AV436952 ( PS013h05_r )


BLASTX 2.2.22 [Sep-27-2009]

Reference: Altschul, Stephen F., Thomas L. Madden, Alejandro A. Schaffer, 
Jinghui Zhang, Zheng Zhang, Webb Miller, and David J. Lipman (1997), 
"Gapped BLAST and PSI-BLAST: a new generation of protein database search
programs",  Nucleic Acids Res. 25:3389-3402.

Query= AV436952 PS013h05_r
         (387 letters)

Database: uniref100 
           9,526,577 sequences; 3,332,566,763 total letters


significant alignments:[graphical|details]

UniRef100_Q6TGK0 RPL39 n=1 Tax=Cryptococcus bacillisporus RepID=...    77   8e-13
UniRef100_Q5Y267 RPL39p n=4 Tax=Filobasidiella/Cryptococcus neof...    77   8e-13
UniRef100_Q55UP0 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Filoba...    77   8e-13
UniRef100_Q5I7K7 Ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Triticum aestivum...    75   2e-12
UniRef100_Q6KAJ8 Putative 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Oryz...    75   3e-12
UniRef100_Q5SMI4 Os06g0181566 protein n=3 Tax=Poaceae RepID=Q5SM...    75   3e-12
UniRef100_P51426 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=7 Tax=Poaceae RepID...    75   3e-12
UniRef100_UPI0000586A54 PREDICTED: similar to structural constit...    73   9e-12
UniRef100_B6SYU3 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Zea mays RepI...    73   9e-12
UniRef100_B9SC04 Ribosomal protein L39e, putative n=2 Tax=core e...    73   1e-11
UniRef100_B6VC53 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Vernicia ford...    73   1e-11
UniRef100_A9PC42 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Populus trichocarpa R...    73   1e-11
UniRef100_Q8L8W6 60S ribosomal protein L39-2 n=1 Tax=Arabidopsis...    73   1e-11
UniRef100_A7TGS9 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Vander...    72   2e-11
UniRef100_P51424 60S ribosomal protein L39-1 n=3 Tax=Arabidopsis...    72   2e-11
UniRef100_B6SP72 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Zea mays RepI...    72   3e-11
UniRef100_A8J1Q3 Ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Chlamydomonas rei...    72   3e-11
UniRef100_A8NQ57 60S ribosomal protein L39, putative n=1 Tax=Bru...    72   3e-11
UniRef100_A7SK41 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Nematostella vectensi...    72   3e-11
UniRef100_B0Z9N8 Ribosomal protein rpl39 n=1 Tax=Lineus viridis ...    71   3e-11
UniRef100_B0D1M6 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Laccaria bicolor S238...    71   3e-11
UniRef100_A7AU19 Ribosomal L39 protein n=1 Tax=Babesia bovis Rep...    71   4e-11
UniRef100_A5DSS2 Putative uncharacterized protein n=2 Tax=Saccha...    71   4e-11
UniRef100_Q96W55 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Candida albic...    71   4e-11
UniRef100_C1DZR9 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Micromonas sp. RCC299...    70   6e-11
UniRef100_B8LNN1 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Picea ...    70   6e-11
UniRef100_B3RZM0 Putative uncharacterized protein (Fragment) n=1...    70   6e-11
