AV556303 ( SQ039e04F )


BLASTX 2.2.22 [Sep-27-2009]

Reference: Altschul, Stephen F., Thomas L. Madden, Alejandro A. Schaffer, 
Jinghui Zhang, Zheng Zhang, Webb Miller, and David J. Lipman (1997), 
"Gapped BLAST and PSI-BLAST: a new generation of protein database search
programs",  Nucleic Acids Res. 25:3389-3402.

Query= AV556303  SQ039e04F
         (452 letters)

Database: uniref100 
           9,526,577 sequences; 3,332,566,763 total letters


significant alignments:[graphical|details]

UniRef100_Q9SRG3 Protein disulfide-isomerase 2 n=1 Tax=Arabidops...   189   1e-46
UniRef100_Q38HW3 Protein disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Brassica ca...   144   2e-33
UniRef100_B9GU26 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Populus trichocarpa R...   123   7e-27
UniRef100_Q9XI01 Probable protein disulfide-isomerase 1 n=1 Tax=...   122   1e-26
UniRef100_A9PJ12 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Populu...   120   4e-26
UniRef100_B1Q2X4 Protein disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Glycine max...   112   2e-23
UniRef100_P29828 Protein disulfide-isomerase n=1 Tax=Medicago sa...   110   4e-23
UniRef100_A7NVF0 Chromosome chr18 scaffold_1, whole genome shotg...   110   6e-23
UniRef100_B7FM01 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Medica...   109   1e-22
UniRef100_Q9XF61 Protein disulfide-isomerase n=1 Tax=Datisca glo...   109   1e-22
UniRef100_Q6IV17 Protein disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Ipomoea bat...   108   2e-22
UniRef100_B9H7F9 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Populus trichocarpa R...   106   7e-22
UniRef100_B9RJ25 Protein disulfide isomerase, putative n=1 Tax=R...   105   2e-21
UniRef100_Q43116 Protein disulfide-isomerase n=1 Tax=Ricinus com...   105   2e-21
UniRef100_Q3ED75 Putative uncharacterized protein At1g21750.2 n=...    99   1e-19
UniRef100_B2ZAP3 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Gossyp...    99   1e-19
UniRef100_A4L9I3 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Gossyp...    99   1e-19
UniRef100_A4L9G4 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Gossyp...    99   1e-19
UniRef100_A4L9H0 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Gossyp...    94   6e-18
UniRef100_B3TM09 Protein disulfide isomerase 2 n=1 Tax=Elaeis gu...    92   1e-17
UniRef100_A4L9H5 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Gossyp...    89   2e-16
UniRef100_B8LMY5 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Picea ...    86   1e-15
UniRef100_Q6JAC6 Protein disulfide isomerase n=2 Tax=Triticeae R...    86   2e-15
UniRef100_Q6JAB5 Protein disulfide isomerase (Fragment) n=1 Tax=...    86   2e-15
UniRef100_B9A8E4 Protein disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Triticum ae...    86   2e-15
UniRef100_B9A8E2 Protein disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Triticum ae...    86   2e-15
UniRef100_A9SIY9 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Physcomitrella patens...    86   2e-15
UniRef100_A5C1Q6 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Vitis ...    84   6e-15
UniRef100_UPI0001983AFB PREDICTED: hypothetical protein n=1 Tax=...    83   8e-15
UniRef100_Q5EUE1 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Zea ma...    83   8e-15
UniRef100_A7PKQ8 Chromosome chr7 scaffold_20, whole genome shotg...    83   8e-15
UniRef100_A5A5E7 Protein disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Zea mays Re...    83   8e-15
UniRef100_Q7XYD7 Protein disulfide isomerase (Fragment) n=1 Tax=...    83   1e-14
UniRef100_Q7FYS2 Protein disulfide isomerase 1 proprotein n=2 Ta...    83   1e-14
UniRef100_Q6JAC5 Protein disulfide isomerase (Fragment) n=1 Tax=...    83   1e-14
UniRef100_Q4W247 Protein disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Triticum ae...    83   1e-14
UniRef100_P52589 Protein disulfide-isomerase n=1 Tax=Triticum ae...    83   1e-14
