q308A9 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Solanum tuberosum RepID=Q308A9...   192   2e-47
UniRef100_A0FHB8 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Lycoris aurea RepID=A0FHB8_LYCAU    190   8e-47
UniRef100_A0FHB7 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Lycoris aurea RepID=A0FHB7_LYCAU    189   2e-46
UniRef100_B6SGR9 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Zea mays RepID=B6SGR9_MAIZE         187   7e-46
UniRef100_C4B8E2 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Tulipa gesneriana RepID=C4B8E2...   186   1e-45
UniRef100_Q8RX97 Ferritin-1, chloroplastic n=1 Tax=Nicotiana tab...   184   4e-45
UniRef100_Q9LYN2 Ferritin-3, chloroplastic n=2 Tax=Arabidopsis t...   182   1e-44
UniRef100_Q308L9 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Chorispora bungeana RepID=Q308...   181   5e-44
UniRef100_B9SKZ9 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Ricinus communis RepID=B9SKZ9_...   180   8e-44
UniRef100_A8CZZ4 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Pyrus pyrifolia RepID=A8CZZ4_P...   179   1e-43
UniRef100_Q6DQK1 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Triticum monococcum RepID=Q6DQ...   179   1e-43
UniRef100_Q5G1L6 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Triticum aestivum RepID=Q5G1L6...   179   1e-43
UniRef100_B6UZ79 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Triticum aestivum RepID=B6UZ79...   179   1e-43
UniRef100_B1NC18 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Hordeum vulgare RepID=B1NC18_H...   179   1e-43
UniRef100_A4GSN6 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Triticum aestivum RepID=A4GSN6...   179   1e-43
UniRef100_A8D009 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Pyrus pyrifolia RepID=A8D009_P...   178   2e-43
UniRef100_A4GSN5 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Triticum urartu RepID=A4GSN5_9...   178   3e-43
UniRef100_Q39101 Ferritin-1, chloroplastic n=2 Tax=Arabidopsis t...   178   3e-43
UniRef100_B6UZ90 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Triticum aestivum RepID=B6UZ90...   177   5e-43
UniRef100_B4FRL5 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Zea mays RepID=B4FRL5_MAIZE         177   5e-43
UniRef100_B4FB91 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Zea mays RepID=B4FB91_MAIZE         177   5e-43
UniRef100_P29390 Ferritin-2, chloroplastic n=1 Tax=Zea mays RepI...   177   5e-43
UniRef100_Q4FCZ8 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Puccinellia tenuifl...   177   7e-43
UniRef100_UPI0001983D20 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein n=1 Tax=...   176   1e-42
UniRef100_A7QFE1 Chromosome chr8 scaffold_88, whole genome shotg...   176   1e-42
UniRef100_P29036 Ferritin-1, chloroplastic n=1 Tax=Zea mays RepI...   176   1e-42
UniRef100_B9VV92 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Brassica juncea RepID=B9VV92_B...   175   2e-42
UniRef100_B6UZ88 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Triticum aestivum RepID=B6UZ88...   175   2e-42
UniRef100_A4GSN7 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Triticum aestivum RepID=A4GSN7...   174   3e-42
UniRef100_A8D8S3 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Triticum aestivum RepID=A8D8S3...   174   4e-42
UniRef100_A7NY96 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Vitis vinifera RepID=A7NY96_VITVI   174   6e-42
UniRef100_UPI0001983CC2 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein n=1 Tax=...   173   8e-42
UniRef100_B6UZ91 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Triticum aestivum RepID=B6UZ91...   172   2e-41
UniRef100_Q9SWS0 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Solanum tuberosum R...   172   2e-41
UniRef100_A7QKU5 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Vitis vinifera RepID=A7QKU5_VITVI   171   4e-41
UniRef100_B6UZ81 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Triticum aestivum R...   171   5e-41
UniRef100_A2ZHA2 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Oryza sativa Indica Group RepI...   170   6e-41
UniRef100_B6UZ83 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Triticum aestivum R...   170   8e-41
UniRef100_Q96540 Ferritin-1, chloroplastic n=1 Tax=Brassica napu...   170   8e-41
UniRef100_UPI0000DD9AC6 Os11g0106700 n=1 Tax=Oryza sativa Japoni...   169   1e-40
UniRef100_Q2RBM2 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Oryza sativa Japonica Group Re...   169   1e-40
UniRef100_B9IGG8 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Populus trichocarpa RepID=B9IG...   169   1e-40
UniRef100_Q8LK80 Ferritin n=2 Tax=Oryza sativa RepID=Q8LK80_ORYSJ     169   1e-40
UniRef100_B7FJF2 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Medicago truncatula RepID=B7FJ...   169   2e-40
UniRef100_A5HKJ9 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Medicago sativa subsp. falcata...   169   2e-40
UniRef100_Q8L5K0 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Oryza sativa Japonica Group Re...   168   2e-40
UniRef100_Q2QYU7 Ferritin 1, chloroplast, putative, expressed n=...   168   2e-40
UniRef100_A3CE65 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Oryza sativa Japonica Group Re...   168   2e-40
UniRef100_B6UZ85 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Triticum aestivum R...   168   3e-40
UniRef100_Q9ZP90 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Medicago sativa RepID=Q9ZP90_M...   167   4e-40
UniRef100_B9NGR3 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Populus trichocarpa RepID=B9NG...   167   4e-40
UniRef100_Q6VVA5 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Oryza sativa RepID=Q6VVA5_ORYSA     167   5e-40
UniRef100_A9PI96 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Populus trichocarpa RepID=A9PI...   167   5e-40
UniRef100_Q94KA2 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Oryza sativa RepID=Q94KA2_ORYSA     166   2e-39
UniRef100_B9GBF4 DNA-directed RNA polymerase n=1 Tax=Oryza sativ...   166   2e-39
UniRef100_B9P9D0 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Populus trichocarpa R...   164   5e-39
UniRef100_O65100 Ferritin-3, chloroplastic n=1 Tax=Vigna unguicu...   164   6e-39
UniRef100_Q66N72 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Vigna angularis RepID=Q66N72_P...   162   2e-38
UniRef100_B8LPN3 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Picea sitchensis RepID=B8LPN3_...   162   2e-38
UniRef100_A9S9S4 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Physcomitrella patens subsp. p...   161   3e-38
UniRef100_B7FK36 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Medicago truncatula RepID=B7FK...   160   5e-38
UniRef100_A9S6B6 Ferritin, chloroplast n=1 Tax=Physcomitrella pa...   160   5e-38
UniRef100_Q94FY2 Ferritin, chloroplastic n=1 Tax=Malus xiaojinen...   160   5e-38
UniRef100_P19976 Ferritin-1, chloroplastic n=1 Tax=Glycine max R...   160   7e-38
UniRef100_A5A410 Ferritin n=2 Tax=Glycine RepID=A5A410_GLYSO          160   9e-38
UniRef100_C6TAU2 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Glycine max RepID=C6TAU2_SOYBN      159   1e-37
UniRef100_C6SWX6 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Glycin...   158   3e-37