UniRef100_A9TST8 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Physcomitrella patens...    70   7e-11
UniRef100_A9SKS4 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Physcomitrella patens...    70   7e-11
UniRef100_Q4N5K7 60S ribosomal protein L39, putative n=1 Tax=The...    70   1e-10
UniRef100_B2YI54 Putative 60S ribosomal protein RPL39 n=1 Tax=Ph...    70   1e-10
UniRef100_B9W842 60s ribosomal protein l39, putative n=1 Tax=Can...    70   1e-10
UniRef100_Q6CW22 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Kluyveromyces...    69   1e-10
UniRef100_UPI000194E55F PREDICTED: hypothetical protein, partial...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_Q2M3Y3 Ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Phytophthora infe...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_Q86QR6 Ribosomal protein L39 n=2 Tax=Branchiostoma bel...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_A3LQI9 Cytosolic large ribosomal subunit (Fragment) n=...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_UPI000155CB2A PREDICTED: similar to ribosomal protein ...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_UPI0000D9F595 PREDICTED: similar to UPF3 regulator of ...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_B6KNU3 60S ribosomal protein L39, putative n=3 Tax=Tox...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_A9UDV1 Putative 60S ribosomal protein RPL39 n=1 Tax=Fl...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_C9JB44 Putative uncharacterized protein RPL39 (Fragmen...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_Q90YS9 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=3 Tax=Otophysi RepI...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_Q98TF5 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=5 Tax=Tetrapoda Rep...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_P62891 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=11 Tax=Euteleostomi...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_Q56FE9 Ribosomal protein L39 isoform A n=1 Tax=Lysiphl...    68   3e-10
UniRef100_C1BMG4 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Caligus roger...    68   3e-10
UniRef100_A8UAA8 Putative ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Barentsi...    68   3e-10
UniRef100_P48536 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Kluyveromyces...    68   3e-10
UniRef100_UPI000181EF86 ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Acyrthosip...    68   4e-10
UniRef100_UPI000180B7BF PREDICTED: similar to ribosomal protein ...    68   4e-10
UniRef100_Q4E672 60S ribosomal protein L39, putative n=1 Tax=Try...    67   5e-10
UniRef100_Q0ZD86 Ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Pectinaria gouldi...    67   5e-10
UniRef100_Q06DK0 60s ribosomal protein L39 n=2 Tax=Cellia RepID=...    67   5e-10
UniRef100_C9ZVY8 60S ribosomal protein L39, putative n=3 Tax=Try...    67   5e-10
UniRef100_B7QMT2 Ribosomal protein L39, putative n=4 Tax=Ixodoid...    67   5e-10
UniRef100_Q1HRB5 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=4 Tax=Culicini RepI...    67   5e-10