UniRef100_Q93XQ8 Protein disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Triticum ae...    82   2e-14
UniRef100_Q6JAC4 Protein disulfide isomerase (Fragment) n=1 Tax=...    82   2e-14
UniRef100_B9A8E3 Protein disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Triticum ae...    82   2e-14
UniRef100_Q7XRB5 Os04g0436300 protein n=1 Tax=Oryza sativa Japon...    82   2e-14
UniRef100_Q9MB13 Protein disulfide isomerase (Fragment) n=1 Tax=...    80   9e-14
UniRef100_Q53LQ0 Os11g0199200 protein n=1 Tax=Oryza sativa Japon...    80   9e-14
UniRef100_Q52PJ0 Protein disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Oryza sativ...    80   9e-14
UniRef100_B9FFA7 Putative uncharacterized protein n=2 Tax=Oryza ...    79   2e-13
UniRef100_P52588 Protein disulfide-isomerase n=1 Tax=Zea mays Re...    79   2e-13
UniRef100_C5Y8R1 Putative uncharacterized protein Sb06g017160 n=...    78   4e-13
UniRef100_A2ZCE6 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Oryza ...    78   4e-13
UniRef100_P80284 Protein disulfide-isomerase n=1 Tax=Hordeum vul...    77   8e-13
UniRef100_Q69ST6 Os02g0554900 protein n=1 Tax=Oryza sativa Japon...    75   2e-12
UniRef100_B9F0J1 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Oryza ...    75   2e-12
UniRef100_B7ELS1 cDNA clone:J033021G10, full insert sequence n=1...    75   2e-12
UniRef100_A2X610 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Oryza ...    75   2e-12
UniRef100_Q5EUE0 Protein disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Zea mays Re...    74   5e-12
UniRef100_C0PLF0 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Zea ma...    74   5e-12
UniRef100_Q91Z81 ERP57 protein n=1 Tax=Cricetulus griseus RepID=...    71   4e-11
UniRef100_Q9LRF6 Thioredoxin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Chlorella vulgar...    70   6e-11
UniRef100_UPI00005A520F PREDICTED: similar to protein disulfide ...    70   7e-11
UniRef100_UPI00004A6F8D Protein disulfide-isomerase A3 precursor...    70   7e-11
UniRef100_UPI0000F2B27B PREDICTED: similar to PLC alpha n=1 Tax=...    69   1e-10
UniRef100_UPI000069DE6F Protein disulfide-isomerase A3 precursor...    69   1e-10
UniRef100_Q6P370 Protein disulfide isomerase family A, member 3 ...    69   1e-10
UniRef100_Q8JG64 Protein disulfide-isomerase A3 n=1 Tax=Gallus g...    69   1e-10
UniRef100_A7YBW7 52 kDa PDI n=1 Tax=Leishmania amazonensis RepID...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_P11598 Protein disulfide-isomerase A3 n=1 Tax=Rattus n...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_P27773 Protein disulfide-isomerase A3 n=1 Tax=Mus musc...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_UPI0001795AEA PREDICTED: similar to protein disulfide ...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_UPI0000D9B8D8 PREDICTED: similar to protein disulfide ...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_UPI0000D9B8D7 PREDICTED: similar to protein disulfide ...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_UPI000066D935 PREDICTED: protein disulfide isomerase-a...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_C6JUQ0 Protein disulfide isomerase family A member 3 n...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_B3RF11 Protein disulfide isomerase-associated 3 (Predi...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_B1MTI6 Protein disulfide isomerase-associated 3 (Predi...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_B0KWG0 Putative uncharacterized protein PDIA3 n=1 Tax=...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_A6MK23 Disulfide-isomerase A3-like protein (Fragment) ...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_A5D7E8 PDIA3 protein n=1 Tax=Bos taurus RepID=A5D7E8_B...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_A7STM8 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Nematostella vectensi...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_A7SR22 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Nematostella vectensi...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_B4DDM1 cDNA FLJ59460, highly similar to Protein disulf...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_B3KQT9 cDNA PSEC0175 fis, clone OVARC1000169, highly s...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_P30101 Protein disulfide-isomerase A3 n=2 Tax=Hominida...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_Q4VIT4 Protein disulfide-isomerase A3 n=2 Tax=Cercopit...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_P38657 Protein disulfide-isomerase A3 n=1 Tax=Bos taur...    69   2e-10
