BB905603 ( RCE03709 )


BLASTX 2.2.22 [Sep-27-2009]

Reference: Altschul, Stephen F., Thomas L. Madden, Alejandro A. Schaffer, 
Jinghui Zhang, Zheng Zhang, Webb Miller, and David J. Lipman (1997), 
"Gapped BLAST and PSI-BLAST: a new generation of protein database search
programs",  Nucleic Acids Res. 25:3389-3402.

Query= BB905603  RCE03709
         (577 letters)

Database: uniref100 
           9,526,577 sequences; 3,332,566,763 total letters


significant alignments:[graphical|details]

UniRef100_C7F8N4 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Pisum sativum RepID=C7...   380   e-104
UniRef100_P30164 Actin-1 n=1 Tax=Pisum sativum RepID=ACT1_PEA         379   e-104
UniRef100_Q6UDA0 Actin n=1 Tax=Trifolium pratense RepID=Q6UDA0_T...   379   e-104
UniRef100_P30165 Actin-2 n=1 Tax=Pisum sativum RepID=ACT2_PEA         378   e-103
UniRef100_A8W4W6 Actin n=1 Tax=Glycyrrhiza uralensis RepID=A8W4W...   376   e-103
UniRef100_Q9SLQ6 Actin isoform B n=1 Tax=Mimosa pudica RepID=Q9S...   375   e-102
UniRef100_C7G0X6 Actin n=1 Tax=Tulipa gesneriana RepID=C7G0X6_TULGE   375   e-102
UniRef100_Q9XHH1 Actin n=1 Tax=Malva pusilla RepID=Q9XHH1_MALPU       374   e-102
UniRef100_Q8H6A3 Actin n=1 Tax=Stevia rebaudiana RepID=Q8H6A3_STERE   374   e-102
UniRef100_Q7XZJ5 Actin n=1 Tax=Gossypium hirsutum RepID=Q7XZJ5_G...   374   e-102
UniRef100_Q7XZI7 Actin n=1 Tax=Gossypium hirsutum RepID=Q7XZI7_G...   374   e-102
UniRef100_Q5I3E6 Actin n=1 Tax=Linum usitatissimum RepID=Q5I3E6_...   374   e-102
UniRef100_C7F8N9 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Drosera rotundifolia R...   374   e-102
UniRef100_B8YPL3 Actin 1 n=1 Tax=Gossypium hirsutum RepID=B8YPL3...   374   e-102
UniRef100_B8Y645 Actin n=2 Tax=core eudicotyledons RepID=B8Y645_...   374   e-102
UniRef100_A7UDW6 Actin (Fragment) n=2 Tax=Hibiscus cannabinus Re...   374   e-102
UniRef100_A7YVW7 ACT1 n=1 Tax=Actinidia deliciosa RepID=A7YVW7_A...   374   e-102
UniRef100_Q3YJS0 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Cucumis sativus RepID=...   374   e-102
UniRef100_C7F8N0 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Capsicum annuum RepID=...   374   e-102
UniRef100_P53492 Actin-7 n=1 Tax=Arabidopsis thaliana RepID=ACT7...   374   e-102
UniRef100_Q7XZJ8 Actin n=1 Tax=Gossypium hirsutum RepID=Q7XZJ8_G...   373   e-102
UniRef100_Q5FZP3 Actin n=1 Tax=Isatis tinctoria RepID=Q5FZP3_ISATI    373   e-102
UniRef100_C7F8P0 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Castanea sativa RepID=...   373   e-102
UniRef100_B9GGS0 Actin 1 n=3 Tax=eurosids I RepID=B9GGS0_POPTR        373   e-102
UniRef100_B8XPP2 Actin n=1 Tax=Betula luminifera RepID=B8XPP2_9ROSI   373   e-102
UniRef100_A9UAM8 Actin (Fragment) n=2 Tax=Rosales RepID=A9UAM8_9...   373   e-102
UniRef100_A8W7I3 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Lotus japonicus RepID=...   373   e-102
UniRef100_A5BN09 Chromosome chr4 scaffold_73, whole genome shotg...   373   e-102
UniRef100_A4ZSZ4 Actin n=1 Tax=Populus trichocarpa RepID=A4ZSZ4_...   373   e-102
UniRef100_Q9LKG3 Actin n=1 Tax=Helianthus annuus RepID=Q9LKG3_HELAN   373   e-102
UniRef100_C7F8N8 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Glycine max RepID=C7F8...   373   e-102
UniRef100_C7F8M9 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Solanum tuberosum RepI...   373   e-102
UniRef100_Q7XZK0 Actin n=1 Tax=Gossypium hirsutum RepID=Q7XZK0_G...   372   e-102
UniRef100_Q7XZJ1 Actin n=1 Tax=Gossypium hirsutum RepID=Q7XZJ1_G...   372   e-102
UniRef100_Q65XH8 Os05g0106600 protein n=1 Tax=Oryza sativa Japon...   372   e-102
UniRef100_Q5PU47 Putative actin 1 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Chorispora ...   372   e-102
UniRef100_C6L236 Actin-1 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Diospyros kaki RepID...   372   e-102
UniRef100_B9FK20 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Oryza ...   372   e-102
UniRef100_B8YPL4 Actin 2 n=1 Tax=Gossypium hirsutum RepID=B8YPL4...   372   e-102
UniRef100_B8AWW7 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Oryza ...   372   e-102
UniRef100_Q96441 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Glycine max RepID=Q964...   372   e-101
UniRef100_C7F8P6 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Brassica napus RepID=C...   372   e-101
UniRef100_C7F8N6 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Rubus idaeus RepID=C7F...   372   e-101
UniRef100_B4F989 Actin-97 n=3 Tax=Andropogoneae RepID=B4F989_MAIZE    372   e-101
UniRef100_Q5VKJ6 Actin n=1 Tax=Ricinus communis RepID=Q5VKJ6_RICCO    372   e-101
UniRef100_Q5CCU0 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Pyrus communis RepID=Q...   372   e-101
UniRef100_Q9ZSD7 Actin n=1 Tax=Brassica napus RepID=Q9ZSD7_BRANA      371   e-101
UniRef100_C7F8N2 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Nicotiana tabacum RepI...   371   e-101
UniRef100_B2LW61 Actin n=1 Tax=Betula platyphylla RepID=B2LW61_9...   371   e-101
UniRef100_Q0Z864 Actin 1 n=1 Tax=Boehmeria nivea RepID=Q0Z864_BOENI   371   e-101
UniRef100_A0A7Z5 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Rosa hybrid cultivar R...   371   e-101
UniRef100_Q9M4Y1 Actin-like protein n=1 Tax=Phalaenopsis hybrid ...   370   e-101
UniRef100_Q7XZJ9 Actin n=1 Tax=Gossypium hirsutum RepID=Q7XZJ9_G...   370   e-101
UniRef100_Q7XZJ7 Actin n=1 Tax=Gossypium hirsutum RepID=Q7XZJ7_G...   370   e-101
UniRef100_C7F8N5 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Populus nigra RepID=C7...   370   e-101
UniRef100_Q94DL4 Putative uncharacterized protein n=2 Tax=Oryza ...   370   e-101
UniRef100_Q7XZJ0 Actin n=1 Tax=Gossypium hirsutum RepID=Q7XZJ0_G...   370   e-101
UniRef100_Q70DV5 Putative actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Lolium multif...   370   e-101
UniRef100_Q5EWZ1 Actin n=3 Tax=Triticeae RepID=Q5EWZ1_WHEAT           370   e-101
UniRef100_A6P7L2 Actin 4 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Torenia fournieri Re...   370   e-101
UniRef100_Q96483 Actin-51 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Solanum lycopersicu...   370   e-101
UniRef100_Q7XZJ4 Actin n=1 Tax=Gossypium hirsutum RepID=Q7XZJ4_G...   370   e-101
UniRef100_C7F8N3 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Quercus robur RepID=C7...   370   e-101
UniRef100_Q7XZI9 Actin n=1 Tax=Gossypium hirsutum RepID=Q7XZI9_G...   369   e-101
UniRef100_Q2XTC1 Actin-like n=1 Tax=Solanum tuberosum RepID=Q2XT...   369   e-101
UniRef100_Q9SPI7 Actin n=2 Tax=Picea RepID=Q9SPI7_PICRU               369   e-101
UniRef100_C0LEJ2 Actin n=1 Tax=Carica papaya RepID=C0LEJ2_CARPA       369   e-101
UniRef100_A8D2F7 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Nelumbo nucifera RepID...   369   e-101
UniRef100_P30171 Actin-97 n=1 Tax=Solanum tuberosum RepID=ACT11_...   369   e-101
UniRef100_Q6F4H4 Actin n=1 Tax=Nicotiana tabacum RepID=Q6F4H4_TOBAC   369   e-100
UniRef100_B6SI11 Actin-2 n=1 Tax=Zea mays RepID=B6SI11_MAIZE          369   e-100
UniRef100_Q94G12 Actin n=1 Tax=Musa ABB Group RepID=Q94G12_MUSPR      368   e-100
UniRef100_B9I0N5 Actin 6 n=1 Tax=Populus trichocarpa RepID=B9I0N...   368   e-100
UniRef100_B1NJ25 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Opuntia streptacantha ...   368   e-100