UniRef100_C6TI81 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Glycine max RepID=C6TI81_SOYBN      157   7e-37
UniRef100_Q94IC4 Ferritin-2, chloroplastic n=1 Tax=Glycine max R...   156   1e-36
UniRef100_P19975 Ferritin-1, chloroplastic n=1 Tax=Pisum sativum...   156   1e-36
UniRef100_P25699 Ferritin, chloroplastic n=1 Tax=Phaseolus vulga...   156   1e-36
UniRef100_B6UZ92 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Triticum aestivum R...   155   3e-36
UniRef100_A9SW17 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Physcomitrella patens subsp. p...   155   3e-36
UniRef100_Q43757 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Glycine max RepID=Q43757_SOYBN      154   4e-36
UniRef100_C0PRI0 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Picea sitchensis RepID=C0PRI0_...   154   5e-36
UniRef100_A0MZ84 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Glycine max RepID=A0MZ84_SOYBN      154   6e-36
UniRef100_B6UZ94 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Triticum aestivum R...   153   8e-36
UniRef100_Q941G7 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Glycine max RepID=Q941G7_SOYBN      136   1e-30
UniRef100_Q8LRU1 Pre-apoferritin n=1 Tax=Chlamydomonas reinhardt...   130   7e-29
UniRef100_Q9XFY2 Putative ferritin n=1 Tax=Auxenochlorella proto...   123   9e-27
UniRef100_C1EIF3 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Micromonas sp. RCC299 RepID=C1...   122   3e-26
UniRef100_Q945F6 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Hordeum vulgare Rep...   119   1e-25
UniRef100_Q9FXQ2 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Nicotiana tabacum R...   118   3e-25
UniRef100_A4S7M5 Predicted protein (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Ostreococc...   117   5e-25
UniRef100_A4RT97 Predicted protein (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Ostreococc...   114   7e-24
UniRef100_Q01DZ9 Ferritin (ISS) n=1 Tax=Ostreococcus tauri RepID...   113   9e-24
UniRef100_Q41708 Ferritin 1 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Vigna unguiculata...   111   4e-23
UniRef100_Q1AL90 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Meretrix meretrix RepID=Q1AL90...   110   6e-23
UniRef100_Q41710 Ferritin 5 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Vigna unguiculata...   107   5e-22
UniRef100_Q7YW83 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Pinctada fucata RepID=Q7YW83_P...   107   5e-22
UniRef100_Q86QN8 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Branchiostoma belcheri tsingta...   107   9e-22
UniRef100_Q6WNW7 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Branchiostoma belcheri tsingta...   107   9e-22
UniRef100_C1N5Q9 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Micromonas pusilla CCMP1545 Re...   106   1e-21
UniRef100_C6JUM7 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Pinctada maxima RepID=C6JUM7_P...   106   1e-21
UniRef100_B8YCQ7 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Eisenia andrei RepID=B8YCQ7_9ANNE   106   1e-21
UniRef100_Q9Y1K9 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Enteroctopus dofleini RepID=Q9...   105   2e-21
UniRef100_C3YL90 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Branch...   104   4e-21
UniRef100_UPI0001924830 PREDICTED: similar to ferritin, heavy po...   104   6e-21
UniRef100_UPI0001868C83 hypothetical protein BRAFLDRAFT_116228 n...   104   6e-21
UniRef100_Q86LZ3 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Branchiostoma lance...   103   7e-21
UniRef100_Q2PDG9 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Crassostrea gigas RepID=Q2PDG9...   103   7e-21
UniRef100_C3YXB2 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Branchiostoma floridae RepID=C...   103   7e-21
UniRef100_Q7YZR8 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Crassostrea gigas RepID=Q7YZR8...   103   1e-20
UniRef100_P42577 Soma ferritin n=1 Tax=Lymnaea stagnalis RepID=F...   103   1e-20
UniRef100_Q7YZR9 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Crassostrea gigas RepID=Q7YZR9...   102   2e-20
UniRef100_Q70MM3 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Crassostrea gigas RepID=Q70MM3...   102   2e-20
UniRef100_A1C334 Ferritin 3-like protein n=1 Tax=Daphnia pulex R...   102   2e-20
UniRef100_Q8T9S6 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Dermacentor variabilis RepID=Q...   102   2e-20
UniRef100_Q6WNX3 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Dermacentor albipictus RepID=Q...   102   2e-20
UniRef100_A5GZU9 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Aplysia californica RepID=A5GZ...   102   2e-20
UniRef100_B3TFG2 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Phascolosoma esculenta RepID=B...   102   3e-20
UniRef100_B3TK25 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Haliotis diversicolor RepID=B3...   101   4e-20
UniRef100_A7LGB1 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Holothuria glaberrima RepID=A7...   101   4e-20
UniRef100_O16453 Ferritin protein 1 n=1 Tax=Caenorhabditis elega...   100   6e-20
UniRef100_A1C330 Ferritin 3-like protein n=1 Tax=Daphnia pulex R...   100   6e-20
UniRef100_Q8WQM7 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Artemia franciscana RepID=Q8WQ...   100   1e-19
UniRef100_Q2QJV4 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Apostichopus japonicus RepID=Q...   100   1e-19
UniRef100_A8WCT5 Ferritin 2 n=1 Tax=Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Re...   100   1e-19
UniRef100_Q6WNX0 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Ixodes scapularis RepID=Q6WNX0...   100   1e-19
UniRef100_O61915 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Ixodes ricinus RepID=O61915_IXORI   100   1e-19
UniRef100_A8WNX6 C. briggsae CBR-FTN-1 protein n=1 Tax=Caenorhab...   100   1e-19
UniRef100_A6N9Q6 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Ornithodoros parkeri RepID=A6N...   100   1e-19
UniRef100_P17663 Ferritin heavy chain 1 n=2 Tax=Xenopus laevis R...   100   1e-19
UniRef100_Q7Z0V0 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Rhipicephalus microplus RepID=...    99   2e-19
UniRef100_Q6WNX6 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Amblyomma americanum RepID=Q6W...    99   2e-19
UniRef100_Q6WNX5 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Amblyomma maculatum RepID=Q6WN...    99   2e-19
UniRef100_Q6WNX4 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Rhipicephalus microplus RepID=...    99   2e-19
UniRef100_Q6SKG3 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Dermacentor andersoni RepID=Q6...    99   2e-19
UniRef100_A1C329 Ferritin 3-like protein n=1 Tax=Daphnia pulex R...    99   2e-19
UniRef100_P07798 Ferritin, middle subunit n=1 Tax=Rana catesbeia...    99   2e-19
UniRef100_B2BP34 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Pimephales promelas RepID=B2BP...    99   2e-19
UniRef100_Q6WNW9 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Rhipicephalus sanguineus RepID...    99   2e-19
UniRef100_Q6TF46 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Rhipicephalus haemaphysaloides...    99   2e-19