UniRef100_UPI000155BCDE PREDICTED: similar to PLC alpha, partial...    68   3e-10
UniRef100_UPI00016E503C UPI00016E503C related cluster n=1 Tax=Ta...    68   3e-10
UniRef100_C1FY49 Protein disulfide isomerase-associated 3 (Predi...    68   3e-10
UniRef100_B5SNJ7 Protein disulfide isomerase-associated 3 (Predi...    68   3e-10
UniRef100_Q7ZWU3 Grp58-prov protein n=1 Tax=Xenopus laevis RepID...    68   4e-10
UniRef100_Q4SE84 Chromosome undetermined SCAF14625, whole genome...    67   5e-10
UniRef100_B7NZF1 Protein disulfide isomerase-associated 3 (Predi...    67   5e-10
UniRef100_B2KIQ0 Glucose regulated protein 58kD (Predicted) n=1 ...    67   5e-10
UniRef100_B5X1H7 Disulfide-isomerase A3 n=1 Tax=Salmo salar RepI...    67   6e-10
UniRef100_B5RIB0 Protein disulfide isomerase family A, member 3 ...    67   6e-10
UniRef100_O74568 Protein disulphide isomerase n=1 Tax=Hypocrea j...    67   6e-10
UniRef100_B6JV82 Disulfide-isomerase n=1 Tax=Schizosaccharomyces...    67   6e-10
UniRef100_Q8I8E1 Disulfide isomerase PDI n=1 Tax=Leishmania majo...    67   8e-10
UniRef100_Q4Q059 Protein disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Leishmania ...    67   8e-10
UniRef100_P55059 Protein disulfide-isomerase n=1 Tax=Humicola in...    67   8e-10
UniRef100_B3VA16 Disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Leishmania donovani...    66   1e-09
UniRef100_UPI0001A2BE31 Sb:cb825 protein n=1 Tax=Danio rerio Rep...    66   1e-09
UniRef100_C1BNX3 Disulfide-isomerase A3 n=1 Tax=Caligus rogercre...    66   1e-09
UniRef100_UPI0000D8BE6A protein disulfide isomerase associated 4...    65   2e-09
UniRef100_UPI00016E3C68 UPI00016E3C68 related cluster n=1 Tax=Ta...    65   2e-09
UniRef100_UPI00016E3C67 UPI00016E3C67 related cluster n=1 Tax=Ta...    65   2e-09
UniRef100_Q7ZVH2 Protein disulfide isomerase associated 4 n=1 Ta...    65   2e-09
UniRef100_Q6P3I1 Protein disulfide isomerase associated 4 n=1 Ta...    65   2e-09
UniRef100_Q4V963 Pdia4 protein n=1 Tax=Danio rerio RepID=Q4V963_...    65   2e-09
UniRef100_Q1ECX9 Pdia4 protein n=1 Tax=Danio rerio RepID=Q1ECX9_...    65   2e-09
UniRef100_B3KQT2 cDNA PSEC0148 fis, clone PLACE1007202, highly s...    65   2e-09
UniRef100_Q10057 Putative protein disulfide-isomerase C1F5.02 n=...    65   2e-09
UniRef100_A4ICD5 Protein disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Leishmania ...    65   2e-09
UniRef100_Q803D7 Sb:cb825 protein (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Danio rerio...    65   3e-09
UniRef100_B8NPF9 Protein disulfide isomerase Pdi1, putative n=1 ...    65   3e-09
UniRef100_Q00248 Protein disulfide-isomerase n=1 Tax=Aspergillus...    65   3e-09
UniRef100_UPI0001867CF6 hypothetical protein BRAFLDRAFT_236995 n...    64   4e-09
UniRef100_UPI0000547CBD hypothetical protein LOC445123 n=1 Tax=D...    64   4e-09
UniRef100_Q6DEI4 Zgc:100906 n=1 Tax=Danio rerio RepID=Q6DEI4_DANRE     64   4e-09
UniRef100_Q1LXD1 Novel protein similar to vertebrate protein dis...    64   4e-09
UniRef100_C3ZHE5 Putative uncharacterized protein (Fragment) n=1...    64   4e-09
UniRef100_B3M733 GF10739 n=1 Tax=Drosophila ananassae RepID=B3M7...    64   4e-09
UniRef100_UPI00016E503B UPI00016E503B related cluster n=1 Tax=Ta...    64   5e-09
UniRef100_Q4E156 Protein disulfide isomerase, putative (Fragment...    64   5e-09
UniRef100_B4N522 GK20490 n=1 Tax=Drosophila willistoni RepID=B4N...    64   5e-09