UniRef100_P93376 Actin-103 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Nicotiana tabacum ...   368   e-100
UniRef100_A7QGQ2 Chromosome chr12 scaffold_93, whole genome shot...   368   e-100
UniRef100_A6P7L1 Actin 3 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Torenia fournieri Re...   368   e-100
UniRef100_P93775 Actin n=1 Tax=Striga asiatica RepID=P93775_STRAF     367   e-100
UniRef100_C3VIW3 Actin 1 n=1 Tax=Picea abies RepID=C3VIW3_PICAB       367   e-100
UniRef100_A3C6D7 Actin-2 n=3 Tax=Oryza sativa RepID=ACT2_ORYSJ        367   e-100
UniRef100_Q9SAR7 Actin n=1 Tax=Striga asiatica RepID=Q9SAR7_STRAF     367   e-100
UniRef100_C7F8P5 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Ailanthus altissima Re...   367   e-100
UniRef100_C5Y567 Putative uncharacterized protein Sb05g003880 n=...   367   e-100
UniRef100_A9P8T6 Actin 3 n=2 Tax=Populus trichocarpa RepID=A9P8T...   367   e-100
UniRef100_A5B0L2 Chromosome chr8 scaffold_34, whole genome shotg...   367   e-100
UniRef100_O81221 Actin n=1 Tax=Gossypium hirsutum RepID=ACT_GOSHI     367   e-100
UniRef100_P93375 Actin-104 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Nicotiana tabacum ...   367   e-100
UniRef100_C7F8P4 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Triticum aestivum RepI...   367   e-100
UniRef100_C5WW94 Putative uncharacterized protein Sb01g017380 n=...   367   e-100
UniRef100_C0HHR4 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Zea ma...   367   e-100
UniRef100_Q67G20 Actin-7, putative, expressed n=2 Tax=Oryza sati...   367   e-100
UniRef100_A7NZ21 Chromosome chr6 scaffold_3, whole genome shotgu...   367   e-100
UniRef100_A7L5W3 Actin n=1 Tax=Musa acuminata RepID=A7L5W3_MUSAC      367   e-100
UniRef100_A5AL11 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Vitis ...   367   e-100
UniRef100_Q9FUS4 Actin n=1 Tax=Setaria italica RepID=Q9FUS4_SETIT     366   e-100
UniRef100_C7F8P1 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Kalanchoe daigremontia...   366   e-100
UniRef100_A9ZM22 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Rosa hybrid cultivar R...   366   e-100
UniRef100_A4UTT6 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Phalaris canariensis R...   366   e-100
UniRef100_A4IEC4 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Cocos nucifera RepID=A...   366   e-100
UniRef100_A2A244 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Scoparia dulcis RepID=...   366   e-100
UniRef100_Q7XZJ6 Actin n=1 Tax=Gossypium hirsutum RepID=Q7XZJ6_G...   366   e-100
UniRef100_Q5DW26 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Chrysanthemum x morifo...   366   e-100
UniRef100_Q4LDW8 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Diospyros kaki RepID=Q...   366   e-100
UniRef100_Q3YJS2 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Cucumis sativus RepID=...   366   e-100
UniRef100_Q2UVH1 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Capsicum chinense RepI...   366   e-100
UniRef100_Q0Z886 Actin 1 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Torenia fournieri Re...   366   e-100
UniRef100_Q0MTB0 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Linum usitatissimum Re...   366   e-100
UniRef100_C7F8P2 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Malus x domestica RepI...   366   e-100
UniRef100_C6G239 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Amomum villosum RepID=...   366   e-100
UniRef100_B9SXJ2 Actin, putative n=1 Tax=Ricinus communis RepID=...   366   e-100
UniRef100_B9HMH5 Actin 4 n=1 Tax=Populus trichocarpa RepID=B9HMH...   366   e-100
UniRef100_B6VC60 Actin n=1 Tax=Sedum alfredii RepID=B6VC60_9MAGN      366   e-100
UniRef100_A9P886 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Populu...   366   e-100
UniRef100_A9P810 Actin 5 n=1 Tax=Populus trichocarpa RepID=A9P81...   366   e-100
UniRef100_P93372 Actin-66 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Nicotiana tabacum R...   366   e-100
UniRef100_Q9M4Y2 Actin-like protein n=1 Tax=Phalaenopsis hybrid ...   365   1e-99
UniRef100_Q8H1Y3 Actin n=1 Tax=Phalaenopsis hybrid cultivar RepI...   365   1e-99
UniRef100_P93635 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Zea mays RepID=P93635_...   365   1e-99
UniRef100_B9GJJ1 Actin 2 n=1 Tax=Populus trichocarpa RepID=B9GJJ...   365   1e-99
UniRef100_B8LNW2 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Picea ...   365   1e-99
UniRef100_B4FRH8 Actin-7 n=1 Tax=Zea mays RepID=B4FRH8_MAIZE          365   1e-99
UniRef100_P30173 Actin-101 n=2 Tax=Solanum tuberosum RepID=ACT13...   365   1e-99
UniRef100_P93637 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Zea mays RepID=P93637_...   365   1e-99
UniRef100_O24270 Actin 2 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Podocarpus macrophyl...   365   1e-99
UniRef100_C3VIW4 Actin 2 n=1 Tax=Picea abies RepID=C3VIW4_PICAB       365   1e-99
UniRef100_C0HDZ6 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Zea ma...   365   1e-99
UniRef100_B6VC59 Actin n=1 Tax=Sedum alfredii RepID=B6VC59_9MAGN      365   1e-99
UniRef100_B1Q191 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Rehmannia glutinosa Re...   365   1e-99
UniRef100_P81228 Actin-66 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Solanum tuberosum R...   365   1e-99
UniRef100_P93373 Actin-54 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Nicotiana tabacum R...   365   1e-99
UniRef100_Q9AXK4 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Prunus salicina RepID=...   365   2e-99
UniRef100_Q7XZJ3 Actin n=1 Tax=Gossypium hirsutum RepID=Q7XZJ3_G...   365   2e-99
UniRef100_Q7XZI8 Actin n=1 Tax=Gossypium hirsutum RepID=Q7XZI8_G...   365   2e-99
UniRef100_Q5J1K2 Actin n=1 Tax=Elaeis guineensis RepID=Q5J1K2_ELAGV   365   2e-99
UniRef100_Q7XAT4 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Phaseolus acutifolius ...   364   2e-99
UniRef100_Q9SLQ7 Actin isoform A (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Mimosa pudic...   364   3e-99
UniRef100_C6TK76 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Glycin...   364   3e-99
UniRef100_C6T7Y1 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Glycin...   364   3e-99
UniRef100_B2D2J0 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Phaseolus vulgaris Rep...   364   3e-99
UniRef100_B1P763 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Lolium temulentum RepI...   364   3e-99
UniRef100_Q10AZ4 Actin-3 n=4 Tax=Oryza sativa RepID=ACT3_ORYSJ        364   3e-99
UniRef100_Q3YJS1 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Cucumis sativus RepID=...   363   4e-99
UniRef100_B8Y622 Actin n=1 Tax=Caragana korshinskii RepID=B8Y622...   363   4e-99
UniRef100_P93371 Actin-93 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Nicotiana tabacum R...   363   4e-99
UniRef100_P10671 Actin-1/3 n=1 Tax=Arabidopsis thaliana RepID=AC...   363   4e-99
UniRef100_Q96440 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Glycine max RepID=Q964...   363   5e-99
UniRef100_Q7XAT5 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Vicia faba RepID=Q7XAT...   363   5e-99
UniRef100_Q6DNC1 Stem cambial region actin protein n=1 Tax=Eucom...   363   5e-99
UniRef100_P94096 Actin n=3 Tax=Pisum sativum RepID=P94096_PEA         363   5e-99