UniRef100_Q6QA66 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Hyalomma asiaticum asiaticum R...    99   2e-19
UniRef100_A4K531 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Bufo gargarizans RepID=A4K531_...    99   3e-19
UniRef100_Q6WNX1 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Haemaphysalis longicornis RepI...    99   3e-19
UniRef100_Q0P0L7 Ferritin peptide n=1 Tax=Fenneropenaeus chinens...    99   3e-19
UniRef100_Q6P8C6 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis ...    98   4e-19
UniRef100_Q6DHT8 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Danio rerio RepID=Q6DHT8_DANRE       98   4e-19
UniRef100_Q9TYS3 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Caenorhabditis elegans RepID=Q...    98   4e-19
UniRef100_Q6P626 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis ...    98   5e-19
UniRef100_Q0PKG0 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Haliotis discus discus RepID=Q...    98   5e-19
UniRef100_Q0MUS5 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Haliotis discus hannai RepID=Q...    98   5e-19
UniRef100_B7TYL4 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Pectinaria gouldii RepID=B7TYL...    98   5e-19
UniRef100_P49948 Ferritin heavy chain 2 n=1 Tax=Xenopus laevis R...    98   5e-19
UniRef100_Q9NG05 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Daphnia pulex RepID=Q9NG05_DAPPU     97   7e-19
UniRef100_A5A3B6 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Penaeus monodon RepID=A5A3B6_P...    97   7e-19
UniRef100_Q6PAB7 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Xenopus laevis RepID=Q6PAB7_XENLA    97   9e-19
UniRef100_Q58FL0 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Litopenaeus vannamei RepID=Q58...    97   9e-19
UniRef100_Q09JY0 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Argas monolakensis RepID=Q09JY...    97   9e-19
UniRef100_UPI00005459AF hypothetical protein LOC553566 n=1 Tax=D...    97   1e-18
UniRef100_Q801J5 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Petromyzon marinus RepID=Q801J...    97   1e-18
UniRef100_P07797 Ferritin, lower subunit n=1 Tax=Rana catesbeian...    97   1e-18
UniRef100_P07229 Ferritin, higher subunit n=1 Tax=Rana catesbeia...    97   1e-18
UniRef100_A8XED8 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Caenorhabditis briggsae AF16 R...    96   2e-18
UniRef100_P85838 Ferritin, heavy subunit n=1 Tax=Trematomus bern...    96   2e-18
UniRef100_UPI000054599F hypothetical protein LOC553552 n=1 Tax=D...    96   2e-18
UniRef100_Q801J6 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Scyliorhinus canicu...    96   2e-18
UniRef100_P79821 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Oncorhynchus mykiss RepID=P798...    96   2e-18
UniRef100_A7YYB6 Ferritin n=2 Tax=Euteleostomi RepID=A7YYB6_DANRE      96   2e-18
UniRef100_Q5XXS9 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Oncometopia nigricans RepID=Q5...    96   2e-18
UniRef100_Q504E2 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Danio rerio RepID=Q504E2_DANRE       96   3e-18
UniRef100_A1DU25 Ferritin protein (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Artemia fra...    96   3e-18
UniRef100_Q6GPT2 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Xenopus laevis RepID=Q6GPT2_XENLA    95   3e-18
UniRef100_O61916 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Ornithodoros moubata RepID=O61...    95   3e-18
UniRef100_B0LSR6 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Macrobrachium rosenbergii RepI...    95   3e-18
UniRef100_A6YPI1 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Triatoma infestans RepID=A6YPI...    95   3e-18
UniRef100_Q26061 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Pacifastacus leniusculus RepID...    95   3e-18
UniRef100_P85837 Ferritin, heavy subunit n=1 Tax=Trematomus newn...    95   3e-18
UniRef100_UPI0001925378 PREDICTED: similar to ferritin n=1 Tax=H...    95   4e-18
UniRef100_UPI000179783D PREDICTED: similar to ferritin heavy cha...    95   4e-18
UniRef100_P79823 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Oncorhynchus mykiss RepID=P798...    95   4e-18
UniRef100_C1BJN9 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Osmerus mordax RepID=C1BJN9_OSMMO    95   4e-18
UniRef100_A9PCK8 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Populus trichocarpa RepID=A9PC...    95   4e-18
UniRef100_Q6PPI2 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Homalodisca vitripennis RepID=...    95   4e-18
UniRef100_Q3HM65 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Periserrula leucophryna RepID=...    95   4e-18
UniRef100_A7SLM6 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Nematostella vectensis RepID=A...    95   4e-18
UniRef100_Q8MIP0 Ferritin heavy chain n=1 Tax=Equus caballus Rep...    95   4e-18
UniRef100_UPI00005459A0 PREDICTED: similar to Ferritin heavy cha...    94   6e-18
UniRef100_UPI00003C03EF PREDICTED: similar to D1037.3 n=1 Tax=Ap...    94   6e-18
UniRef100_B7ZVS7 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Danio rerio RepID=B7ZVS7_DANRE       94   6e-18
UniRef100_Q6P9V2 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Rattus norvegicus R...    94   6e-18
UniRef100_Q5FVS1 Ferritin (Fragment) n=4 Tax=Rattus norvegicus R...    94   6e-18
UniRef100_Q66HI5 Ferritin n=2 Tax=Eukaryota RepID=Q66HI5_RAT           94   6e-18
UniRef100_Q962I7 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus...    94   6e-18
UniRef100_P19132 Ferritin heavy chain n=1 Tax=Rattus norvegicus ...    94   6e-18
UniRef100_P29389 Ferritin heavy chain n=1 Tax=Cricetulus griseus...    94   6e-18
UniRef100_UPI00005673C2 UPI00005673C2 related cluster n=1 Tax=Da...    94   8e-18
UniRef100_Q4SBB8 Ferritin (Fragment) n=2 Tax=Tetraodon nigroviri...    94   8e-18
UniRef100_C1BEL9 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Oncorhynchus mykiss RepID=C1BE...    94   8e-18
UniRef100_B5X6Z7 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Salmo salar RepID=B5X6Z7_SALSA       94   8e-18
UniRef100_B0LPY6 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Acipenser sinensis RepID=B0LPY...    94   8e-18
UniRef100_UPI0000F2DA35 PREDICTED: similar to iron storage prote...    94   1e-17
UniRef100_UPI0000E22AC5 PREDICTED: similar to Ferritin heavy cha...    94   1e-17
UniRef100_UPI0000D9BEF4 PREDICTED: similar to Ferritin heavy cha...    94   1e-17
UniRef100_UPI000151E004 zgc:109934 (zgc:109934), mRNA n=1 Tax=Da...    94   1e-17
UniRef100_UPI0000EB1933 Ferritin heavy chain (EC (Ferr...    94   1e-17
UniRef100_B5T1N8 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Epinephelus coioides RepID=B5T...    94   1e-17
UniRef100_A8KBK3 Ferritin n=2 Tax=Euteleostomi RepID=A8KBK3_DANRE      94   1e-17
UniRef100_D0EV42 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Panthera tigris altaica RepID=...    94   1e-17
UniRef100_B6VQN6 Ferritin n=5 Tax=Delphinidae RepID=B6VQN6_PSECS       94   1e-17
UniRef100_C1C1L7 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Caligus clemensi RepID=C1C1L7_...    94   1e-17
UniRef100_Q8TD27 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Homo sapiens RepID=Q8TD27_HUMAN      94   1e-17