UniRef100_B4LGU3 GJ11469 n=1 Tax=Drosophila virilis RepID=B4LGU3...    64   5e-09
UniRef100_C1E3Z1 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Micromonas sp. RCC299...    64   7e-09
UniRef100_Q2M1A2 GA20009 n=1 Tax=Drosophila pseudoobscura pseudo...    64   7e-09
UniRef100_B4GUE5 GL25779 n=1 Tax=Drosophila persimilis RepID=B4G...    64   7e-09
UniRef100_P12865 Bloodstream-specific protein 2 n=2 Tax=Trypanos...    64   7e-09
UniRef100_Q38AE1 Protein disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Trypanosoma...    63   9e-09
UniRef100_B4L127 GI12238 n=1 Tax=Drosophila mojavensis RepID=B4L...    63   9e-09
UniRef100_A8XBT0 C. briggsae CBR-PDI-3 protein n=1 Tax=Caenorhab...    63   9e-09
UniRef100_UPI0000E4938F PREDICTED: similar to Grp58-prov protein...    63   1e-08
UniRef100_Q4E3F7 Protein disulfide isomerase, putative n=1 Tax=T...    63   1e-08
UniRef100_O96098 Protein disulphide isomerase like protein (Frag...    63   1e-08
UniRef100_O17908 Protein H06O01.1, confirmed by transcript evide...    62   2e-08
UniRef100_B4IXK8 GH16892 n=1 Tax=Drosophila grimshawi RepID=B4IX...    62   2e-08
UniRef100_UPI000023D621 hypothetical protein FG01246.1 n=1 Tax=G...    62   2e-08
UniRef100_Q6SXM9 Disulfide isomerase related protein (Fragment) ...    62   3e-08
UniRef100_B5X4S3 Disulfide-isomerase A3 n=1 Tax=Salmo salar RepI...    62   3e-08
UniRef100_B4QKK6 GD12572 n=1 Tax=Drosophila simulans RepID=B4QKK...    62   3e-08
UniRef100_B4HI55 GM24501 n=1 Tax=Drosophila sechellia RepID=B4HI...    62   3e-08
UniRef100_B3NHN4 GG13681 n=1 Tax=Drosophila erecta RepID=B3NHN4_...    62   3e-08
UniRef100_C9SLW1 Disulfide-isomerase n=1 Tax=Verticillium albo-a...    62   3e-08
UniRef100_B2AY82 Predicted CDS Pa_1_10200 n=1 Tax=Podospora anse...    62   3e-08
UniRef100_P54399-2 Isoform D of Protein disulfide-isomerase n=1 ...    62   3e-08
UniRef100_P54399 Protein disulfide-isomerase n=1 Tax=Drosophila ...    62   3e-08
UniRef100_C1MRN2 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Micromonas pusilla CC...    61   3e-08
UniRef100_Q1HR78 ER protein disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Aedes ae...    61   3e-08
UniRef100_C4QIP1 Probable protein disulfide-isomerase ER-60 (ERP...    61   3e-08
UniRef100_C4QIP0 Protein disulfide-isomerase er-60 (Erp60) n=1 T...    61   3e-08
UniRef100_B5E183 GA24137 n=1 Tax=Drosophila pseudoobscura pseudo...    61   3e-08
UniRef100_B4PIY3 GE19977 n=1 Tax=Drosophila yakuba RepID=B4PIY3_...    61   3e-08
UniRef100_B4H598 GL10245 n=1 Tax=Drosophila persimilis RepID=B4H...    61   3e-08
UniRef100_A8K4K6 cDNA FLJ78033, highly similar to Homo sapiens p...    61   3e-08
UniRef100_P13667 Protein disulfide-isomerase A4 n=2 Tax=Homo sap...    61   3e-08
UniRef100_Q5ZK20 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Gallus...    61   4e-08
UniRef100_B6RB63 Protein disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Haliotis di...    61   4e-08
UniRef100_Q2HFQ2 Protein disulfide-isomerase n=1 Tax=Chaetomium ...    61   4e-08
UniRef100_P38658 Probable protein disulfide-isomerase ER-60 n=1 ...    61   4e-08
UniRef100_UPI00017B0C77 UPI00017B0C77 related cluster n=1 Tax=Te...    60   6e-08
UniRef100_Q4SN09 Chromosome 6 SCAF14544, whole genome shotgun se...    60   6e-08
UniRef100_Q4U5F5 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Dictyo...    60   6e-08
UniRef100_A4RQ95 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Magnap...    60   6e-08
UniRef100_B2ZPN7 Protein-disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Scylla para...    60   8e-08
UniRef100_UPI00019276D0 PREDICTED: similar to predicted protein ...    60   1e-07
UniRef100_UPI00019276CF PREDICTED: similar to predicted protein ...    60   1e-07
UniRef100_UPI000060FA3A protein disulfide isomerase family A, me...    60   1e-07
UniRef100_Q7XY30 Protein disulfide isomerase 2 (Fragment) n=1 Ta...    60   1e-07
UniRef100_A8Q7P0 Probable protein disulfide-isomerase, putative ...    60   1e-07