UniRef100_C6TAA6 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Glycin...   363   5e-99
UniRef100_C5WTY3 Putative uncharacterized protein Sb01g002170 n=...   363   5e-99
UniRef100_B6RMQ8 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Lathyrus sativus RepID...   363   5e-99
UniRef100_Q96448 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Glycine max RepID=Q964...   363   7e-99
UniRef100_P93584 Actin-82 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Solanum tuberosum R...   363   7e-99
UniRef100_P81229 Actin-79 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Solanum tuberosum R...   363   7e-99
UniRef100_Q96482 Actin-41 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Solanum lycopersicu...   363   7e-99
UniRef100_UPI0000196D35 ACT2 (ACTIN 2); structural constituent o...   362   9e-99
UniRef100_Q9LKG5 Actin n=1 Tax=Magnolia denudata RepID=Q9LKG5_9MAGN   362   9e-99
UniRef100_Q93ZL9 AT3g18780/MVE11_16 n=1 Tax=Arabidopsis thaliana...   362   9e-99
UniRef100_P93636 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Zea mays RepID=P93636_...   362   9e-99
UniRef100_B9SXZ5 Actin, putative n=1 Tax=Ricinus communis RepID=...   362   9e-99
UniRef100_B7FIH3 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Medica...   362   9e-99
UniRef100_B5M4V6 Actin n=1 Tax=Nicotiana tabacum RepID=B5M4V6_TOBAC   362   9e-99
UniRef100_B2CNV6 Actin 1 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Artemisia annua RepI...   362   9e-99
UniRef100_A9TVP1 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Physcomitrella patens...   362   9e-99
UniRef100_Q96293 Actin-8 n=2 Tax=Arabidopsis RepID=ACT8_ARATH         362   9e-99
UniRef100_Q96292 Actin-2 n=2 Tax=Arabidopsis thaliana RepID=ACT2...   362   9e-99
UniRef100_Q05214 Actin n=1 Tax=Nicotiana tabacum RepID=ACT1_TOBAC     362   9e-99
UniRef100_Q9M729 Actin n=1 Tax=Vigna radiata var. radiata RepID=...   362   1e-98
UniRef100_Q0Z885 Actin 2 n=1 Tax=Torenia fournieri RepID=Q0Z885_...   362   1e-98
UniRef100_C7F8N1 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Vicia faba RepID=C7F8N...   362   1e-98
UniRef100_C6TJ78 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Glycin...   362   1e-98
UniRef100_B6TQ08 Actin-1 n=1 Tax=Zea mays RepID=B6TQ08_MAIZE          362   1e-98
UniRef100_P30167 Actin-58 n=1 Tax=Solanum tuberosum RepID=ACT3_S...   362   1e-98
UniRef100_P53496 Actin-11 n=2 Tax=Arabidopsis thaliana RepID=ACT...   362   1e-98
UniRef100_Q8W226 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Pyrus communis RepID=Q...   362   1e-98
UniRef100_B2YGW1 Actin n=1 Tax=Cicer arietinum RepID=B2YGW1_CICAR     362   1e-98
UniRef100_A9YQ39 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Nicotiana attenuata Re...   362   1e-98
UniRef100_Q9SLQ5 Actin isoform C (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Mimosa pudic...   361   2e-98
UniRef100_Q8LB94 Actin 8 n=1 Tax=Arabidopsis thaliana RepID=Q8LB...   361   2e-98
UniRef100_C6TGZ9 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Glycin...   361   2e-98
UniRef100_Q96444 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Glycine max RepID=Q964...   361   3e-98
UniRef100_C7F8P3 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Pinus sylvestris RepID...   361   3e-98
UniRef100_B9DHA3 AT3G18780 protein n=1 Tax=Arabidopsis thaliana ...   361   3e-98
UniRef100_B4FVB1 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Zea ma...   361   3e-98
UniRef100_A9NYV3 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Picea ...   361   3e-98
UniRef100_A5BXV1 Chromosome chr13 scaffold_17, whole genome shot...   361   3e-98
UniRef100_Q10DV7 Actin-1 n=2 Tax=Oryza sativa RepID=ACT1_ORYSJ        361   3e-98
UniRef100_Q71T19 Actin n=1 Tax=Musa acuminata RepID=Q71T19_MUSAC      360   3e-98
UniRef100_Q0PKY3 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Caragana korshinskii R...   360   3e-98
UniRef100_O23775 Actin 3 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Cycas revoluta RepID...   360   3e-98
UniRef100_C7F8N7 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Zea mays RepID=C7F8N7_...   360   4e-98
UniRef100_B6SZ83 Actin-7 n=1 Tax=Zea mays RepID=B6SZ83_MAIZE          360   4e-98
UniRef100_A9TVP0 Predicted protein n=2 Tax=Physcomitrella patens...   360   4e-98
UniRef100_C8KIS7 Actin n=1 Tax=Larix gmelinii RepID=C8KIS7_9CONI      360   6e-98
UniRef100_C8KI13 Beta actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Bruguiera gymnorh...   360   6e-98
UniRef100_C8KI12 Beta actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Kandelia candel R...   360   6e-98
UniRef100_C3VIW6 Actin 4 n=1 Tax=Picea abies RepID=C3VIW6_PICAB       360   6e-98
UniRef100_A9TYG6 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Physcomitrella patens...   360   6e-98
UniRef100_A9TYG3 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Physcomitrella patens...   360   6e-98
UniRef100_Q9ZTP9 Actin n=1 Tax=Brassica oleracea RepID=Q9ZTP9_BRAOL   359   7e-98
UniRef100_A9TZ58 Predicted protein n=2 Tax=Physcomitrella patens...   359   7e-98
UniRef100_Q9SWW8 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Selaginella apoda RepI...   359   1e-97
UniRef100_Q96447 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Glycine max RepID=Q964...   359   1e-97
UniRef100_P93634 Actin (Fragment) n=2 Tax=Zea mays RepID=P93634_...   359   1e-97
UniRef100_O82565 Actin 3 n=1 Tax=Anemia phyllitidis RepID=O82565...   359   1e-97
UniRef100_C3TX68 Actin n=1 Tax=Brachypodium sylvaticum RepID=C3T...   359   1e-97
UniRef100_B8LPE0 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Picea ...   359   1e-97
UniRef100_Q5PU48 Putative actin 2 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Chorispora ...   358   1e-97
UniRef100_A9TBG2 Predicted protein n=2 Tax=Physcomitrella patens...   358   1e-97
UniRef100_P46258 Actin-3 n=1 Tax=Pisum sativum RepID=ACT3_PEA         358   1e-97
UniRef100_P53504 Actin-1 n=1 Tax=Sorghum bicolor RepID=ACT1_SORBI     358   1e-97
UniRef100_P53497 Actin-12 n=1 Tax=Arabidopsis thaliana RepID=ACT...   358   2e-97
UniRef100_Q5EDD3 Actin 2 n=1 Tax=Musa acuminata RepID=Q5EDD3_MUSAC    358   2e-97
UniRef100_O82564 Actin 2 n=1 Tax=Anemia phyllitidis RepID=O82564...   358   2e-97
UniRef100_A2WXB0 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Oryza ...   358   2e-97
UniRef100_P0C540 Actin-7 n=3 Tax=Oryza sativa RepID=ACT7_ORYSJ        358   2e-97
UniRef100_Q96442 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Glycine max RepID=Q964...   357   3e-97
UniRef100_P30168 Actin-71 n=1 Tax=Solanum tuberosum RepID=ACT6_S...   357   3e-97
UniRef100_B7FJC8 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Medica...   357   4e-97
UniRef100_Q9M5A0 Actin 1 n=1 Tax=Avena nuda RepID=Q9M5A0_AVENU        357   5e-97
UniRef100_Q84W24 Putative actin 4 n=1 Tax=Arabidopsis thaliana R...   357   5e-97
UniRef100_O82566 Actin 1 n=1 Tax=Psilotum nudum RepID=O82566_PSINU    357   5e-97
UniRef100_B4XAN5 Actin n=1 Tax=Phyllostachys bambusoides RepID=B...   357   5e-97
UniRef100_P53494 Actin-4 n=1 Tax=Arabidopsis thaliana RepID=ACT4...   357   5e-97
UniRef100_Q96439 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Glycine max RepID=Q964...   356   6e-97
UniRef100_Q7XZK1 Actin n=1 Tax=Gossypium hirsutum RepID=Q7XZK1_G...   356   6e-97