UniRef100_Q6NS36 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Homo sapiens RepID=...    94   1e-17
UniRef100_B3KXC3 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Homo sapiens RepID=B3KXC3_HUMAN      94   1e-17
UniRef100_Q9XT73 Ferritin heavy chain n=1 Tax=Trichosurus vulpec...    94   1e-17
UniRef100_Q5R8J7 Ferritin heavy chain n=1 Tax=Pongo abelii RepID...    94   1e-17
UniRef100_P02794 Ferritin heavy chain n=1 Tax=Homo sapiens RepID...    94   1e-17
UniRef100_Q2MHN2 Ferritin heavy chain n=1 Tax=Felis catus RepID=...    94   1e-17
UniRef100_Q95MP7 Ferritin heavy chain n=1 Tax=Canis lupus famili...    94   1e-17
UniRef100_B5XFM0 Ferritin, middle subunit n=1 Tax=Salmo salar Re...    93   1e-17
UniRef100_B5XA44 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Salmo salar RepID=B5XA44_SALSA       93   1e-17
UniRef100_B5X5I6 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Salmo salar RepID=B5X5I6_SALSA       93   1e-17
UniRef100_A7MCB0 Ferritin n=2 Tax=Euteleostomi RepID=A7MCB0_DANRE      93   1e-17
UniRef100_C1BN12 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Caligus rogercresseyi RepID=C1...    93   1e-17
UniRef100_B3FRR7 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Venerupis decussatu...    93   1e-17
UniRef100_Q6NZ44 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Homo sapiens RepID=Q6NZ44_HUMAN      93   1e-17
UniRef100_P49946 Ferritin, heavy subunit n=3 Tax=Coelomata RepID...    93   1e-17
UniRef100_P09528 Ferritin heavy chain n=1 Tax=Mus musculus RepID...    93   1e-17
UniRef100_UPI0001926351 PREDICTED: similar to ferritin n=1 Tax=H...    93   2e-17
UniRef100_UPI0000E22C7A PREDICTED: ferritin, heavy polypeptide 1...    93   2e-17
UniRef100_Q7ZXM8 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Xenopus laevis RepID=Q7ZXM8_XENLA    93   2e-17
UniRef100_Q4JI31 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Ictalurus punctatus RepID=Q4JI...    93   2e-17
UniRef100_C3TVB2 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Dicentrarchus labrax RepID=C3T...    93   2e-17
UniRef100_C1C4Z2 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Rana catesbeiana RepID=C1C4Z2_...    93   2e-17
UniRef100_A9YVA6 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Oncorhynchus masou formosanus ...    93   2e-17
UniRef100_C4QA31 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Schistosoma mansoni RepID=C4QA...    93   2e-17
UniRef100_A4K539 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Crassostrea ariaken...    93   2e-17
UniRef100_Q7SXA6 Ferritin heavy chain, oocyte isoform n=1 Tax=Xe...    93   2e-17
UniRef100_UPI00019263D4 PREDICTED: similar to ferritin n=1 Tax=H...    92   2e-17
UniRef100_UPI0001926352 PREDICTED: similar to ferritin n=1 Tax=H...    92   2e-17
UniRef100_UPI00019242E9 PREDICTED: similar to ferritin, partial ...    92   2e-17
UniRef100_UPI0001555815 PREDICTED: similar to iron storage prote...    92   2e-17
UniRef100_UPI00005459A1 PREDICTED: similar to Ferritin heavy cha...    92   2e-17
UniRef100_UPI0000361996 UPI0000361996 related cluster n=1 Tax=Ta...    92   2e-17
UniRef100_O46414 Ferritin heavy chain n=3 Tax=Bos taurus RepID=F...    92   2e-17
UniRef100_Q3ZLF5 Ferritin middle subunit (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Oreo...    92   2e-17
UniRef100_P79822 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Oncorhynchus mykiss RepID=P798...    92   2e-17
UniRef100_C1BL30 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Osmerus mordax RepID=C1BL30_OSMMO    92   2e-17
UniRef100_B3DH93 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Danio rerio RepID=B3DH93_DANRE       92   2e-17
UniRef100_A8WGK2 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Danio rerio RepID=A8WGK2_DANRE       92   2e-17
UniRef100_Q920K4 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Cavia porcellus RepID=Q920K4_C...    92   2e-17
UniRef100_Q862J4 Ferritin (Fragment) n=7 Tax=Cetartiodactyla Rep...    92   2e-17
UniRef100_Q862D5 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Bos taurus RepID=Q8...    92   2e-17
UniRef100_B0JYQ1 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Bos taurus RepID=B0JYQ1_BOVIN        92   2e-17
UniRef100_A1E459 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Capra hircus RepID=A1E459_CAPHI      92   2e-17
UniRef100_A0S5U1 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Hydra vulgaris RepID=A0S5U1_HYDAT    92   2e-17
UniRef100_P49947 Ferritin, middle subunit n=1 Tax=Salmo salar Re...    92   2e-17
UniRef100_UPI0001926DF5 PREDICTED: similar to ferritin n=1 Tax=H...    92   3e-17
UniRef100_UPI0001925D34 PREDICTED: similar to D1037.3 n=1 Tax=Hy...    92   3e-17
UniRef100_UPI0000F2D711 PREDICTED: similar to iron storage prote...    92   3e-17
UniRef100_C9WX66 Ferritin high chain (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Trematom...    92   3e-17
UniRef100_C9WX65 Ferritin high chain (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Trematom...    92   3e-17
UniRef100_C1BL24 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Osmerus mordax RepID=C1BL24_OSMMO    92   3e-17
UniRef100_C1BH26 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Oncorhynchus mykiss RepID=C1BH...    92   3e-17
UniRef100_C1BGM6 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Oncorhynchus mykiss RepID=C1BG...    92   3e-17
UniRef100_C0H718 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Salmo salar RepID=C0H718_SALSA       92   3e-17
UniRef100_B5XDX3 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Salmo salar RepID=B5XDX3_SALSA       92   3e-17
UniRef100_B5XDB9 Ferritin, middle subunit n=1 Tax=Salmo salar Re...    92   3e-17
UniRef100_B5XA75 Ferritin, middle subunit n=1 Tax=Salmo salar Re...    92   3e-17
UniRef100_B5X7P4 Ferritin, middle subunit n=1 Tax=Salmo salar Re...    92   3e-17
UniRef100_B5X793 Ferritin n=2 Tax=Salmo salar RepID=B5X793_SALSA       92   3e-17
UniRef100_B5X740 Ferritin, middle subunit n=1 Tax=Salmo salar Re...    92   3e-17
UniRef100_B5X2P1 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Salmo salar RepID=B5X2P1_SALSA       92   3e-17
UniRef100_B6VQQ1 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Delphinapterus leucas RepID=B6...    92   3e-17
UniRef100_Q8ISH6 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Araneus ventricosus RepID=Q8IS...    92   3e-17
UniRef100_Q4L089 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Argopecten irradian...    92   3e-17
UniRef100_UPI0001926DF4 PREDICTED: similar to ferritin n=1 Tax=H...    92   4e-17
UniRef100_UPI0001926DF3 PREDICTED: similar to ferritin n=1 Tax=H...    92   4e-17
UniRef100_UPI00016EA786 UPI00016EA786 related cluster n=1 Tax=Ta...    92   4e-17
UniRef100_UPI0000EB12E5 UPI0000EB12E5 related cluster n=1 Tax=Ca...    92   4e-17
UniRef100_UPI0000ECB92D Ferritin heavy chain (EC (Ferr...    92   4e-17
UniRef100_Q9DDT0 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Danio rerio RepID=Q9DDT0_DANRE       92   4e-17
UniRef100_Q6Y241 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Pagrus major RepID=...    92   4e-17
UniRef100_Q6PRV1 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Coturnix japonica RepID=Q6PRV1...    92   4e-17