UniRef100_Q5K7H6 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Filoba...    60   1e-07
UniRef100_Q8IG53 Protein disulfide isomerase protein 2, isoform ...    59   1e-07
UniRef100_B3RSE4 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Tricho...    59   1e-07
UniRef100_A3RMS2 Protein disulfide isomerase protein 2, isoform ...    59   1e-07
UniRef100_Q17770 Protein disulfide-isomerase 2 n=1 Tax=Caenorhab...    59   1e-07
UniRef100_Q9TWZ1 Protein disulphide isomerase isoform/multifunct...    59   2e-07
UniRef100_Q95T75 ERp60, isoform B n=1 Tax=Drosophila melanogaste...    59   2e-07
UniRef100_Q3YMU0 ERp60, isoform A (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Drosophila ...    59   2e-07
UniRef100_B4QC45 ERp60 n=1 Tax=Drosophila simulans RepID=B4QC45_...    59   2e-07
UniRef100_B4HNU6 GM20403 n=1 Tax=Drosophila sechellia RepID=B4HN...    59   2e-07
UniRef100_Q7S399 Protein disulfide-isomerase n=1 Tax=Neurospora ...    59   2e-07
UniRef100_Q0CL25 Protein disulfide-isomerase n=1 Tax=Aspergillus...    59   2e-07
UniRef100_C7YK79 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Nectria haematococca ...    59   2e-07
UniRef100_UPI000194BD76 PREDICTED: protein disulfide isomerase f...    59   2e-07
UniRef100_A6ML76 Disulfide-isomerase A4-like protein (Fragment) ...    59   2e-07
UniRef100_O76191 Transglutaminase n=1 Tax=Dirofilaria immitis Re...    59   2e-07
UniRef100_B4MYN2 GK22252 n=1 Tax=Drosophila willistoni RepID=B4M...    59   2e-07
UniRef100_B4KSD0 GI19593 n=1 Tax=Drosophila mojavensis RepID=B4K...    59   2e-07
UniRef100_A7SXD7 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Nematostella vectensi...    59   2e-07
UniRef100_A7XLW1 Protein disulfide isomerase associated 4 n=1 Ta...    58   3e-07
UniRef100_B3NSB4 GG22623 n=1 Tax=Drosophila erecta RepID=B3NSB4_...    58   3e-07
UniRef100_Q4PBS0 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Ustila...    58   3e-07
UniRef100_Q6H323 Transglutaminase (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Brugia mala...    58   4e-07
UniRef100_B4P5Z6 GE13492 n=1 Tax=Drosophila yakuba RepID=B4P5Z6_...    58   4e-07
UniRef100_A9QQ51 Protein disulfide isomerase (Fragment) n=1 Tax=...    58   4e-07
UniRef100_UPI000180B87E PREDICTED: similar to protein disulphide...    57   5e-07
UniRef100_UPI00005A2F98 PREDICTED: similar to Protein disulfide-...    57   5e-07
UniRef100_UPI00005A2F97 PREDICTED: similar to Protein disulfide-...    57   5e-07
UniRef100_UPI000056C40E UPI000056C40E related cluster n=1 Tax=Da...    57   5e-07
UniRef100_UPI0000EB1A91 Protein disulfide-isomerase A4 precursor...    57   5e-07
UniRef100_B7PHA0 Protein disulfide isomerase, putative n=1 Tax=I...    57   5e-07
UniRef100_B5G4X6 Disulfide-isomerase ER-60 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Cl...    57   5e-07
UniRef100_B4MDX8 GJ18390 n=1 Tax=Drosophila virilis RepID=B4MDX8...    57   5e-07
UniRef100_B3MG35 GF11803 n=1 Tax=Drosophila ananassae RepID=B3MG...    57   5e-07
UniRef100_B0X904 Disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Culex quinquefascia...    57   5e-07
UniRef100_UPI0001793822 PREDICTED: similar to AGAP007393-PB n=1 ...    57   6e-07
UniRef100_UPI0000436C41 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein n=1 Tax=...    57   6e-07
UniRef100_Q6NXB9 Zgc:77086 n=1 Tax=Danio rerio RepID=Q6NXB9_DANRE      57   6e-07
UniRef100_Q5TWW9 AGAP007393-PA n=1 Tax=Anopheles gambiae RepID=Q...    57   6e-07
UniRef100_A8PKA4 Transglutaminase, putative n=1 Tax=Brugia malay...    57   6e-07
UniRef100_UPI0000523CBD PREDICTED: similar to protein disulfide ...    57   8e-07
UniRef100_UPI000051A854 PREDICTED: similar to ERp60 CG8983-PA, i...    57   8e-07
UniRef100_Q6JAB9 Protein disulfide isomerase (Fragment) n=1 Tax=...    57   8e-07
UniRef100_Q17L92 Protein disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Aedes aegyp...    57   8e-07
UniRef100_B4J9V4 GH20405 n=1 Tax=Drosophila grimshawi RepID=B4J9...    57   8e-07