UniRef100_A3CF85 Putative uncharacterized protein n=2 Tax=Oryza ...   356   6e-97
UniRef100_C5XQM4 Putative uncharacterized protein Sb03g040880 n=...   356   8e-97
UniRef100_Q40981 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Phalaenopsis sp. SM910...   355   1e-96
UniRef100_Q96484 Actin-52 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Solanum lycopersicu...   355   1e-96
UniRef100_Q6WE52 Actin n=1 Tax=Thecamoeba similis RepID=Q6WE52_9...   355   2e-96
UniRef100_Q9M572 Actin 1 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Vallisneria natans R...   354   2e-96
UniRef100_Q2WGN4 Host actin-1 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Teleaulax acuta...   354   2e-96
UniRef100_A9XST9 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Rhodomonas sp. CCMP768...   354   2e-96
UniRef100_A1Y2A0 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Aegiceras corniculatum...   354   2e-96
UniRef100_C5IXX2 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Rhodomonas sp. CCMP768...   354   3e-96
UniRef100_Q75HX0 Os05g0438800 protein n=2 Tax=Oryza sativa RepID...   354   3e-96
UniRef100_Q96438 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Glycine max RepID=Q964...   353   4e-96
UniRef100_Q2QLI5 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Oryza ...   353   4e-96
UniRef100_Q0ILJ7 Os12g0641000 protein (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Oryza s...   353   4e-96
UniRef100_A9XIT8 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Storeatula sp. CCMP186...   353   4e-96
UniRef100_A2ZN74 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Oryza ...   353   4e-96
UniRef100_Q6WE53 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Platyamoeba placida Re...   353   4e-96
UniRef100_Q002K7 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Leucocryptos marina Re...   353   4e-96
UniRef100_A8TAV3 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Sappinia pedata RepID=...   353   4e-96
UniRef100_B3TK83 Beta-actin 2 n=1 Tax=Haliotis diversicolor RepI...   353   5e-96
UniRef100_B3SNT2 Actin n=1 Tax=Haliotis diversicolor RepID=B3SNT...   353   5e-96
UniRef100_O65315 Actin n=1 Tax=Coleochaete scutata RepID=ACT_COLSC    353   5e-96
UniRef100_Q9FUV5 Cryptophyte-like actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Pyren...   353   7e-96
UniRef100_Q5G900 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Rhodomonas salina RepI...   353   7e-96
UniRef100_Q2WGM9 Host actin (Fragment) n=2 Tax=Chroomonas RepID=...   353   7e-96
UniRef100_C5IXX1 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Chroomonas mesostigmat...   353   7e-96
UniRef100_A9XIT3 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Chroomonas mesostigmat...   353   7e-96
UniRef100_Q5BQE4 Actin A2 n=1 Tax=Haliotis iris RepID=Q5BQE4_9VEST    353   7e-96
UniRef100_C5IXX9 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Katablepharis japonica...   353   7e-96
UniRef100_O65316 Actin n=1 Tax=Mesostigma viride RepID=ACT_MESVI      353   7e-96
UniRef100_P17126 Actin, non-muscle 6.2 n=1 Tax=Hydra vulgaris Re...   353   7e-96
UniRef100_P02576 Actin, plasmodial isoform n=1 Tax=Physarum poly...   353   7e-96
UniRef100_B4FV86 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Zea ma...   352   9e-96
UniRef100_Q6WE55 Actin n=1 Tax=Vannella ebro RepID=Q6WE55_9EUKA       352   9e-96
UniRef100_B3SHQ5 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Hyperamoeba sp. ATCC P...   352   9e-96
UniRef100_Q964E1 Actin, cytoplasmic n=1 Tax=Biomphalaria obstruc...   352   9e-96
UniRef100_Q9SWW7 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Cosmarium botrytis Rep...   352   1e-95
UniRef100_Q5BQE3 Actin A3 n=1 Tax=Haliotis iris RepID=Q5BQE3_9VEST    352   1e-95
UniRef100_Q2TTD8 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Amoebidium parasiticum...   352   1e-95
UniRef100_Q256S1 Actin n=1 Tax=Haliotis tuberculata RepID=Q256S1...   352   1e-95
UniRef100_B1PZ13 Beta-actin (Fragment) n=3 Tax=Arthropoda RepID=...   352   2e-95
UniRef100_UPI0000D56C29 PREDICTED: similar to Actin-5C isoform 2...   352   2e-95
UniRef100_UPI00003C0D66 PREDICTED: similar to Actin-5C isoform 2...   352   2e-95
UniRef100_Q96445 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Glycine max RepID=Q964...   352   2e-95
UniRef100_Q76K86 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Silene latifolia RepID...   352   2e-95
UniRef100_Q2WGN1 Host actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Rhodomonas duplex...   352   2e-95
UniRef100_O82563 Actin 1 n=1 Tax=Anemia phyllitidis RepID=O82563...   352   2e-95
UniRef100_C5YYR1 Putative uncharacterized protein Sb09g021660 n=...   352   2e-95
UniRef100_Q8WRE6 Actin 1 (Fragment) n=2 Tax=Neoptera RepID=Q8WRE...   352   2e-95
UniRef100_Q8T4J7 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Culicoides nubeculosus...   352   2e-95
UniRef100_Q6WE47 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Dermamoeba algensis Re...   352   2e-95
UniRef100_Q6QD58 Actin n=1 Tax=Ornithodoros moubata RepID=Q6QD58...   352   2e-95
UniRef100_Q4VWY3 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Periplaneta americana ...   352   2e-95
UniRef100_Q1HRN5 Actin n=1 Tax=Aedes aegypti RepID=Q1HRN5_AEDAE       352   2e-95
UniRef100_Q0Z987 Actin n=1 Tax=Aedes albopictus RepID=Q0Z987_AEDAL    352   2e-95
UniRef100_Q002M3 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Leucocryptos marina Re...   352   2e-95
UniRef100_O76784 Cytoplasmic actin n=1 Tax=Dreissena polymorpha ...   352   2e-95
UniRef100_D0ES27 Beta actin n=1 Tax=Polyrhachis vicina RepID=D0E...   352   2e-95
UniRef100_B8XX45 Actin isoform 2 n=1 Tax=Holothuria glaberrima R...   352   2e-95
UniRef100_B5DZR8 GA24908 n=3 Tax=Drosophila RepID=B5DZR8_DROPS        352   2e-95
UniRef100_B0Z6I4 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Pessonella sp. PRA-29 ...   352   2e-95
UniRef100_A3QP75 Putative actin n=1 Tax=Lygus lineolaris RepID=A...   352   2e-95
UniRef100_P12716 Actin, cytoplasmic n=1 Tax=Pisaster ochraceus R...   352   2e-95
UniRef100_P93374 Actin-53 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Nicotiana tabacum R...   352   2e-95
UniRef100_P10987 Actin-5C n=18 Tax=Neoptera RepID=ACT1_DROME          352   2e-95
UniRef100_UPI0001791474 PREDICTED: similar to cytoplasmic actin ...   351   2e-95
UniRef100_UPI0001791473 PREDICTED: similar to cytoplasmic actin ...   351   2e-95
UniRef100_Q9PTU4 B-actin n=1 Tax=Pagrus major RepID=Q9PTU4_PAGMA      351   2e-95
UniRef100_B1B560 Beta actin isoform 1 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Solea s...   351   2e-95
UniRef100_Q002M5 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Goniomonas truncata Re...   351   2e-95
UniRef100_O65016 Actin 4 n=1 Tax=Glycine max RepID=O65016_SOYBN       351   2e-95
UniRef100_Q2TTD7 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Corallochytrium limaci...   351   2e-95
UniRef100_Q002M2 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Leucocryptos marina Re...   351   2e-95
UniRef100_B3MJ82 GF13827 n=1 Tax=Drosophila ananassae RepID=B3MJ...   351   2e-95
UniRef100_A2SY09 Actin n=1 Tax=Ciona intestinalis RepID=A2SY09_C...   351   2e-95