UniRef100_Q4T4T6 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Tetraodon nigroviri...    92   4e-17
UniRef100_C1BFN3 Ferritin, middle subunit n=1 Tax=Oncorhynchus m...    92   4e-17
UniRef100_B7P0I5 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Epinephelus awoara RepID=B7P0I...    92   4e-17
UniRef100_A1IW26 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Phillyrea latifolia...    92   4e-17
UniRef100_C5J8A9 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Opisthacanthus caya...    92   4e-17
UniRef100_A7S8I6 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Nematostella vectensis RepID=A...    92   4e-17
UniRef100_A4VAZ1 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Platynereis dumerilii RepID=A4...    92   4e-17
UniRef100_P08267 Ferritin heavy chain n=1 Tax=Gallus gallus RepI...    92   4e-17
UniRef100_UPI0001924266 PREDICTED: similar to ferritin n=1 Tax=H...    91   5e-17
UniRef100_UPI0000D55E76 PREDICTED: similar to ferritin GF1 n=1 T...    91   5e-17
UniRef100_Q6DDB5 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis ...    91   5e-17
UniRef100_Q4JI28 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Ictalurus punctatus...    91   5e-17
UniRef100_C9WX67 Ferritin high chain (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Notothen...    91   5e-17
UniRef100_C9WX63 Ferritin high chain (Fragment) n=2 Tax=Bathydra...    91   5e-17
UniRef100_B5DGQ9 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Salmo salar RepID=B5DGQ9_SALSA       91   5e-17
UniRef100_B2D2C9 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Ornithodoros coriaceus RepID=B...    91   5e-17
UniRef100_P85835 Ferritin, middle subunit n=1 Tax=Trematomus new...    91   5e-17
UniRef100_Q98TT0 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Oncorhynchus nerka RepID=Q98TT...    91   6e-17
UniRef100_Q7ZZT8 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Oreochromis mossamb...    91   6e-17
UniRef100_B5X9A3 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Salmo salar RepID=B5X9A3_SALSA       91   6e-17
UniRef100_B5G472 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Taeniopygia guttata RepID=B5G4...    91   6e-17
UniRef100_A6PYT7 Ferritin n=2 Tax=Chionodraco RepID=A6PYT7_CHIRA       91   6e-17
UniRef100_P25319 Ferritin-1 heavy chain n=2 Tax=Schistosoma mans...    91   6e-17
UniRef100_UPI0001926350 PREDICTED: similar to ferritin n=1 Tax=H...    91   8e-17
UniRef100_UPI0000EBD6BE PREDICTED: similar to Ferritin, heavy po...    91   8e-17
UniRef100_UPI0000D8BCBD UPI0000D8BCBD related cluster n=1 Tax=Da...    91   8e-17
UniRef100_C9WX62 Ferritin high chain (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Chaenoce...    91   8e-17
UniRef100_C3KGU0 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Anoplopoma fimbria RepID=C3KGU...    91   8e-17
UniRef100_C0H793 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Salmo salar RepID=C0H793_SALSA       91   8e-17
UniRef100_B5XCR9 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Salmo salar RepID=B5XCR9_SALSA       91   8e-17
UniRef100_B5XCD4 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Salmo salar RepID=B5XCD4_SALSA       91   8e-17
UniRef100_B5X847 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Salmo salar RepID=B5X847_SALSA       91   8e-17
UniRef100_Q4L091 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Chlamys farreri Rep...    91   8e-17
UniRef100_Q4L090 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Chlamys farreri Rep...    91   8e-17
UniRef100_O96409 Putative ferritin-1 heavy chain (Putative uncha...    91   8e-17
UniRef100_C4QA30 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Schistosoma mansoni RepID=C4QA...    91   8e-17
UniRef100_UPI0001927610 PREDICTED: similar to ferritin n=1 Tax=H...    90   1e-16
UniRef100_B5XC14 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Salmo salar RepID=B5XC14_SALSA       90   1e-16
UniRef100_A0F008 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Psetta maxima RepID...    90   1e-16
UniRef100_A7SXI8 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Nematostella vectensi...    90   1e-16
UniRef100_P85839 Ferritin, spleen middle subunit n=1 Tax=Tremato...    90   1e-16
UniRef100_P85836 Ferritin, liver middle subunit n=1 Tax=Trematom...    90   1e-16
UniRef100_P18685 Ferritin heavy chain n=1 Tax=Ovis aries RepID=F...    90   1e-16
UniRef100_Q9DFP0 Ferritin middle subunit n=1 Tax=Gillichthys mir...    90   1e-16
UniRef100_Q6EEB1 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Protopterus dolloi ...    90   1e-16
UniRef100_C3KGV3 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Anoplopoma fimbria RepID=C3KGV...    90   1e-16
UniRef100_UPI0000E4A7A4 PREDICTED: similar to ferritin n=1 Tax=S...    89   2e-16
UniRef100_Q2KKV5 Ferritin middle subunit (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Sini...    89   2e-16
UniRef100_B5X6U4 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Salmo salar RepID=B5X6U4_SALSA       89   2e-16
UniRef100_C4QA33 Ferritin, putative n=1 Tax=Schistosoma mansoni ...    89   2e-16
UniRef100_C4QA32 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Schistosoma mansoni RepID=C4QA...    89   2e-16
UniRef100_Q66HX7 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Danio rerio RepID=Q66HX7_DANRE       89   2e-16
UniRef100_C1BLK8 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Osmerus mordax RepID=C1BLK8_OSMMO    89   2e-16
UniRef100_C1BFE1 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Oncorhynchus mykiss RepID=C1BF...    89   2e-16
UniRef100_Q4L092 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Chlamys farreri Rep...    89   2e-16
UniRef100_Q0PWC4 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Echinococcus granulosus RepID=...    89   2e-16
UniRef100_B3RTK1 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Trichoplax adhaerens RepID=B3R...    89   2e-16
UniRef100_A1C336 Ferritin 3-like protein E n=1 Tax=Daphnia pulex...    89   2e-16
UniRef100_UPI0000E20A39 PREDICTED: mitochondrial ferritin n=1 Ta...    89   3e-16
UniRef100_UPI00004381FE UPI00004381FE related cluster n=1 Tax=Da...    89   3e-16
UniRef100_Q4QRQ1 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Pelodiscus sinensis...    89   3e-16
UniRef100_C3KK93 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Anoplopoma fimbria RepID=C3KK9...    89   3e-16
UniRef100_B5XAK6 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Salmo salar RepID=B5XAK6_SALSA       89   3e-16
UniRef100_C4QA34 Ferritin, putative n=1 Tax=Schistosoma mansoni ...    89   3e-16
UniRef100_A7TAL9 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Nematostella vectensi...    89   3e-16
UniRef100_A7SXI7 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Nematostella vectensi...    89   3e-16
UniRef100_Q9D5H4 Ferritin, mitochondrial n=1 Tax=Mus musculus Re...    89   3e-16
UniRef100_Q8N4E7 Ferritin, mitochondrial n=1 Tax=Homo sapiens Re...    89   3e-16
UniRef100_UPI0001797E7F PREDICTED: similar to ferritin heavy cha...    88   4e-16
UniRef100_UPI0000EBCB33 PREDICTED: similar to Ferritin, heavy po...    88   4e-16
UniRef100_O46119 Ferritin heavy chain n=1 Tax=Echinococcus granu...    88   4e-16