UniRef100_A8UFN6 Ribosomal protein rpl39 n=1 Tax=Arenicola marin...    67   5e-10
UniRef100_A6YPJ6 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Triatoma infe...    67   5e-10
UniRef100_A2I3U4 Putative 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Maco...    67   5e-10
UniRef100_Q758D8 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Eremothecium ...    67   5e-10
UniRef100_Q59GN2 Putative 60S ribosomal protein L39-like 5 n=1 T...    67   5e-10
UniRef100_UPI000186CEC9 60S ribosomal protein L39, putative n=1 ...    67   6e-10
UniRef100_Q56FG5 Ribosomal protein L39 isoform B n=1 Tax=Lysiphl...    67   6e-10
UniRef100_B6AGK9 60S ribosomal protein L39, putative n=1 Tax=Cry...    67   6e-10
UniRef100_A0DH83 Chromosome undetermined scaffold_50, whole geno...    67   6e-10
UniRef100_A0D4U2 Chromosome undetermined scaffold_38, whole geno...    67   6e-10
UniRef100_A0D0C7 Chromosome undetermined scaffold_33, whole geno...    67   6e-10
UniRef100_A0BVU9 Chromosome undetermined scaffold_130, whole gen...    67   6e-10
UniRef100_Q6F482 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=5 Tax=Endopterygota...    67   6e-10
UniRef100_C7TY95 Ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Schistosoma japon...    67   8e-10
UniRef100_C0H4H3 60S ribosomal protein L39, putative n=1 Tax=Pla...    67   8e-10
UniRef100_B7FDL3 60S ribosomal protein L39 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Br...    67   8e-10
UniRef100_A6YN43 Large subunit ribosomal protein 39 (Fragment) n...    67   8e-10
UniRef100_Q4FXG5 60S ribosomal protein L39, putative n=4 Tax=Lei...    67   8e-10
UniRef100_Q6BHV8 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Debaryomyces ...    67   8e-10
UniRef100_A7WQH9 7883 ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Oxyrrhis mar...    66   1e-09
UniRef100_A4RUK8 Cytosolic 80S ribosomal protein L39; Cytosolic ...    66   1e-09
UniRef100_C7G051 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Dictyostelium...    66   1e-09
UniRef100_Q0UG28 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Phaeos...    66   1e-09
UniRef100_B8BVE4 RL39, ribosomal protein 39 60S large ribosomal ...    66   1e-09
UniRef100_A8E6A3 Putative 60S ribosomal protein L39 isoform 1 n=...    66   1e-09
UniRef100_A2IAD7 Ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Xenopsylla cheopi...    66   1e-09
UniRef100_B5FVE0 YALI0D05697p n=1 Tax=Yarrowia lipolytica RepID=...    66   1e-09
UniRef100_P52814 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=2 Tax=Caenorhabditi...    66   1e-09
UniRef100_Q96EH5 60S ribosomal protein L39-like n=1 Tax=Homo sap...    66   1e-09
UniRef100_C5LUC9 60S ribosomal protein L39, putative n=1 Tax=Per...    65   2e-09
UniRef100_C5KT65 60S ribosomal protein L39, putative n=1 Tax=Per...    65   2e-09
UniRef100_B2VUW4 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Pyrenophora t...    65   2e-09
UniRef100_Q28ZZ5 GA17833 n=3 Tax=Drosophila RepID=Q28ZZ5_DROPS         65   2e-09
UniRef100_B4MQR1 GK21387 n=1 Tax=Drosophila willistoni RepID=B4M...    65   2e-09