UniRef100_Q9FUV4 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Guillardia theta RepID...   351   3e-95
UniRef100_Q6I6J8 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Triticum aestivum RepI...   351   3e-95
UniRef100_Q2WGM8 Host actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Proteomonas sulca...   351   3e-95
UniRef100_Q002M6 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Goniomonas truncata Re...   351   3e-95
UniRef100_O64457 Actin n=1 Tax=Nannochloris bacillaris RepID=O64...   351   3e-95
UniRef100_C5IXX0 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Cryptomonas paramecium...   351   3e-95
UniRef100_Q9U8M1 Cytoplasmic actin n=1 Tax=Oikopleura longicauda...   351   3e-95
UniRef100_Q6QUV6 Actin (Fragment) n=5 Tax=Tortricidae RepID=Q6QU...   351   3e-95
UniRef100_Q4PKE5 Actin 5 n=1 Tax=Aedes aegypti RepID=Q4PKE5_AEDAE     351   3e-95
UniRef100_Q002M4 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Leucocryptos marina Re...   351   3e-95
UniRef100_B4NYW1 GE19434 n=1 Tax=Drosophila yakuba RepID=B4NYW1_...   351   3e-95
UniRef100_B3VN78 Actin 3 n=1 Tax=Bombyx mandarina RepID=B3VN78_B...   351   3e-95
UniRef100_B0LF74 Beta actin n=1 Tax=Xestia c-nigrum RepID=B0LF74...   351   3e-95
UniRef100_Q964E0 Actin, cytoplasmic n=1 Tax=Biomphalaria tenagop...   351   3e-95
UniRef100_P04829 Actin, cytoplasmic A3 n=1 Tax=Bombyx mori RepID...   351   3e-95
UniRef100_Q25010 Actin, cytoplasmic A3a n=4 Tax=Obtectomera RepI...   351   3e-95
UniRef100_P02572 Actin-42A n=5 Tax=Sophophora RepID=ACT2_DROME        351   3e-95
UniRef100_Q553U6 Putative actin-22 n=1 Tax=Dictyostelium discoid...   351   3e-95
UniRef100_A1IGU7 Beta-actin n=1 Tax=Misgurnus anguillicaudatus R...   350   3e-95
UniRef100_Q9FT34 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Dianthus caryophyllus ...   350   3e-95
UniRef100_Q6TYS1 Actin 3 n=1 Tax=Physcomitrella patens RepID=Q6T...   350   3e-95
UniRef100_B4FPG2 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Zea ma...   350   3e-95
UniRef100_Q9NHN8 Beta actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Macrobrachium ros...   350   3e-95
UniRef100_Q8IAC3 Actin n=1 Tax=Galaxea fascicularis RepID=Q8IAC3...   350   3e-95
UniRef100_Q5D579 Actin (Fragment) n=13 Tax=Arachnida RepID=Q5D57...   350   3e-95
UniRef100_Q3LGW2 Actin n=1 Tax=Ornithodoros moubata RepID=Q3LGW2...   350   3e-95
UniRef100_Q0P0L6 Beta actin n=6 Tax=Decapoda RepID=Q0P0L6_FENCH       350   3e-95
UniRef100_Q0GBZ1 Beta actin n=1 Tax=Pacifastacus leniusculus Rep...   350   3e-95
UniRef100_Q002K9 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Leucocryptos marina Re...   350   3e-95
UniRef100_C9E1C8 Beta-actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Liposcelis paeta ...   350   3e-95
UniRef100_C5HVZ5 Actin n=6 Tax=Araneae RepID=C5HVZ5_9ARAC             350   3e-95
UniRef100_B2YGA9 Actin (Fragment) n=6 Tax=Araneomorphae RepID=B2...   350   3e-95
UniRef100_A6XDD0 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Metopus es RepID=A6XDD...   350   3e-95
UniRef100_A4UTU3 Beta-actin n=6 Tax=Arachnida RepID=A4UTU3_DERVA      350   3e-95
UniRef100_A1YWA9 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Mytilus sp. KL-2006 Re...   350   3e-95
UniRef100_P41113 Actin-3 n=1 Tax=Podocoryna carnea RepID=ACT3_PODCA   350   3e-95
UniRef100_P30163 Actin-2 n=2 Tax=Onchocercidae RepID=ACT2_ONCVO       350   3e-95
UniRef100_UPI0001926A23 PREDICTED: similar to Actin, non-muscle ...   350   4e-95
UniRef100_Q0PVE1 Beta-actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Symphysodon aequi...   350   4e-95
UniRef100_Q8GZE2 Actin n=1 Tax=Pyrocystis lunula RepID=Q8GZE2_PYRLU   350   4e-95
UniRef100_Q2WGN2 Host actin-2 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Rhodomonas chry...   350   4e-95
UniRef100_Q002M9 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Glaucocystis nostochin...   350   4e-95
UniRef100_Q8TA69 Actin 2 n=1 Tax=Crassostrea gigas RepID=Q8TA69_...   350   4e-95
UniRef100_Q8IAC1 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Favites chinensis RepI...   350   4e-95
UniRef100_Q6WBY4 Beta actin n=1 Tax=Aiptasia pulchella RepID=Q6W...   350   4e-95
UniRef100_C4Q9R8 Actin, putative n=1 Tax=Schistosoma mansoni Rep...   350   4e-95
UniRef100_C0MP44 Cytoplasmic actin 1 n=1 Tax=Botryllus schlosser...   350   4e-95
UniRef100_A8TAW8 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Mastigamoeba sp. JSP R...   350   4e-95
UniRef100_A7S0V7 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Nematostella vectensi...   350   4e-95
UniRef100_P53461 Actin, nonmuscle n=1 Tax=Halocynthia roretzi Re...   350   4e-95
UniRef100_Q964E3 Actin, cytoplasmic n=1 Tax=Biomphalaria alexand...   350   4e-95
UniRef100_P53470 Actin-1 n=2 Tax=Schistosoma mansoni RepID=ACT1_...   350   4e-95
UniRef100_Q98TB8 Cytoplasmic actin n=1 Tax=Lethenteron japonicum...   350   6e-95
UniRef100_Q5G907 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Isochrysis galbana Rep...   350   6e-95
UniRef100_Q002M7 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Goniomonas truncata Re...   350   6e-95
UniRef100_B3SHP1 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Isochrysis galbana Rep...   350   6e-95
UniRef100_Q7YZD7 Actin n=1 Tax=Chlamys farreri RepID=Q7YZD7_9BIVA     350   6e-95
UniRef100_Q6WE54 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Mayorella sp. JJP-2003...   350   6e-95
UniRef100_Q6DKV1 Beta-actin n=1 Tax=Scleronephthya gracillimum R...   350   6e-95
UniRef100_Q002K8 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Leucocryptos marina Re...   350   6e-95
UniRef100_O76540 Cytoskeletal actin 2 n=1 Tax=Molgula occulta Re...   350   6e-95
UniRef100_O61285 CsCA1 n=1 Tax=Ciona savignyi RepID=O61285_CIOSA      350   6e-95
UniRef100_B4KSC6 GI19595 n=2 Tax=Drosophila RepID=B4KSC6_DROMO        350   6e-95
UniRef100_B3SHP7 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Thecamoeba sp. ATCC PR...   350   6e-95
UniRef100_B2XY16 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Euagrus chisoseus RepI...   350   6e-95
UniRef100_A7Y0T7 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Clonorchis sinensis Re...   350   6e-95
UniRef100_A7RU31 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Nematostella vectensi...   350   6e-95
UniRef100_A0PC01 Cytoplasmic actin n=1 Tax=Orgyia thyellina RepI...   350   6e-95
UniRef100_P41340 Actin-3 n=1 Tax=Limulus polyphemus RepID=ACT3_L...   350   6e-95
UniRef100_P07830 Major actin n=1 Tax=Dictyostelium discoideum Re...   350   6e-95
UniRef100_Q54GX7 Actin-10 n=1 Tax=Dictyostelium discoideum RepID...   350   6e-95
UniRef100_Q9NG06 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Daphnia pulex RepID=Q9...   349   8e-95
UniRef100_Q8T7V0 Cytoplasmic actin A3a2 n=1 Tax=Helicoverpa zea ...   349   8e-95
UniRef100_Q5XXT3 Putative cytoplasmic actin A3a1 n=2 Tax=Cicadel...   349   8e-95
UniRef100_O97475 Cytoskeletal actin 1 n=2 Tax=Molgula RepID=O974...   349   8e-95
UniRef100_B5TYT4 Beta-actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Liposcelis entomo...   349   8e-95
UniRef100_B3RX77 Non-muscle actin 6.2 n=1 Tax=Trichoplax adhaere...   349   8e-95
UniRef100_B2Z6M7 Cytoplasmic actin n=1 Tax=Agrotis ipsilon RepID...   349   8e-95
UniRef100_P53486 Actin, cytoplasmic 3, N-terminally processed n=...   349   8e-95