UniRef100_P25320 Ferritin-2 heavy chain n=1 Tax=Schistosoma mans...    88   4e-16
UniRef100_UPI00006D17BE PREDICTED: similar to mitochondrial ferr...    88   5e-16
UniRef100_Q6EEB2 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Latimeria chalumnae...    88   5e-16
UniRef100_Q6DFP5 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis ...    88   5e-16
UniRef100_C0KM00 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Mytilus galloprovin...    88   5e-16
UniRef100_A7SVL1 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Nematostella vectensi...    88   5e-16
UniRef100_P19130 Ferritin heavy chain n=1 Tax=Sus scrofa RepID=F...    88   5e-16
UniRef100_UPI0000F21A4F PREDICTED: hypothetical protein n=1 Tax=...    87   7e-16
UniRef100_UPI0000DA4156 ferritin mitochondrial n=1 Tax=Rattus no...    87   7e-16
UniRef100_B5XEU8 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Salmo salar RepID=B5XEU8_SALSA       87   7e-16
UniRef100_Q3ZLF4 Ferritin lower subunit (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Oreoc...    87   9e-16
UniRef100_C0H7V9 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Salmo salar RepID=C0H7V9_SALSA       87   1e-15
UniRef100_A1A635 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Xenopus laevis RepID=A1A635_XENLA    87   1e-15
UniRef100_A1C335 Ferritin 3-like protein D n=1 Tax=Daphnia pulex...    87   1e-15
UniRef100_UPI0001865D76 hypothetical protein BRAFLDRAFT_90552 n=...    86   2e-15
UniRef100_A1A641 LOC100036823 protein n=1 Tax=Xenopus laevis Rep...    86   2e-15
UniRef100_Q27817 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Taenia saginata RepID=Q27817_T...    86   2e-15
UniRef100_C3ZKC2 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Branch...    86   2e-15
UniRef100_UPI0000D9D42C PREDICTED: similar to Ferritin heavy cha...    86   2e-15
UniRef100_C1BSZ4 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Lepeophtheirus salmonis RepID=...    86   2e-15
UniRef100_UPI00005BE10C Ferritin, mitochondrial precursor (EC 1....    86   3e-15
UniRef100_Q2YDI9 Ferritin, mitochondrial n=1 Tax=Bos taurus RepI...    86   3e-15
UniRef100_P25915 Ferritin heavy chain (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Oryctol...    86   3e-15
UniRef100_UPI00002483B6 hypothetical protein LOC406286 n=1 Tax=D...    85   4e-15
UniRef100_Q6P4N0 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis ...    85   4e-15
UniRef100_Q6IQF1 Zgc:56095 protein n=1 Tax=Danio rerio RepID=Q6I...    85   4e-15
UniRef100_B9EN00 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Salmo salar RepID=B9EN00_SALSA       85   4e-15
UniRef100_C1C4M0 Ferritin light chain, oocyte isoform n=1 Tax=Ra...    85   5e-15
UniRef100_Q7ZVD6 Zgc:56095 n=1 Tax=Danio rerio RepID=Q7ZVD6_DANRE      84   6e-15
UniRef100_UPI000052286C PREDICTED: similar to ferritin protein i...    84   8e-15
UniRef100_B5XF30 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Salmo salar RepID=B5XF30_SALSA       84   8e-15
UniRef100_C1BSY4 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Lepeophtheirus salmonis RepID=...    84   8e-15
UniRef100_UPI0000E21C9F PREDICTED: similar to FTH1 protein n=1 T...    84   1e-14
UniRef100_Q6PG53 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Xenopus laevis RepID=Q6PG53_XENLA    84   1e-14
UniRef100_C3KHK3 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Anoplopoma fimbria RepID=C3KHK...    84   1e-14
UniRef100_Q7SXA5 Ferritin light chain, oocyte isoform n=1 Tax=Xe...    84   1e-14
UniRef100_B5XDX8 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Salmo salar RepID=B5XDX8_SALSA       83   1e-14
UniRef100_O02384 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Asterias forbesi RepID=O02384_...    83   1e-14
UniRef100_UPI000186866A hypothetical protein BRAFLDRAFT_130010 n...    83   2e-14
UniRef100_O65109 Ferritin 2 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Glycine max RepID...    83   2e-14
UniRef100_C3YIJ4 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Branchiostoma floridae RepID=C...    83   2e-14
UniRef100_UPI0000365A30 UPI0000365A30 related cluster n=1 Tax=Ta...    82   2e-14
UniRef100_UPI000194E6A3 PREDICTED: similar to ferritin subunit n...    82   3e-14
UniRef100_Q8I8A6 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Branchiostoma belcheri RepID=Q...    82   3e-14
UniRef100_O15972 Ferritin subunit n=1 Tax=Liolophura japonica Re...    81   7e-14
UniRef100_A2VCJ5 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Clonorchis sinensis...    81   7e-14
UniRef100_UPI00005A5D19 PREDICTED: similar to Ferritin heavy cha...    80   9e-14
UniRef100_UPI00005A5D16 PREDICTED: similar to Ferritin heavy cha...    80   9e-14
UniRef100_UPI0000EB4928 UPI0000EB4928 related cluster n=1 Tax=Ca...    80   9e-14
UniRef100_UPI0000EB4925 UPI0000EB4925 related cluster n=1 Tax=Ca...    80   9e-14
UniRef100_Q7ZWW3 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Xenopus laevis RepID=Q7ZWW3_XENLA    80   9e-14
UniRef100_B9UNL7 Secreted ferritin n=1 Tax=Ixodes ricinus RepID=...    80   9e-14
UniRef100_B4NCU7 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Drosophila willistoni RepID=B4...    80   9e-14
UniRef100_UPI0000F2D49F PREDICTED: similar to ferritin light cha...    80   1e-13
UniRef100_C3PT79 Ferritin heavy chain (Predicted) n=1 Tax=Dasypu...    80   1e-13
UniRef100_Q8T311 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Suberites domuncula RepID=Q8T3...    80   1e-13
UniRef100_UPI0000EB31E3 UPI0000EB31E3 related cluster n=1 Tax=Ca...    79   2e-13
UniRef100_Q9VYH1 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Drosophila melanogaster RepID=...    79   2e-13
UniRef100_Q8T312 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Suberites domuncula RepID=Q8T3...    79   2e-13
UniRef100_B4R416 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Drosophila simulans RepID=B4R4...    79   2e-13
UniRef100_B4IGM3 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Drosophila sechellia RepID=B4I...    79   2e-13
UniRef100_UPI0000197082 glycosyl hydrolase family protein 85 n=1...    79   3e-13
UniRef100_Q862R4 Ferritin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Bos taurus RepID=Q8...    79   3e-13
UniRef100_B7QJT9 Ferritin, putative (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Ixodes sc...    79   3e-13
UniRef100_UPI00018617D5 hypothetical protein BRAFLDRAFT_120713 n...    79   3e-13
UniRef100_Q6ZYK9 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Suberites ficus RepID=Q6ZYK9_S...    79   3e-13
UniRef100_C3ZED4 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Branch...    79   3e-13
UniRef100_UPI0001553444 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein n=1 Tax=...    78   4e-13
UniRef100_UPI0000194A91 ferritin light chain 2 n=1 Tax=Mus muscu...    78   4e-13
UniRef100_Q9CPX4 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Mus musculus RepID=Q9CPX4_MOUSE      78   4e-13
UniRef100_Q3ULW5 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Mus musculus RepID=Q3ULW5_MOUSE      78   4e-13
UniRef100_Q3UCL5 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Mus musculus RepID=Q3UCL5_MOUSE      78   4e-13