UniRef100_B3L111 Disulfide isomerase, putative n=2 Tax=Plasmodiu...    57   8e-07
UniRef100_Q96VF3 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Ustila...    57   8e-07
UniRef100_UPI0000D56130 PREDICTED: similar to AGAP007393-PB n=1 ...    56   1e-06
UniRef100_UPI0000085D91 disulfide isomerase precursor n=1 Tax=Pl...    56   1e-06
UniRef100_Q2XQR3 Protein disulfide isomerase, putative n=1 Tax=P...    56   1e-06
UniRef100_C0H4Y6 Protein disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Plasmodium ...    56   1e-06
UniRef100_B7P4U1 Protein disulfide isomerase, putative n=1 Tax=I...    56   1e-06
UniRef100_A8PVU7 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Malass...    56   1e-06
UniRef100_UPI0001796080 PREDICTED: similar to Protein disulfide-...    56   1e-06
UniRef100_Q56Z88 Putative thioredoxin (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Arabido...    56   1e-06
UniRef100_Q4Z2V7 Disulfide isomerase, putative n=1 Tax=Plasmodiu...    56   1e-06
UniRef100_Q4PLZ2 Protein disulfide-isomerase n=1 Tax=Ixodes scap...    56   1e-06
UniRef100_Q27780 ERcalcistorin/PDI n=1 Tax=Strongylocentrotus pu...    56   1e-06
UniRef100_A1C5W8 Protein disulfide isomerase Pdi1, putative n=1 ...    56   1e-06
UniRef100_Q5XGQ2 LOC495169 protein n=1 Tax=Xenopus laevis RepID=...    55   2e-06
UniRef100_Q5YER4 Protein disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Bigelowiell...    55   2e-06
UniRef100_Q7RRT0 Protein disulfide isomerase (Fragment) n=1 Tax=...    55   2e-06
UniRef100_Q5C145 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Schist...    55   2e-06
UniRef100_O96460 Protein disulfide isomerase (Fragment) n=1 Tax=...    55   2e-06
UniRef100_B3W657 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Schist...    55   2e-06
UniRef100_B0XVY4 Protein disulfide isomerase Pdi1, putative n=2 ...    55   2e-06
UniRef100_A1DG36 Protein disulfide isomerase Pdi1, putative n=1 ...    55   2e-06
UniRef100_UPI00017929A8 PREDICTED: similar to disulfide isomeras...    55   2e-06
UniRef100_UPI0001757F46 PREDICTED: similar to AGAP012407-PA n=1 ...    55   2e-06
UniRef100_Q9GS26 Disulfide isomerase (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Ancylost...    55   2e-06
UniRef100_UPI000186E5C4 protein disulfide-isomerase A3 precursor...    55   3e-06
UniRef100_UPI00005E9B04 PREDICTED: similar to protein disulfide ...    55   3e-06
UniRef100_UPI00005BC5A9 Protein disulfide-isomerase A4 precursor...    55   3e-06
UniRef100_Q8AXL3 Protein disulfide isomerase ERp72 (Fragment) n=...    55   3e-06
UniRef100_C5XRG2 Putative uncharacterized protein Sb04g000230 n=...    55   3e-06
UniRef100_Q3YMT9 Erp60 (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Drosophila simulans Re...    55   3e-06
UniRef100_B4GU57 GL25179 n=1 Tax=Drosophila persimilis RepID=B4G...    55   3e-06
UniRef100_P34329 Probable protein disulfide-isomerase A4 n=1 Tax...    55   3e-06
UniRef100_Q1HGL1 Protein disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Conus marmo...    54   4e-06
UniRef100_C5FFB3 Disulfide-isomerase n=1 Tax=Microsporum canis C...    54   4e-06
UniRef100_B6HK48 Pc21g11280 protein n=1 Tax=Penicillium chrysoge...    54   4e-06
UniRef100_UPI000187F061 hypothetical protein MPER_15173 n=1 Tax=...    54   5e-06
UniRef100_UPI000180D2C4 PREDICTED: similar to Pdia4 protein n=1 ...    54   5e-06
UniRef100_UPI000019B94C Protein disulfide-isomerase A4 precursor...    54   5e-06
UniRef100_Q8BMT8 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Mus mu...    54   5e-06
UniRef100_Q3TT79 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Mus mu...    54   5e-06
UniRef100_O48949 Protein disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Chlamydomon...    54   5e-06
UniRef100_Q95PP0 Disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Ostertagia ostertag...    54   5e-06
UniRef100_Q6PST0 Protein disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Ancylostoma...    54   5e-06