UniRef100_P18603 Actin, clone 403 n=2 Tax=Coelomata RepID=ACT4_A...   349   8e-95
UniRef100_P07829 Actin-3 n=1 Tax=Dictyostelium discoideum RepID=...   349   8e-95
UniRef100_UPI000186E470 Actin-5C n=1 Tax=Pediculus humanus corpo...   349   1e-94
UniRef100_Q4RG96 Chromosome 12 SCAF15104, whole genome shotgun s...   349   1e-94
UniRef100_C1BK37 Actin, cytoplasmic 1 n=1 Tax=Osmerus mordax Rep...   349   1e-94
UniRef100_B6T5K6 Actin-1 n=1 Tax=Zea mays RepID=B6T5K6_MAIZE          349   1e-94
UniRef100_Q4U3C7 Actin n=1 Tax=Orientobilharzia turkestanicum Re...   349   1e-94
UniRef100_Q3HM00 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Planotortrix octo RepI...   349   1e-94
UniRef100_Q2TTD5 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Ministeria vibrans Rep...   349   1e-94
UniRef100_B2ZA76 Actin n=2 Tax=Haliotis RepID=B2ZA76_HALDV            349   1e-94
UniRef100_A8PC57 Actin 2, putative n=1 Tax=Brugia malayi RepID=A...   349   1e-94
UniRef100_A8PC53 Actin 1, putative n=1 Tax=Brugia malayi RepID=A...   349   1e-94
UniRef100_A7SEB1 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Nematostella vectensi...   349   1e-94
UniRef100_A7SEA7 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Nematostella vectensi...   349   1e-94
UniRef100_A4D0I0 Beta actin n=1 Tax=Loligo pealei RepID=A4D0I0_L...   349   1e-94
UniRef100_Q93131 Actin, cytoplasmic, N-terminally processed n=2 ...   349   1e-94
UniRef100_P92179 Actin, cytoplasmic n=1 Tax=Biomphalaria glabrat...   349   1e-94
UniRef100_P41339 Actin, acrosomal process isoform n=1 Tax=Limulu...   349   1e-94
UniRef100_P93586 Actin-46 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Solanum tuberosum R...   349   1e-94
UniRef100_P53471 Actin-2 n=4 Tax=Schistosoma RepID=ACT2_SCHMA         349   1e-94
UniRef100_P10984 Actin-2 n=2 Tax=Caenorhabditis RepID=ACT2_CAEEL      349   1e-94
UniRef100_P30162 Actin-1 n=1 Tax=Onchocerca volvulus RepID=ACT1_...   349   1e-94
UniRef100_UPI0000F2DFFC PREDICTED: similar to beta actin isoform...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_UPI0000DA3670 PREDICTED: similar to Actin, cytoplasmic...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_UPI00006A6FA0 PREDICTED: similar to actin n=1 Tax=Cion...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_UPI00015DF205 actin, beta, cytoplasmic n=1 Tax=Mus mus...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_UPI00015DECAA actin, gamma, cytoplasmic 1 n=1 Tax=Mus ...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_UPI0000EB3482 Actin, cytoplasmic 1 (Beta-actin). n=1 T...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_UPI000179CE1C Bos taurus actin, beta (ACTB), mRNA. n=1...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q9PUB2 Beta-actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Coturnix japonica...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q763K8 Beta actin n=1 Tax=Cynops ensicauda RepID=Q763K...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q700F8 Beta actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Hippoglossus hipp...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q5JAK3 Cytoplasmic actin type 4 n=1 Tax=Rana lessonae ...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_B6E4I1 Beta-actin n=1 Tax=Acipenser transmontanus RepI...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_B3GDZ9 Beta actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Boreogadus saida ...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_A6ZIB9 Beta-actin n=1 Tax=Anas platyrhynchos RepID=A6Z...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q61276 A-X actin n=1 Tax=Mus musculus RepID=Q61276_MOUSE    348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q3UGS0 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Mus mu...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q3UCF8 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Mus mu...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q3U939 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Mus mu...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q3U804 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Mus mu...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q3TSB7 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Mus mu...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q9BML9 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Helicosporidium sp. ex...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q002M8 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Glaucocystis nostochin...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_B3SHQ7 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Isochrysis galbana Rep...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_O46546 Beta-actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Mustela putorius ...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_A1E0X2 Beta-actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Lagenorhynchus ac...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q9NG09 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Daphnia pulex RepID=Q9...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q8MTG0 Actin n=1 Tax=Panagrellus redivivus RepID=Q8MTG...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q6X4W2 Actin n=1 Tax=Rhipicephalus appendiculatus RepI...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q6A8K1 Actin protein 4, isoform c n=2 Tax=Caenorhabdit...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q2AAD2 Cytoplasmic actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Pinctada f...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_B2XY15 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Euagrus chisoseus RepI...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_A9ZT00 Actin n=1 Tax=Ixodes persulcatus RepID=A9ZT00_I...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_A8WE66 Beta-actin n=1 Tax=Crassostrea ariakensis RepID...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_A7SCN8 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Nematostella vectensi...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_A1Z0K8 Beta-actin (Fragment) n=7 Tax=Theria RepID=A1Z0...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q53GK6 Beta actin variant (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Homo sapi...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q53G99 Beta actin variant (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Homo sapi...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q53G76 Beta actin variant (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Homo sapi...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q865W8 Beta actin (Fragment) n=7 Tax=Tetrapoda RepID=Q...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q6P378 Actin, cytoplasmic 2, N-terminally processed n=...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q8JJB8 Actin, cytoplasmic 2, N-terminally processed n=...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q5JAK2 Actin, cytoplasmic 2, N-terminally processed n=...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_P63261 Actin, cytoplasmic 2, N-terminally processed n=...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_P63256 Actin, cytoplasmic 2, N-terminally processed n=...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q93129 Actin, cytoplasmic, N-terminally processed n=1 ...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q6NVA9 Actin, cytoplasmic 1, N-terminally processed n=...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_O93400 Actin, cytoplasmic 1, N-terminally processed n=...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_P15475 Actin, cytoplasmic 1 n=1 Tax=Xenopus borealis R...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_Q91ZK5 Actin, cytoplasmic 1, N-terminally processed n=...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_P48975 Actin, cytoplasmic 1, N-terminally processed n=...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_P84336 Actin, cytoplasmic 1, N-terminally processed n=...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_P60709 Actin, cytoplasmic 1, N-terminally processed n=...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_P53505 Actin, cytoplasmic type 5 n=1 Tax=Xenopus laevi...   348   1e-94