UniRef100_O16130 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=6 Tax=Drosophila Re...    65   2e-09
UniRef100_B4GCJ3 GL10425 n=1 Tax=Drosophila persimilis RepID=B4G...    65   2e-09
UniRef100_B3MDX4 GF13482 n=1 Tax=Drosophila ananassae RepID=B3MD...    65   2e-09
UniRef100_C9SPA3 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Verticillium ...    65   2e-09
UniRef100_B4UN51 Similar to uniprot|P04650 Saccharomyces cerevis...    65   2e-09
UniRef100_A8PYA4 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Malass...    65   2e-09
UniRef100_UPI000192666D PREDICTED: similar to ribosomal protein ...    65   3e-09
UniRef100_Q3ZB89 LOC497860 protein n=2 Tax=Murinae RepID=Q3ZB89_RAT    65   3e-09
UniRef100_C1MJ39 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Micromonas pusilla CC...    65   3e-09
UniRef100_Q962G9 Ribosomal protein L39 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Culex ...    65   3e-09
UniRef100_A6YN30 Large subunit ribosomal protein 39 (Fragment) n...    65   3e-09
UniRef100_A6YN27 Large subunit ribosomal protein 39 (Fragment) n...    65   3e-09
UniRef100_A6RNF0 Predicted protein n=2 Tax=Sclerotiniaceae RepID...    65   3e-09
UniRef100_P04650 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=4 Tax=Saccharomyces...    65   3e-09
UniRef100_Q7S2X9 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Neurospora cr...    64   4e-09
UniRef100_Q2H9R2 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Chaeto...    64   4e-09
UniRef100_C5P7K8 60S ribosomal protein L39, putative n=3 Tax=Ony...    64   4e-09
UniRef100_C4JMX9 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Uncinocarpus reesii 1...    64   4e-09
UniRef100_B8MDQ0 Ribosomal protein L39e, putative n=1 Tax=Talaro...    64   4e-09
UniRef100_B2AWK1 Predicted CDS Pa_7_7430 n=1 Tax=Podospora anser...    64   4e-09
UniRef100_A4QTS9 Ribosomal protein L39 n=3 Tax=Pezizomycotina Re...    64   4e-09
UniRef100_UPI000023CCA2 hypothetical protein FG06921.1 n=1 Tax=G...    64   5e-09
UniRef100_B7GB32 Predicted protein (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Phaeodacty...    64   5e-09
UniRef100_C7YQL4 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Nectria haematococca ...    64   5e-09
UniRef100_B6K416 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Schizosacchar...    64   5e-09
UniRef100_P05767 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Schizosacchar...    64   5e-09
UniRef100_C4R0T9 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Pichia...    63   9e-09
UniRef100_A1C9U7 Ribosomal protein L39, putative n=1 Tax=Aspergi...    63   9e-09
UniRef100_UPI00006086C0 PREDICTED: similar to ribosomal protein ...    63   1e-08
UniRef100_A6YN25 Large subunit ribosomal protein 39 (Fragment) n...    63   1e-08
UniRef100_Q5CPL8 60S ribosomal protein L39 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Cr...    62   2e-08
UniRef100_UPI0001509BE0 hypothetical protein TTHERM_00526400 n=1...    62   2e-08
UniRef100_UPI00006CB3D9 Ribosomal L39 protein n=1 Tax=Tetrahymen...    62   2e-08