UniRef100_Q587N4 Protein disulfide-isomerase like protein ERp57 ...    54   5e-06
UniRef100_Q587N3 Protein disulfide-isomerase like protein ERp57 ...    54   5e-06
UniRef100_Q2HZY3 Protein disulfide isomerase (Fragment) n=1 Tax=...    54   5e-06
UniRef100_A8XPB1 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Caenor...    54   5e-06
UniRef100_A4HQL6 Protein disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Leishmania ...    54   5e-06
UniRef100_B2W8Q8 Protein disulfide-isomerase n=1 Tax=Pyrenophora...    54   5e-06
UniRef100_P38659 Protein disulfide-isomerase A4 n=1 Tax=Rattus n...    54   5e-06
UniRef100_P08003 Protein disulfide-isomerase A4 n=3 Tax=Mus musc...    54   5e-06
UniRef100_Q29RV1 Protein disulfide-isomerase A4 n=1 Tax=Bos taur...    54   5e-06
UniRef100_UPI0001867213 hypothetical protein BRAFLDRAFT_282264 n...    54   7e-06
UniRef100_UPI0001757D2B PREDICTED: similar to protein disulfide ...    54   7e-06
UniRef100_Q5UAH0 Protein disulfide isomerase n=1 Tax=Plasmodium ...    54   7e-06
UniRef100_Q4XNK9 Disulfide isomerase, putative (Fragment) n=1 Ta...    54   7e-06
UniRef100_C8VBB0 Protein disulfide isomerase A (Eurofung) n=2 Ta...    54   7e-06
UniRef100_UPI00006A1654 Protein disulfide-isomerase A4 precursor...    53   9e-06
UniRef100_C0PUF4 Disulfide-isomerase (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Salmo sa...    53   9e-06
UniRef100_C0PU58 Disulfide-isomerase (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Salmo sa...    53   9e-06
UniRef100_Q6JAC2 Protein disulfide isomerase (Fragment) n=1 Tax=...    53   9e-06
UniRef100_Q9URT0 KLLA0C01111p n=1 Tax=Kluyveromyces lactis RepID...    53   9e-06
UniRef100_Q1DR38 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Coccid...    53   9e-06
UniRef100_C5P668 Protein disulfide-isomerase, putative n=1 Tax=C...    53   9e-06
UniRef100_A2QFJ8 Protein disulfide isomerase A pdiA-Aspergillus ...    53   9e-06
UniRef100_Q12730 Protein disulfide-isomerase n=1 Tax=Aspergillus...    53   9e-06
graphical overview:
UniRef100_Q9SRG3 UniRef100_Q9SRG3 UniRef100_Q38HW3 UniRef100_Q38HW3 UniRef100_B9GU26 UniRef100_B9GU26 UniRef100_Q9XI01 UniRef100_Q9XI01 UniRef100_A9PJ12 UniRef100_A9PJ12 UniRef100_B1Q2X4 UniRef100_B1Q2X4 UniRef100_P29828 UniRef100_P29828 UniRef100_A7NVF0 UniRef100_A7NVF0 UniRef100_B7FM01 UniRef100_B7FM01 UniRef100_Q9XF61 UniRef100_Q9XF61 UniRef100_Q6IV17 UniRef100_Q6IV17 UniRef100_B9H7F9 UniRef100_B9H7F9 UniRef100_B9RJ25 UniRef100_B9RJ25 UniRef100_Q43116 UniRef100_Q43116 UniRef100_Q3ED75 UniRef100_Q3ED75 UniRef100_B2ZAP3 UniRef100_B2ZAP3 UniRef100_A4L9I3 UniRef100_A4L9I3 UniRef100_A4L9G4 UniRef100_A4L9G4 UniRef100_A4L9H0 UniRef100_A4L9H0 UniRef100_B3TM09 UniRef100_B3TM09 UniRef100_A4L9H5 UniRef100_A4L9H5 UniRef100_B8LMY5 UniRef100_B8LMY5 UniRef100_Q6JAC6 UniRef100_Q6JAC6 UniRef100_Q6JAB5 UniRef100_Q6JAB5 UniRef100_B9A8E4 UniRef100_B9A8E4 UniRef100_B9A8E2 UniRef100_B9A8E2 UniRef100_A9SIY9 UniRef100_A9SIY9 UniRef100_A5C1Q6 UniRef100_A5C1Q6 UniRef100_UPI0001983AFB UniRef100_UPI0001983AFB UniRef100_Q5EUE1 UniRef100_Q5EUE1 UniRef100_A7PKQ8 UniRef100_A7PKQ8 UniRef100_A5A5E7 UniRef100_A5A5E7 UniRef100_Q7XYD7 UniRef100_Q7XYD7 UniRef100_Q7FYS2 UniRef100_Q7FYS2 UniRef100_Q6JAC5 UniRef100_Q6JAC5 UniRef100_Q4W247 UniRef100_Q4W247 UniRef100_P52589 UniRef100_P52589 UniRef100_Q93XQ8 UniRef100_Q93XQ8 UniRef100_Q6JAC4 UniRef100_Q6JAC4 UniRef100_B9A8E3 UniRef100_B9A8E3 UniRef100_Q7XRB5 UniRef100_Q7XRB5 UniRef100_Q9MB13 UniRef100_Q9MB13 UniRef100_Q53LQ0 UniRef100_Q53LQ0 UniRef100_Q52PJ0 UniRef100_Q52PJ0 UniRef100_B9FFA7 UniRef100_B9FFA7 UniRef100_P52588 UniRef100_P52588 UniRef100_C5Y8R1 UniRef100_C5Y8R1 UniRef100_A2ZCE6 UniRef100_A2ZCE6 UniRef100_P80284 UniRef100_P80284 UniRef100_Q69ST6 UniRef100_Q69ST6 UniRef100_B9F0J1 UniRef100_B9F0J1 UniRef100_B7ELS1 UniRef100_B7ELS1 UniRef100_A2X610 UniRef100_A2X610 UniRef100_Q5EUE0 UniRef100_Q5EUE0 UniRef100_C0PLF0 UniRef100_C0PLF0 UniRef100_Q91Z81 UniRef100_Q91Z81 