UniRef100_P10986 Actin-4 n=6 Tax=Rhabditida RepID=ACT4_CAEEL          348   1e-94
UniRef100_UPI0000583FF4 PREDICTED: similar to actin n=1 Tax=Stro...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_Q9IAM6 Beta-actin n=3 Tax=Percomorpha RepID=Q9IAM6_RIVMA    348   2e-94
UniRef100_Q9I921 Beta actin n=2 Tax=Cyprinidae RepID=Q9I921_CARAU     348   2e-94
UniRef100_Q9DF40 Beta-actin n=1 Tax=Hypophthalmichthys molitrix ...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_Q8UVT9 Beta-actin n=3 Tax=Cyprinidae RepID=Q8UVT9_9TELE     348   2e-94
UniRef100_Q6RUV6 Beta actin n=1 Tax=Acanthopagrus schlegelii Rep...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_Q6L6Q2 Beta-actin (Fragment) n=2 Tax=Percomorpha RepID...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_Q5MCR9 Beta actin 2 n=5 Tax=Percomorpha RepID=Q5MCR9_R...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_Q5KQS8 Beta cytoplasmic actin n=1 Tax=Pagrus major Rep...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_Q4ZIK9 Beta-actin n=1 Tax=Cirrhinus molitorella RepID=...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_Q4SSE9 Chromosome undetermined SCAF14457, whole genome...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_Q309F6 Beta-actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Sander vitreus vi...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_Q09QU4 Beta-actin n=1 Tax=Spinibarbus denticulatus Rep...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_C3VPX5 Beta actin n=1 Tax=Oncorhynchus tshawytscha Rep...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_B5X872 Actin, cytoplasmic 1 n=1 Tax=Salmo salar RepID=...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_B5SU07 Beta-actin (Fragment) n=2 Tax=Squalius RepID=B5...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_B3TH90 Beta-actin n=1 Tax=Poecilia reticulata RepID=B3...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_B3DLR0 LOC100170531 protein n=1 Tax=Xenopus (Silurana)...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_A9QUS4 Beta-actin n=1 Tax=Rachycentron canadum RepID=A...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_A8CZW9 Beta-actin n=1 Tax=Tanichthys albonubes RepID=A...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_A8CZW6 Beta-actin n=1 Tax=Tanichthys albonubes RepID=A...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_A7WMF6 Cytoplasmic beta-actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Solea...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_A6MWV9 Beta actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Liza aurata RepID...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_Q6RXK4 Actin D (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Litopenaeus vannamei...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_Q5QTD6 Beta-actin n=1 Tax=Tigriopus japonicus RepID=Q5...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_Q5QTD5 Beta-actin n=1 Tax=Tigriopus japonicus RepID=Q5...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_Q5DFP8 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Schist...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_Q26378 CyI actin n=1 Tax=Tripneustes gratilla RepID=Q2...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_Q002L2 Actin (Fragment) n=2 Tax=Apusomonas proboscidea...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_Q002L1 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Apusomonas proboscidea...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_O76539 Cytoskeletal actin 2 n=1 Tax=Molgula oculata Re...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_B2YGC5 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Eidmannella pallida Re...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_B2XY18 Actin (Fragment) n=4 Tax=Euagrus chisoseus RepI...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_A8P5A0 Actin, putative n=2 Tax=Onchocercidae RepID=A8P...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_Q26065 Actin, adductor muscle n=1 Tax=Placopecten mage...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_Q92193 Actin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Crassostrea virginica ...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_Q00214 Actin, muscle n=1 Tax=Styela plicata RepID=ACTM...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_P12717 Actin, muscle n=1 Tax=Pisaster ochraceus RepID=...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_Q964E2 Actin, cytoplasmic n=1 Tax=Biomphalaria pfeiffe...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_O42161 Actin, cytoplasmic 1, N-terminally processed n=...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_P53485 Actin, cytoplasmic 2, N-terminally processed n=...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_Q7ZVF9 Actin, cytoplasmic 2, N-terminally processed n=...   348   2e-94
UniRef100_P68142 Actin, cytoplasmic 1, N-terminally processed n=...   348   2e-94
graphical overview:
UniRef100_C7F8N4 UniRef100_C7F8N4 UniRef100_P30164 UniRef100_P30164 UniRef100_Q6UDA0 UniRef100_Q6UDA0 UniRef100_P30165 UniRef100_P30165 UniRef100_A8W4W6 UniRef100_A8W4W6 UniRef100_Q9SLQ6 UniRef100_Q9SLQ6 UniRef100_C7G0X6 UniRef100_C7G0X6 UniRef100_Q9XHH1 UniRef100_Q9XHH1 UniRef100_Q8H6A3 UniRef100_Q8H6A3 UniRef100_Q7XZJ5 UniRef100_Q7XZJ5 UniRef100_Q7XZI7 UniRef100_Q7XZI7 UniRef100_Q5I3E6 UniRef100_Q5I3E6 UniRef100_C7F8N9 UniRef100_C7F8N9 UniRef100_B8YPL3 UniRef100_B8YPL3 UniRef100_B8Y645 UniRef100_B8Y645 UniRef100_A7UDW6 UniRef100_A7UDW6 UniRef100_A7YVW7 UniRef100_A7YVW7 UniRef100_Q3YJS0 UniRef100_Q3YJS0 UniRef100_C7F8N0 UniRef100_C7F8N0 UniRef100_P53492 UniRef100_P53492 UniRef100_Q7XZJ8 UniRef100_Q7XZJ8 UniRef100_Q5FZP3 UniRef100_Q5FZP3 UniRef100_C7F8P0 UniRef100_C7F8P0 UniRef100_B9GGS0 UniRef100_B9GGS0 UniRef100_B8XPP2 UniRef100_B8XPP2 UniRef100_A9UAM8 UniRef100_A9UAM8 UniRef100_A8W7I3 UniRef100_A8W7I3 UniRef100_A5BN09 UniRef100_A5BN09 UniRef100_A4ZSZ4 UniRef100_A4ZSZ4 UniRef100_Q9LKG3 UniRef100_Q9LKG3 UniRef100_C7F8N8 UniRef100_C7F8N8 UniRef100_C7F8M9 UniRef100_C7F8M9 UniRef100_Q7XZK0 UniRef100_Q7XZK0 UniRef100_Q7XZJ1 UniRef100_Q7XZJ1 UniRef100_Q65XH8 UniRef100_Q65XH8 UniRef100_Q5PU47 UniRef100_Q5PU47 