UniRef100_Q3TJJ6 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Mus musculus RepID=Q3TJJ6_MOUSE      78   4e-13
UniRef100_P29391 Ferritin light chain 1 n=1 Tax=Mus musculus Rep...    78   4e-13
UniRef100_B4L624 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Drosophila mojavensis RepID=B4...    78   6e-13
UniRef100_B3NX69 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Drosophila erecta RepID=B3NX69...    78   6e-13
UniRef100_UPI0000D9F39D PREDICTED: similar to ferritin, heavy po...    77   7e-13
UniRef100_UPI00005860CA PREDICTED: similar to snail soma ferriti...    77   7e-13
UniRef100_Q3THE6 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Mus musculus RepID=Q3THE6_MOUSE      77   7e-13
UniRef100_UPI00005A5D0D PREDICTED: similar to Ferritin heavy cha...    77   1e-12
UniRef100_UPI00001958D6 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein isoform ...    77   1e-12
UniRef100_UPI0000EB491C UPI0000EB491C related cluster n=1 Tax=Ca...    77   1e-12
UniRef100_UPI000179DA67 UPI000179DA67 related cluster n=1 Tax=Bo...    77   1e-12
UniRef100_B3RZS9 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Trichoplax adhaerens RepID=B3R...    77   1e-12
UniRef100_A7S8I5 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Nematostella vectensis RepID=A...    77   1e-12
UniRef100_P09451 Ferritin light chain n=1 Tax=Oryctolagus cunicu...    77   1e-12
UniRef100_UPI0001797D10 PREDICTED: similar to ferritin, heavy po...    77   1e-12
UniRef100_UPI0000E23562 PREDICTED: similar to FTH1 protein n=1 T...    77   1e-12
UniRef100_UPI0000D9ED89 PREDICTED: similar to Ferritin heavy cha...    77   1e-12
UniRef100_UPI00005A5D1A PREDICTED: similar to Ferritin heavy cha...    77   1e-12
UniRef100_UPI0000EB4929 UPI0000EB4929 related cluster n=1 Tax=Ca...    77   1e-12
UniRef100_UPI0000EB468F Ferritin light chain (Ferritin L subunit...    77   1e-12
UniRef100_Q3UL79 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Mus musculus RepID=Q3UL79_MOUSE      77   1e-12
UniRef100_UPI0000D9CB97 PREDICTED: ferritin, heavy polypeptide 1...    76   2e-12
UniRef100_Q2TQ27 Ferritin heavy chain-1a n=1 Tax=Carcinoscorpius...    76   2e-12
UniRef100_B4M725 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Drosophila virilis RepID=B4M72...    76   2e-12
UniRef100_B3MS45 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Drosophila ananassae RepID=B3M...    76   2e-12
UniRef100_P02791 Ferritin light chain n=1 Tax=Equus caballus Rep...    76   2e-12
UniRef100_UPI0001B7BAF8 UPI0001B7BAF8 related cluster n=1 Tax=Ra...    76   2e-12
UniRef100_UPI0000EB31E7 UPI0000EB31E7 related cluster n=1 Tax=Ca...    76   2e-12
UniRef100_O96408 Putative ferritin-1 heavy chain n=1 Tax=Schisto...    76   2e-12
UniRef100_B5DKE6 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Drosophila pseudoobscura pseud...    76   2e-12
UniRef100_B4GW98 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Drosophila persimilis RepID=B4...    76   2e-12
UniRef100_Q96AU9 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Homo sapiens RepID=Q96AU9_HUMAN      76   2e-12
UniRef100_Q53VB8 Ferritin light chain n=1 Tax=Canis lupus famili...    76   2e-12
UniRef100_P49945 Ferritin light chain 2 n=1 Tax=Mus musculus Rep...    76   2e-12
UniRef100_P02793 Ferritin light chain 1 n=1 Tax=Rattus norvegicu...    76   2e-12
UniRef100_UPI0000EB31E6 UPI0000EB31E6 related cluster n=1 Tax=Ca...    75   3e-12
UniRef100_Q9JKM8 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Cavia porcellus RepID=Q9JKM8_C...    75   3e-12
UniRef100_B4Q208 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Drosophila yakuba RepID=B4Q208...    75   3e-12
UniRef100_Q9JKP6 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Cavia porcellus RepID=Q9JKP6_C...    75   4e-12
UniRef100_UPI0001560E87 PREDICTED: similar to ferritin n=1 Tax=E...    75   5e-12
UniRef100_UPI0000EB23DC UPI0000EB23DC related cluster n=1 Tax=Ca...    75   5e-12
UniRef100_UPI0000EB23DB UPI0000EB23DB related cluster n=1 Tax=Ca...    75   5e-12
UniRef100_B4JLY5 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Drosophila grimshawi RepID=B4J...    75   5e-12
UniRef100_Q2MHN1 Ferritin light chain n=1 Tax=Felis catus RepID=...    75   5e-12
UniRef100_UPI0000E252CB PREDICTED: hypothetical protein n=1 Tax=...    74   6e-12
UniRef100_UPI000179DA68 UPI000179DA68 related cluster n=1 Tax=Bo...    74   6e-12
UniRef100_UPI000057D3BB UPI000057D3BB related cluster n=1 Tax=Bo...    74   6e-12
UniRef100_Q96CU0 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Homo sapiens RepID=Q96CU0_HUMAN      74   6e-12
UniRef100_Q6S4P3 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Homo sapiens RepID=Q6S4P3_HUMAN      74   6e-12
UniRef100_Q5R538 Ferritin light chain n=1 Tax=Pongo abelii RepID...    74   6e-12
UniRef100_P02792 Ferritin light chain n=1 Tax=Homo sapiens RepID...    74   6e-12
UniRef100_B6VQQ3 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Delphinapterus leucas RepID=B6...    74   8e-12
UniRef100_O46415 Ferritin light chain n=1 Tax=Bos taurus RepID=F...    74   8e-12
UniRef100_UPI00005A5508 PREDICTED: similar to ferritin, heavy po...    74   1e-11
UniRef100_UPI0000EB03E2 UPI0000EB03E2 related cluster n=1 Tax=Ca...    74   1e-11
UniRef100_O65110 Ferritin 1 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Glycine max RepID...    74   1e-11
UniRef100_B6VQQ0 Ferritin n=1 Tax=Tursiops truncatus RepID=B6VQQ...    74   1e-11
UniRef100_B6VQN8 Ferritin n=4 Tax=Delphinidae RepID=B6VQN8_PSECS       74   1e-11
UniRef100_UPI00001CD6C2 PREDICTED: similar to Ferritin light cha...    73   1e-11
graphical overview:
UniRef100_B7FK47 UniRef100_B7FK47 UniRef100_Q41709 UniRef100_Q41709 UniRef100_Q948P5 UniRef100_Q948P5 UniRef100_C6TM43 UniRef100_C6TM43 UniRef100_B9HSJ8 UniRef100_B9HSJ8 UniRef100_B9S460 UniRef100_B9S460 UniRef100_Q948P6 UniRef100_Q948P6 UniRef100_Q8H1T3 UniRef100_Q8H1T3 UniRef100_Q6A196 UniRef100_Q6A196 UniRef100_C6TEV0 UniRef100_C6TEV0 UniRef100_A8D002 UniRef100_A8D002 UniRef100_Q4EWB8 UniRef100_Q4EWB8 UniRef100_Q1L4E2 UniRef100_Q1L4E2 UniRef100_A7Q3N8 UniRef100_A7Q3N8 UniRef100_A7UGG8 UniRef100_A7UGG8 UniRef100_C5MRG1 UniRef100_C5MRG1 UniRef100_A5BV73 UniRef100_A5BV73 UniRef100_A8D015 UniRef100_A8D015 UniRef100_B9HHU8 UniRef100_B9HHU8 UniRef100_A9PB36 UniRef100_A9PB36 UniRef100_Q9SRL5 UniRef100_Q9SRL5 UniRef100_Q9S756 UniRef100_Q9S756 UniRef100_Q681H8 UniRef100_Q681H8 UniRef100_Q308A9 UniRef100_Q308A9 UniRef100_A0FHB8 UniRef100_A0FHB8 UniRef100_A0FHB7 UniRef100_A0FHB7 UniRef100_B6SGR9 UniRef100_B6SGR9 UniRef100_C4B8E2 UniRef100_C4B8E2 UniRef100_Q8RX97 UniRef100_Q8RX97 UniRef100_Q9LYN2 UniRef100_Q9LYN2 UniRef100_Q308L9 UniRef100_Q308L9 UniRef100_B9SKZ9 UniRef100_B9SKZ9 UniRef100_A8CZZ4 UniRef100_A8CZZ4 UniRef100_Q6DQK1 UniRef100_Q6DQK1 UniRef100_Q5G1L6 UniRef100_Q5G1L6 UniRef100_B6UZ79 UniRef100_B6UZ79 UniRef100_B1NC18 UniRef100_B1NC18 UniRef100_A4GSN6 UniRef100_A4GSN6 UniRef100_A8D009 UniRef100_A8D009 UniRef100_A4GSN5 UniRef100_A4GSN5 UniRef100_Q39101 UniRef100_Q39101 UniRef100_B6UZ90 UniRef100_B6UZ90 UniRef100_B4FRL5 UniRef100_B4FRL5 UniRef100_B4FB91 UniRef100_B4FB91 UniRef100_P29390 UniRef100_P29390 UniRef100_Q4FCZ8 UniRef100_Q4FCZ8 