UniRef100_B2G3T9 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Zygosaccharom...    62   3e-08
UniRef100_B2G3S9 60S ribosomal protein L39 n=1 Tax=Zygosaccharom...    62   3e-08
UniRef100_B7FDP0 60S ribosomal protein L39 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Ec...    61   3e-08
UniRef100_A6YN42 Large subunit ribosomal protein 39 (Fragment) n...    61   4e-08
UniRef100_A9V1L2 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Monosiga brevicollis ...    60   1e-07
UniRef100_A9J5W1 Putative ribosomal protein L39 (Fragment) n=1 T...    60   1e-07
UniRef100_UPI0000503AB6 UPI0000503AB6 related cluster n=1 Tax=Ra...    59   1e-07
UniRef100_UPI0001A5EB7A PREDICTED: similar to ribosomal protein ...    57   8e-07
UniRef100_UPI0001A5C510 PREDICTED: similar to ribosomal protein ...    57   8e-07
UniRef100_B7NZ87 Ribosomal protein L39 (Predicted) n=1 Tax=Oryct...    56   1e-06
UniRef100_C4LTA2 60S ribosomal protein L39, putative n=1 Tax=Ent...    55   3e-06
UniRef100_B0EEQ5 Calmodulin, putative n=1 Tax=Entamoeba dispar S...    55   3e-06
UniRef100_B0E7I7 Ribosomal protein L39e, putative n=1 Tax=Entamo...    55   3e-06
UniRef100_UPI0000EB1FFB 60S ribosomal protein L39-like (L39-2). ...    54   4e-06
graphical overview:
UniRef100_Q6TGK0 UniRef100_Q6TGK0 UniRef100_Q5Y267 UniRef100_Q5Y267 UniRef100_Q55UP0 UniRef100_Q55UP0 UniRef100_Q5I7K7 UniRef100_Q5I7K7 UniRef100_Q6KAJ8 UniRef100_Q6KAJ8 UniRef100_Q5SMI4 UniRef100_Q5SMI4 UniRef100_P51426 UniRef100_P51426 UniRef100_UPI0000586A54 UniRef100_UPI0000586A54 UniRef100_B6SYU3 UniRef100_B6SYU3 UniRef100_B9SC04 UniRef100_B9SC04 UniRef100_B6VC53 UniRef100_B6VC53 UniRef100_A9PC42 UniRef100_A9PC42 UniRef100_Q8L8W6 UniRef100_Q8L8W6 UniRef100_A7TGS9 UniRef100_A7TGS9 UniRef100_P51424 UniRef100_P51424 UniRef100_B6SP72 UniRef100_B6SP72 UniRef100_A8J1Q3 UniRef100_A8J1Q3 UniRef100_A8NQ57 UniRef100_A8NQ57 UniRef100_A7SK41 UniRef100_A7SK41 UniRef100_B0Z9N8 UniRef100_B0Z9N8 UniRef100_B0D1M6 UniRef100_B0D1M6 UniRef100_A7AU19 UniRef100_A7AU19 UniRef100_A5DSS2 UniRef100_A5DSS2 UniRef100_Q96W55 UniRef100_Q96W55 UniRef100_C1DZR9 UniRef100_C1DZR9 UniRef100_B8LNN1 UniRef100_B8LNN1 UniRef100_B3RZM0 UniRef100_B3RZM0 UniRef100_A9TST8 UniRef100_A9TST8 UniRef100_A9SKS4 UniRef100_A9SKS4 UniRef100_Q4N5K7 UniRef100_Q4N5K7 UniRef100_B2YI54 UniRef100_B2YI54 UniRef100_B9W842 UniRef100_B9W842 UniRef100_Q6CW22 UniRef100_Q6CW22 UniRef100_UPI000194E55F UniRef100_UPI000194E55F UniRef100_Q2M3Y3 UniRef100_Q2M3Y3 UniRef100_Q86QR6 UniRef100_Q86QR6 UniRef100_A3LQI9 UniRef100_A3LQI9 UniRef100_UPI000155CB2A UniRef100_UPI000155CB2A UniRef100_UPI0000D9F595 UniRef100_UPI0000D9F595 UniRef100_B6KNU3 UniRef100_B6KNU3 UniRef100_A9UDV1 UniRef100_A9UDV1 UniRef100_C9JB44 UniRef100_C9JB44 UniRef100_Q90YS9 UniRef100_Q90YS9 UniRef100_Q98TF5 UniRef100_Q98TF5 UniRef100_P62891 UniRef100_P62891 UniRef100_Q56FE9 UniRef100_Q56FE9 UniRef100_C1BMG4 UniRef100_C1BMG4 UniRef100_A8UAA8 UniRef100_A8UAA8 UniRef100_P48536 UniRef100_P48536 UniRef100_UPI000181EF86 UniRef100_UPI000181EF86 UniRef100_UPI000180B7BF