UniRef100_C6L236 UniRef100_C6L236 UniRef100_B9FK20 UniRef100_B9FK20 UniRef100_B8YPL4 UniRef100_B8YPL4 UniRef100_B8AWW7 UniRef100_B8AWW7 UniRef100_Q96441 UniRef100_Q96441 UniRef100_C7F8P6 UniRef100_C7F8P6 UniRef100_C7F8N6 UniRef100_C7F8N6 UniRef100_B4F989 UniRef100_B4F989 UniRef100_Q5VKJ6 UniRef100_Q5VKJ6 UniRef100_Q5CCU0 UniRef100_Q5CCU0 UniRef100_Q9ZSD7 UniRef100_Q9ZSD7 UniRef100_C7F8N2 UniRef100_C7F8N2 UniRef100_B2LW61 UniRef100_B2LW61 UniRef100_Q0Z864 UniRef100_Q0Z864 UniRef100_A0A7Z5 UniRef100_A0A7Z5 UniRef100_Q9M4Y1 UniRef100_Q9M4Y1 UniRef100_Q7XZJ9 UniRef100_Q7XZJ9 UniRef100_Q7XZJ7 UniRef100_Q7XZJ7 UniRef100_C7F8N5 UniRef100_C7F8N5 UniRef100_Q94DL4 UniRef100_Q94DL4 UniRef100_Q7XZJ0 UniRef100_Q7XZJ0 UniRef100_Q70DV5 UniRef100_Q70DV5 UniRef100_Q5EWZ1 UniRef100_Q5EWZ1 UniRef100_A6P7L2 UniRef100_A6P7L2 UniRef100_Q96483 UniRef100_Q96483 UniRef100_Q7XZJ4 UniRef100_Q7XZJ4 UniRef100_C7F8N3 UniRef100_C7F8N3 UniRef100_Q7XZI9 UniRef100_Q7XZI9 UniRef100_Q2XTC1 UniRef100_Q2XTC1 UniRef100_Q9SPI7 UniRef100_Q9SPI7 UniRef100_C0LEJ2 UniRef100_C0LEJ2 UniRef100_A8D2F7 UniRef100_A8D2F7 UniRef100_P30171 UniRef100_P30171 UniRef100_Q6F4H4 UniRef100_Q6F4H4 UniRef100_B6SI11 UniRef100_B6SI11 UniRef100_Q94G12 UniRef100_Q94G12 UniRef100_B9I0N5 UniRef100_B9I0N5 UniRef100_B1NJ25 UniRef100_B1NJ25 UniRef100_P93376 UniRef100_P93376 UniRef100_A7QGQ2 UniRef100_A7QGQ2 UniRef100_A6P7L1 UniRef100_A6P7L1 UniRef100_P93775 UniRef100_P93775 UniRef100_C3VIW3 UniRef100_C3VIW3 UniRef100_A3C6D7 UniRef100_A3C6D7 UniRef100_Q9SAR7 UniRef100_Q9SAR7 UniRef100_C7F8P5 UniRef100_C7F8P5 UniRef100_C5Y567 UniRef100_C5Y567 UniRef100_A9P8T6 UniRef100_A9P8T6 UniRef100_A5B0L2 UniRef100_A5B0L2 UniRef100_O81221 UniRef100_O81221 UniRef100_P93375 UniRef100_P93375 UniRef100_C7F8P4 UniRef100_C7F8P4 UniRef100_C5WW94 UniRef100_C5WW94 UniRef100_C0HHR4 UniRef100_C0HHR4 UniRef100_Q67G20 UniRef100_Q67G20 UniRef100_A7NZ21 UniRef100_A7NZ21 UniRef100_A7L5W3 UniRef100_A7L5W3 UniRef100_A5AL11 UniRef100_A5AL11 UniRef100_Q9FUS4 UniRef100_Q9FUS4 UniRef100_C7F8P1 UniRef100_C7F8P1 UniRef100_A9ZM22 UniRef100_A9ZM22 UniRef100_A4UTT6 UniRef100_A4UTT6 UniRef100_A4IEC4 UniRef100_A4IEC4 UniRef100_A2A244 UniRef100_A2A244 UniRef100_Q7XZJ6 UniRef100_Q7XZJ6 UniRef100_Q5DW26 UniRef100_Q5DW26 UniRef100_Q4LDW8 UniRef100_Q4LDW8 UniRef100_Q3YJS2 UniRef100_Q3YJS2 UniRef100_Q2UVH1 UniRef100_Q2UVH1 UniRef100_Q0Z886 UniRef100_Q0Z886 UniRef100_Q0MTB0 UniRef100_Q0MTB0 UniRef100_C7F8P2 UniRef100_C7F8P2 UniRef100_C6G239 UniRef100_C6G239 UniRef100_B9SXJ2 UniRef100_B9SXJ2 UniRef100_B9HMH5 UniRef100_B9HMH5 UniRef100_B6VC60 UniRef100_B6VC60 UniRef100_A9P886 UniRef100_A9P886 UniRef100_A9P810 UniRef100_A9P810 UniRef100_P93372 UniRef100_P93372 UniRef100_Q9M4Y2 UniRef100_Q9M4Y2 UniRef100_Q8H1Y3 UniRef100_Q8H1Y3 UniRef100_P93635 UniRef100_P93635 UniRef100_B9GJJ1 UniRef100_B9GJJ1 UniRef100_B8LNW2 UniRef100_B8LNW2 UniRef100_B4FRH8 UniRef100_B4FRH8 UniRef100_P30173 UniRef100_P30173 UniRef100_P93637 UniRef100_P93637 UniRef100_O24270 UniRef100_O24270 UniRef100_C3VIW4 UniRef100_C3VIW4 UniRef100_C0HDZ6 UniRef100_C0HDZ6 UniRef100_B6VC59 UniRef100_B6VC59 UniRef100_B1Q191 UniRef100_B1Q191 UniRef100_P81228 UniRef100_P81228 UniRef100_P93373 UniRef100_P93373 UniRef100_Q9AXK4 UniRef100_Q9AXK4 UniRef100_Q7XZJ3 UniRef100_Q7XZJ3 UniRef100_Q7XZI8 UniRef100_Q7XZI8 UniRef100_Q5J1K2 UniRef100_Q5J1K2 UniRef100_Q7XAT4 UniRef100_Q7XAT4 UniRef100_Q9SLQ7 UniRef100_Q9SLQ7 UniRef100_C6TK76 UniRef100_C6TK76 UniRef100_C6T7Y1 UniRef100_C6T7Y1 UniRef100_B2D2J0 UniRef100_B2D2J0 UniRef100_B1P763 UniRef100_B1P763 UniRef100_Q10AZ4 UniRef100_Q10AZ4 UniRef100_Q3YJS1 UniRef100_Q3YJS1 UniRef100_B8Y622 UniRef100_B8Y622 UniRef100_P93371 UniRef100_P93371 UniRef100_P10671 UniRef100_P10671 UniRef100_Q96440 UniRef100_Q96440 UniRef100_Q7XAT5 UniRef100_Q7XAT5 UniRef100_Q6DNC1 UniRef100_Q6DNC1 UniRef100_P94096 UniRef100_P94096 UniRef100_C6TAA6 UniRef100_C6TAA6 UniRef100_C5WTY3 UniRef100_C5WTY3 UniRef100_B6RMQ8 UniRef100_B6RMQ8 UniRef100_Q96448 UniRef100_Q96448 UniRef100_P93584 UniRef100_P93584 UniRef100_P81229 UniRef100_P81229 UniRef100_Q96482 UniRef100_Q96482 UniRef100_UPI0000196D35 UniRef100_UPI0000196D35 UniRef100_Q9LKG5 UniRef100_Q9LKG5 UniRef100_Q93ZL9 UniRef100_Q93ZL9 UniRef100_P93636 UniRef100_P93636 UniRef100_B9SXZ5 UniRef100_B9SXZ5 UniRef100_B7FIH3 UniRef100_B7FIH3 UniRef100_B5M4V6 UniRef100_B5M4V6 UniRef100_B2CNV6 UniRef100_B2CNV6 UniRef100_A9TVP1 UniRef100_A9TVP1 UniRef100_Q96293 UniRef100_Q96293 UniRef100_Q96292 UniRef100_Q96292 UniRef100_Q05214 UniRef100_Q05214 UniRef100_Q9M729 UniRef100_Q9M729 UniRef100_Q0Z885 UniRef100_Q0Z885 UniRef100_C7F8N1 UniRef100_C7F8N1 UniRef100_C6TJ78 UniRef100_C6TJ78 UniRef100_B6TQ08 UniRef100_B6TQ08 UniRef100_P30167 UniRef100_P30167 UniRef100_P53496 UniRef100_P53496 UniRef100_Q8W226 UniRef100_Q8W226 UniRef100_B2YGW1 UniRef100_B2YGW1 UniRef100_A9YQ39 UniRef100_A9YQ39 UniRef100_Q9SLQ5 UniRef100_Q9SLQ5 UniRef100_Q8LB94 UniRef100_Q8LB94 UniRef100_C6TGZ9 UniRef100_C6TGZ9 UniRef100_Q96444 UniRef100_Q96444 UniRef100_C7F8P3 UniRef100_C7F8P3 UniRef100_B9DHA3 UniRef100_B9DHA3 UniRef100_B4FVB1 UniRef100_B4FVB1 UniRef100_A9NYV3 UniRef100_A9NYV3 UniRef100_A5BXV1 UniRef100_A5BXV1 UniRef100_Q10DV7 UniRef100_Q10DV7 UniRef100_Q71T19 UniRef100_Q71T19 UniRef100_Q0PKY3 UniRef100_Q0PKY3 UniRef100_O23775 UniRef100_O23775 UniRef100_C7F8N7 UniRef100_C7F8N7 UniRef100_B6SZ83 UniRef100_B6SZ83 UniRef100_A9TVP0 UniRef100_A9TVP0 UniRef100_C8KIS7 UniRef100_C8KIS7 UniRef100_C8KI13 UniRef100_C8KI13 UniRef100_C8KI12 UniRef100_C8KI12 UniRef100_C3VIW6 UniRef100_C3VIW6 UniRef100_A9TYG6 UniRef100_A9TYG6 UniRef100_A9TYG3 UniRef100_A9TYG3 UniRef100_Q9ZTP9 UniRef100_Q9ZTP9 UniRef100_A9TZ58 UniRef100_A9TZ58 UniRef100_Q9SWW8 UniRef100_Q9SWW8 UniRef100_Q96447 UniRef100_Q96447 UniRef100_P93634 UniRef100_P93634 UniRef100_O82565 UniRef100_O82565 UniRef100_C3TX68 UniRef100_C3TX68 UniRef100_B8LPE0 UniRef100_B8LPE0 UniRef100_Q5PU48 UniRef100_Q5PU48 UniRef100_A9TBG2 UniRef100_A9TBG2 UniRef100_P46258 UniRef100_P46258 UniRef100_P53504 UniRef100_P53504 UniRef100_P53497 UniRef100_P53497 UniRef100_Q5EDD3 UniRef100_Q5EDD3 UniRef100_O82564 UniRef100_O82564 UniRef100_A2WXB0 UniRef100_A2WXB0 UniRef100_P0C540 UniRef100_P0C540 UniRef100_Q96442 UniRef100_Q96442 UniRef100_P30168 UniRef100_P30168 UniRef100_B7FJC8 UniRef100_B7FJC8 UniRef100_Q9M5A0 UniRef100_Q9M5A0 UniRef100_Q84W24 UniRef100_Q84W24 UniRef100_O82566 UniRef100_O82566 UniRef100_B4XAN5 UniRef100_B4XAN5 UniRef100_P53494 UniRef100_P53494 UniRef100_Q96439 UniRef100_Q96439 UniRef100_Q7XZK1 UniRef100_Q7XZK1 UniRef100_A3CF85 UniRef100_A3CF85 UniRef100_C5XQM4 UniRef100_C5XQM4 UniRef100_Q40981 UniRef100_Q40981 UniRef100_Q96484 UniRef100_Q96484 UniRef100_Q6WE52 UniRef100_Q6WE52 UniRef100_Q9M572 UniRef100_Q9M572 UniRef100_Q2WGN4 UniRef100_Q2WGN4 UniRef100_A9XST9 UniRef100_A9XST9 UniRef100_A1Y2A0 UniRef100_A1Y2A0 UniRef100_C5IXX2 UniRef100_C5IXX2 UniRef100_Q75HX0 UniRef100_Q75HX0 UniRef100_Q96438 UniRef100_Q96438 UniRef100_Q2QLI5 UniRef100_Q2QLI5 UniRef100_Q0ILJ7 UniRef100_Q0ILJ7 UniRef100_A9XIT8 UniRef100_A9XIT8 UniRef100_A2ZN74 UniRef100_A2ZN74 UniRef100_Q6WE53 UniRef100_Q6WE53 UniRef100_Q002K7 UniRef100_Q002K7 UniRef100_A8TAV3 UniRef100_A8TAV3 UniRef100_B3TK83 UniRef100_B3TK83 UniRef100_B3SNT2 UniRef100_B3SNT2 UniRef100_O65315 UniRef100_O65315