UniRef100_UPI0001983D20 UniRef100_UPI0001983D20 UniRef100_A7QFE1 UniRef100_A7QFE1 UniRef100_P29036 UniRef100_P29036 UniRef100_B9VV92 UniRef100_B9VV92 UniRef100_B6UZ88 UniRef100_B6UZ88 UniRef100_A4GSN7 UniRef100_A4GSN7 UniRef100_A8D8S3 UniRef100_A8D8S3 UniRef100_A7NY96 UniRef100_A7NY96 UniRef100_UPI0001983CC2 UniRef100_UPI0001983CC2 UniRef100_B6UZ91 UniRef100_B6UZ91 UniRef100_Q9SWS0 UniRef100_Q9SWS0 UniRef100_A7QKU5 UniRef100_A7QKU5 UniRef100_B6UZ81 UniRef100_B6UZ81 UniRef100_A2ZHA2 UniRef100_A2ZHA2 UniRef100_B6UZ83 UniRef100_B6UZ83 UniRef100_Q96540 UniRef100_Q96540 UniRef100_UPI0000DD9AC6 UniRef100_UPI0000DD9AC6 UniRef100_Q2RBM2 UniRef100_Q2RBM2 UniRef100_B9IGG8 UniRef100_B9IGG8 UniRef100_Q8LK80 UniRef100_Q8LK80 UniRef100_B7FJF2 UniRef100_B7FJF2 UniRef100_A5HKJ9 UniRef100_A5HKJ9 UniRef100_Q8L5K0 UniRef100_Q8L5K0 UniRef100_Q2QYU7 UniRef100_Q2QYU7 UniRef100_A3CE65 UniRef100_A3CE65 UniRef100_B6UZ85 UniRef100_B6UZ85 UniRef100_Q9ZP90 UniRef100_Q9ZP90 UniRef100_B9NGR3 UniRef100_B9NGR3 UniRef100_Q6VVA5 UniRef100_Q6VVA5 UniRef100_A9PI96 UniRef100_A9PI96 UniRef100_Q94KA2 UniRef100_Q94KA2 UniRef100_B9GBF4 UniRef100_B9GBF4 UniRef100_B9P9D0 UniRef100_B9P9D0 UniRef100_O65100 UniRef100_O65100 UniRef100_Q66N72 UniRef100_Q66N72 UniRef100_B8LPN3 UniRef100_B8LPN3 UniRef100_A9S9S4 UniRef100_A9S9S4 UniRef100_B7FK36 UniRef100_B7FK36 UniRef100_A9S6B6 UniRef100_A9S6B6 UniRef100_Q94FY2 UniRef100_Q94FY2 UniRef100_P19976 UniRef100_P19976 UniRef100_A5A410 UniRef100_A5A410 UniRef100_C6TAU2 UniRef100_C6TAU2 UniRef100_C6SWX6 UniRef100_C6SWX6 UniRef100_C6TI81 UniRef100_C6TI81 UniRef100_Q94IC4 UniRef100_Q94IC4 UniRef100_P19975 UniRef100_P19975 UniRef100_P25699 UniRef100_P25699 UniRef100_B6UZ92 UniRef100_B6UZ92 UniRef100_A9SW17 UniRef100_A9SW17 UniRef100_Q43757 UniRef100_Q43757 UniRef100_C0PRI0 UniRef100_C0PRI0 UniRef100_A0MZ84 UniRef100_A0MZ84 UniRef100_B6UZ94 UniRef100_B6UZ94 UniRef100_Q941G7 UniRef100_Q941G7 UniRef100_Q8LRU1 UniRef100_Q8LRU1 UniRef100_Q9XFY2 UniRef100_Q9XFY2 UniRef100_C1EIF3 UniRef100_C1EIF3 UniRef100_Q945F6 UniRef100_Q945F6 UniRef100_Q9FXQ2 UniRef100_Q9FXQ2 UniRef100_A4S7M5 UniRef100_A4S7M5 UniRef100_A4RT97 UniRef100_A4RT97 UniRef100_Q01DZ9 UniRef100_Q01DZ9 UniRef100_Q41708 UniRef100_Q41708 UniRef100_Q1AL90 UniRef100_Q1AL90 UniRef100_Q41710 UniRef100_Q41710 UniRef100_Q7YW83 UniRef100_Q7YW83 UniRef100_Q86QN8 UniRef100_Q86QN8 UniRef100_Q6WNW7 UniRef100_Q6WNW7 UniRef100_C1N5Q9 UniRef100_C1N5Q9 UniRef100_C6JUM7 UniRef100_C6JUM7 UniRef100_B8YCQ7 UniRef100_B8YCQ7 UniRef100_Q9Y1K9 UniRef100_Q9Y1K9 UniRef100_C3YL90 UniRef100_C3YL90 UniRef100_UPI0001924830 UniRef100_UPI0001924830 UniRef100_UPI0001868C83 UniRef100_UPI0001868C83 UniRef100_Q86LZ3 UniRef100_Q86LZ3 UniRef100_Q2PDG9 UniRef100_Q2PDG9 UniRef100_C3YXB2 UniRef100_C3YXB2 UniRef100_Q7YZR8 UniRef100_Q7YZR8 UniRef100_P42577 UniRef100_P42577 UniRef100_Q7YZR9 UniRef100_Q7YZR9 UniRef100_Q70MM3 UniRef100_Q70MM3 UniRef100_A1C334 UniRef100_A1C334 UniRef100_Q8T9S6 UniRef100_Q8T9S6 UniRef100_Q6WNX3 UniRef100_Q6WNX3 UniRef100_A5GZU9 UniRef100_A5GZU9 UniRef100_B3TFG2 UniRef100_B3TFG2 UniRef100_B3TK25 UniRef100_B3TK25 UniRef100_A7LGB1 UniRef100_A7LGB1 UniRef100_O16453 UniRef100_O16453 UniRef100_A1C330 UniRef100_A1C330 UniRef100_Q8WQM7 UniRef100_Q8WQM7 UniRef100_Q2QJV4 UniRef100_Q2QJV4 UniRef100_A8WCT5 UniRef100_A8WCT5 UniRef100_Q6WNX0 UniRef100_Q6WNX0 UniRef100_O61915 UniRef100_O61915 UniRef100_A8WNX6 UniRef100_A8WNX6 UniRef100_A6N9Q6 UniRef100_A6N9Q6 UniRef100_P17663 UniRef100_P17663 UniRef100_Q7Z0V0 UniRef100_Q7Z0V0 UniRef100_Q6WNX6 UniRef100_Q6WNX6 UniRef100_Q6WNX5 UniRef100_Q6WNX5 UniRef100_Q6WNX4 UniRef100_Q6WNX4 UniRef100_Q6SKG3 UniRef100_Q6SKG3 UniRef100_A1C329 UniRef100_A1C329 UniRef100_P07798 UniRef100_P07798 UniRef100_B2BP34 UniRef100_B2BP34 UniRef100_Q6WNW9 UniRef100_Q6WNW9 UniRef100_Q6TF46 UniRef100_Q6TF46 UniRef100_Q6QA66 UniRef100_Q6QA66 UniRef100_A4K531 UniRef100_A4K531 UniRef100_Q6WNX1 UniRef100_Q6WNX1 UniRef100_Q0P0L7 UniRef100_Q0P0L7 UniRef100_Q6P8C6 UniRef100_Q6P8C6 UniRef100_Q6DHT8 UniRef100_Q6DHT8 UniRef100_Q9TYS3 UniRef100_Q9TYS3 UniRef100_Q6P626 UniRef100_Q6P626 UniRef100_Q0PKG0 UniRef100_Q0PKG0 UniRef100_Q0MUS5 UniRef100_Q0MUS5 UniRef100_B7TYL4 UniRef100_B7TYL4 UniRef100_P49948 UniRef100_P49948 UniRef100_Q9NG05 UniRef100_Q9NG05 UniRef100_A5A3B6 UniRef100_A5A3B6 UniRef100_Q6PAB7 UniRef100_Q6PAB7 UniRef100_Q58FL0 UniRef100_Q58FL0 UniRef100_Q09JY0 UniRef100_Q09JY0 UniRef100_UPI00005459AF UniRef100_UPI00005459AF UniRef100_Q801J5 UniRef100_Q801J5 UniRef100_P07797 UniRef100_P07797 UniRef100_P07229 UniRef100_P07229 UniRef100_A8XED8 UniRef100_A8XED8 UniRef100_P85838 UniRef100_P85838 UniRef100_UPI000054599F UniRef100_UPI000054599F UniRef100_Q801J6 UniRef100_Q801J6 UniRef100_P79821 UniRef100_P79821 UniRef100_A7YYB6 UniRef100_A7YYB6 UniRef100_Q5XXS9 UniRef100_Q5XXS9 UniRef100_Q504E2 UniRef100_Q504E2 UniRef100_A1DU25 UniRef100_A1DU25 UniRef100_Q6GPT2 UniRef100_Q6GPT2 UniRef100_O61916 UniRef100_O61916 UniRef100_B0LSR6 UniRef100_B0LSR6 UniRef100_A6YPI1 UniRef100_A6YPI1 UniRef100_Q26061 UniRef100_Q26061 UniRef100_P85837 UniRef100_P85837 UniRef100_UPI0001925378 UniRef100_UPI0001925378 UniRef100_UPI000179783D UniRef100_UPI000179783D UniRef100_P79823 UniRef100_P79823 UniRef100_C1BJN9 UniRef100_C1BJN9 UniRef100_A9PCK8 UniRef100_A9PCK8 UniRef100_Q6PPI2 UniRef100_Q6PPI2 UniRef100_Q3HM65 UniRef100_Q3HM65 UniRef100_A7SLM6 UniRef100_A7SLM6 UniRef100_Q8MIP0 UniRef100_Q8MIP0 UniRef100_UPI00005459A0 UniRef100_UPI00005459A0 UniRef100_UPI00003C03EF UniRef100_UPI00003C03EF UniRef100_B7ZVS7 UniRef100_B7ZVS7 UniRef100_Q6P9V2 UniRef100_Q6P9V2 UniRef100_Q5FVS1 UniRef100_Q5FVS1 UniRef100_Q66HI5 UniRef100_Q66HI5 UniRef100_Q962I7 UniRef100_Q962I7 UniRef100_P19132 UniRef100_P19132 UniRef100_P29389 UniRef100_P29389 UniRef100_UPI00005673C2 UniRef100_UPI00005673C2 UniRef100_Q4SBB8 UniRef100_Q4SBB8 UniRef100_C1BEL9 UniRef100_C1BEL9 UniRef100_B5X6Z7 UniRef100_B5X6Z7 UniRef100_B0LPY6 UniRef100_B0LPY6 UniRef100_UPI0000F2DA35 UniRef100_UPI0000F2DA35 UniRef100_UPI0000E22AC5 UniRef100_UPI0000E22AC5 UniRef100_UPI0000D9BEF4 UniRef100_UPI0000D9BEF4 UniRef100_UPI000151E004 UniRef100_UPI000151E004 UniRef100_UPI0000EB1933 UniRef100_UPI0000EB1933 UniRef100_B5T1N8 UniRef100_B5T1N8 UniRef100_A8KBK3 UniRef100_A8KBK3 UniRef100_D0EV42 UniRef100_D0EV42 UniRef100_B6VQN6 UniRef100_B6VQN6 UniRef100_C1C1L7 UniRef100_C1C1L7 UniRef100_Q8TD27 UniRef100_Q8TD27 UniRef100_Q6NS36 UniRef100_Q6NS36 UniRef100_B3KXC3 UniRef100_B3KXC3 UniRef100_Q9XT73 UniRef100_Q9XT73 UniRef100_Q5R8J7 UniRef100_Q5R8J7 UniRef100_P02794 UniRef100_P02794 UniRef100_Q2MHN2 UniRef100_Q2MHN2 UniRef100_Q95MP7 UniRef100_Q95MP7 UniRef100_B5XFM0 UniRef100_B5XFM0 UniRef100_B5XA44 UniRef100_B5XA44 UniRef100_B5X5I6 UniRef100_B5X5I6 UniRef100_A7MCB0 UniRef100_A7MCB0 UniRef100_C1BN12 UniRef100_C1BN12 UniRef100_B3FRR7 UniRef100_B3FRR7 UniRef100_Q6NZ44 UniRef100_Q6NZ44 UniRef100_P49946 UniRef100_P49946 UniRef100_P09528 UniRef100_P09528 UniRef100_UPI0001926351 UniRef100_UPI0001926351 UniRef100_UPI0000E22C7A UniRef100_UPI0000E22C7A UniRef100_Q7ZXM8 UniRef100_Q7ZXM8 UniRef100_Q4JI31 UniRef100_Q4JI31 UniRef100_C3TVB2 UniRef100_C3TVB2 UniRef100_C1C4Z2 UniRef100_C1C4Z2 UniRef100_A9YVA6 UniRef100_A9YVA6