UniRef100_UPI000180B7BF UniRef100_Q4E672 UniRef100_Q4E672 UniRef100_Q0ZD86 UniRef100_Q0ZD86 UniRef100_Q06DK0 UniRef100_Q06DK0 UniRef100_C9ZVY8 UniRef100_C9ZVY8 UniRef100_B7QMT2 UniRef100_B7QMT2 UniRef100_Q1HRB5 UniRef100_Q1HRB5 UniRef100_A8UFN6 UniRef100_A8UFN6 UniRef100_A6YPJ6 UniRef100_A6YPJ6 UniRef100_A2I3U4 UniRef100_A2I3U4 UniRef100_Q758D8 UniRef100_Q758D8 UniRef100_Q59GN2 UniRef100_Q59GN2 UniRef100_UPI000186CEC9 UniRef100_UPI000186CEC9 UniRef100_Q56FG5 UniRef100_Q56FG5 UniRef100_B6AGK9 UniRef100_B6AGK9 UniRef100_A0DH83 UniRef100_A0DH83 UniRef100_A0D4U2 UniRef100_A0D4U2 UniRef100_A0D0C7 UniRef100_A0D0C7 UniRef100_A0BVU9 UniRef100_A0BVU9 UniRef100_Q6F482 UniRef100_Q6F482 UniRef100_C7TY95 UniRef100_C7TY95 UniRef100_C0H4H3 UniRef100_C0H4H3 UniRef100_B7FDL3 UniRef100_B7FDL3 UniRef100_A6YN43 UniRef100_A6YN43 UniRef100_Q4FXG5 UniRef100_Q4FXG5 UniRef100_Q6BHV8 UniRef100_Q6BHV8 UniRef100_A7WQH9 UniRef100_A7WQH9 UniRef100_A4RUK8 UniRef100_A4RUK8 UniRef100_C7G051 UniRef100_C7G051 UniRef100_Q0UG28 UniRef100_Q0UG28 UniRef100_B8BVE4 UniRef100_B8BVE4 UniRef100_A8E6A3 UniRef100_A8E6A3 UniRef100_A2IAD7 UniRef100_A2IAD7 UniRef100_B5FVE0 UniRef100_B5FVE0 UniRef100_P52814 UniRef100_P52814 UniRef100_Q96EH5 UniRef100_Q96EH5 UniRef100_C5LUC9 UniRef100_C5LUC9 UniRef100_C5KT65 UniRef100_C5KT65 UniRef100_B2VUW4 UniRef100_B2VUW4 UniRef100_Q28ZZ5 UniRef100_Q28ZZ5 UniRef100_B4MQR1 UniRef100_B4MQR1 UniRef100_O16130 UniRef100_O16130 UniRef100_B4GCJ3 UniRef100_B4GCJ3 UniRef100_B3MDX4 UniRef100_B3MDX4 UniRef100_C9SPA3 UniRef100_C9SPA3 UniRef100_B4UN51 UniRef100_B4UN51 UniRef100_A8PYA4 UniRef100_A8PYA4 UniRef100_UPI000192666D UniRef100_UPI000192666D UniRef100_Q3ZB89 UniRef100_Q3ZB89 UniRef100_C1MJ39 UniRef100_C1MJ39 UniRef100_Q962G9 UniRef100_Q962G9 UniRef100_A6YN30 UniRef100_A6YN30 UniRef100_A6YN27 UniRef100_A6YN27 UniRef100_A6RNF0 UniRef100_A6RNF0 UniRef100_P04650 UniRef100_P04650 UniRef100_Q7S2X9 UniRef100_Q7S2X9 UniRef100_Q2H9R2 UniRef100_Q2H9R2 UniRef100_C5P7K8 UniRef100_C5P7K8 UniRef100_C4JMX9 UniRef100_C4JMX9 UniRef100_B8MDQ0 UniRef100_B8MDQ0 UniRef100_B2AWK1 UniRef100_B2AWK1 UniRef100_A4QTS9 UniRef100_A4QTS9 UniRef100_UPI000023CCA2 UniRef100_UPI000023CCA2 UniRef100_B7GB32 UniRef100_B7GB32 UniRef100_C7YQL4 UniRef100_C7YQL4 UniRef100_B6K416 UniRef100_B6K416 UniRef100_P05767 UniRef100_P05767 UniRef100_C4R0T9 UniRef100_C4R0T9 UniRef100_A1C9U7 UniRef100_A1C9U7 UniRef100_UPI00006086C0 UniRef100_UPI00006086C0 UniRef100_A6YN25 UniRef100_A6YN25 UniRef100_Q5CPL8 UniRef100_Q5CPL8 UniRef100_UPI0001509BE0 UniRef100_UPI0001509BE0 UniRef100_UPI00006CB3D9 UniRef100_UPI00006CB3D9 UniRef100_B2G3T9 UniRef100_B2G3T9 UniRef100_B2G3S9 UniRef100_B2G3S9 UniRef100_B7FDP0 UniRef100_B7FDP0 UniRef100_A6YN42 UniRef100_A6YN42 UniRef100_A9V1L2 UniRef100_A9V1L2 UniRef100_A9J5W1 UniRef100_A9J5W1 UniRef100_UPI0000503AB6 UniRef100_UPI0000503AB6 UniRef100_UPI0001A5EB7A UniRef100_UPI0001A5EB7A UniRef100_UPI0001A5C510 UniRef100_UPI0001A5C510 UniRef100_B7NZ87 UniRef100_B7NZ87 UniRef100_C4LTA2 UniRef100_C4LTA2 UniRef100_B0EEQ5 UniRef100_B0EEQ5 UniRef100_B0E7I7 UniRef100_B0E7I7