UniRef100_Q9LRF6 UniRef100_Q9LRF6 UniRef100_UPI00005A520F UniRef100_UPI00005A520F UniRef100_UPI00004A6F8D UniRef100_UPI00004A6F8D UniRef100_UPI0000F2B27B UniRef100_UPI0000F2B27B UniRef100_UPI000069DE6F UniRef100_UPI000069DE6F UniRef100_Q6P370 UniRef100_Q6P370 UniRef100_Q8JG64 UniRef100_Q8JG64 UniRef100_A7YBW7 UniRef100_A7YBW7 UniRef100_P11598 UniRef100_P11598 UniRef100_P27773 UniRef100_P27773 UniRef100_UPI0001795AEA UniRef100_UPI0001795AEA UniRef100_UPI0000D9B8D8 UniRef100_UPI0000D9B8D8 UniRef100_UPI0000D9B8D7 UniRef100_UPI0000D9B8D7 UniRef100_UPI000066D935 UniRef100_UPI000066D935 UniRef100_C6JUQ0 UniRef100_C6JUQ0 UniRef100_B3RF11 UniRef100_B3RF11 UniRef100_B1MTI6 UniRef100_B1MTI6 UniRef100_B0KWG0 UniRef100_B0KWG0 UniRef100_A6MK23 UniRef100_A6MK23 UniRef100_A5D7E8 UniRef100_A5D7E8 UniRef100_A7STM8 UniRef100_A7STM8 UniRef100_A7SR22 UniRef100_A7SR22 UniRef100_B4DDM1 UniRef100_B4DDM1 UniRef100_B3KQT9 UniRef100_B3KQT9 UniRef100_P30101 UniRef100_P30101 UniRef100_Q4VIT4 UniRef100_Q4VIT4 UniRef100_P38657 UniRef100_P38657 UniRef100_UPI000155BCDE UniRef100_UPI000155BCDE UniRef100_UPI00016E503C UniRef100_UPI00016E503C UniRef100_C1FY49 UniRef100_C1FY49 UniRef100_B5SNJ7 UniRef100_B5SNJ7 UniRef100_Q7ZWU3 UniRef100_Q7ZWU3 UniRef100_Q4SE84 UniRef100_Q4SE84 UniRef100_B7NZF1 UniRef100_B7NZF1 UniRef100_B2KIQ0 UniRef100_B2KIQ0 UniRef100_B5X1H7 UniRef100_B5X1H7 UniRef100_B5RIB0 UniRef100_B5RIB0 UniRef100_O74568 UniRef100_O74568 UniRef100_B6JV82 UniRef100_B6JV82 UniRef100_Q8I8E1 UniRef100_Q8I8E1 UniRef100_Q4Q059 UniRef100_Q4Q059 UniRef100_P55059 UniRef100_P55059 UniRef100_B3VA16 UniRef100_B3VA16 UniRef100_UPI0001A2BE31 UniRef100_UPI0001A2BE31 UniRef100_C1BNX3 UniRef100_C1BNX3 UniRef100_UPI0000D8BE6A UniRef100_UPI0000D8BE6A UniRef100_UPI00016E3C68 UniRef100_UPI00016E3C68 UniRef100_UPI00016E3C67 UniRef100_UPI00016E3C67 UniRef100_Q7ZVH2 UniRef100_Q7ZVH2 UniRef100_Q6P3I1 UniRef100_Q6P3I1 UniRef100_Q4V963 UniRef100_Q4V963 UniRef100_Q1ECX9 UniRef100_Q1ECX9 UniRef100_B3KQT2 UniRef100_B3KQT2 UniRef100_Q10057 UniRef100_Q10057 UniRef100_A4ICD5 UniRef100_A4ICD5 UniRef100_Q803D7 UniRef100_Q803D7 UniRef100_B8NPF9 UniRef100_B8NPF9 UniRef100_Q00248 UniRef100_Q00248 UniRef100_UPI0001867CF6 UniRef100_UPI0001867CF6 UniRef100_UPI0000547CBD UniRef100_UPI0000547CBD UniRef100_Q6DEI4 UniRef100_Q6DEI4 UniRef100_Q1LXD1 UniRef100_Q1LXD1 UniRef100_C3ZHE5 UniRef100_C3ZHE5 UniRef100_B3M733 UniRef100_B3M733 UniRef100_UPI00016E503B UniRef100_UPI00016E503B UniRef100_Q4E156 UniRef100_Q4E156 UniRef100_B4N522 UniRef100_B4N522 UniRef100_B4LGU3 UniRef100_B4LGU3 UniRef100_C1E3Z1 UniRef100_C1E3Z1 UniRef100_Q2M1A2 UniRef100_Q2M1A2 UniRef100_B4GUE5 UniRef100_B4GUE5 UniRef100_P12865 UniRef100_P12865 UniRef100_Q38AE1 UniRef100_Q38AE1 UniRef100_B4L127 UniRef100_B4L127 UniRef100_A8XBT0 UniRef100_A8XBT0 UniRef100_UPI0000E4938F UniRef100_UPI0000E4938F UniRef100_Q4E3F7 UniRef100_Q4E3F7 UniRef100_O96098 UniRef100_O96098 UniRef100_O17908 UniRef100_O17908 UniRef100_B4IXK8 UniRef100_B4IXK8 UniRef100_UPI000023D621 UniRef100_UPI000023D621 UniRef100_Q6SXM9 UniRef100_Q6SXM9 UniRef100_B5X4S3 UniRef100_B5X4S3 UniRef100_B4QKK6 UniRef100_B4QKK6 UniRef100_B4HI55 UniRef100_B4HI55 UniRef100_B3NHN4 UniRef100_B3NHN4 UniRef100_C9SLW1 UniRef100_C9SLW1 UniRef100_B2AY82 UniRef100_B2AY82 UniRef100_P54399-2 UniRef100_P54399-2 UniRef100_P54399 UniRef100_P54399 UniRef100_C1MRN2 UniRef100_C1MRN2 UniRef100_Q1HR78 UniRef100_Q1HR78 UniRef100_C4QIP1 UniRef100_C4QIP1 UniRef100_C4QIP0 UniRef100_C4QIP0 UniRef100_B5E183 UniRef100_B5E183 UniRef100_B4PIY3 UniRef100_B4PIY3 UniRef100_B4H598 UniRef100_B4H598 UniRef100_A8K4K6 UniRef100_A8K4K6 UniRef100_P13667 UniRef100_P13667 UniRef100_Q5ZK20 UniRef100_Q5ZK20 UniRef100_B6RB63 UniRef100_B6RB63 UniRef100_Q2HFQ2 UniRef100_Q2HFQ2 UniRef100_P38658 UniRef100_P38658 UniRef100_UPI00017B0C77 UniRef100_UPI00017B0C77 UniRef100_Q4SN09 UniRef100_Q4SN09 UniRef100_Q4U5F5 UniRef100_Q4U5F5 UniRef100_A4RQ95 UniRef100_A4RQ95 UniRef100_B2ZPN7 UniRef100_B2ZPN7 UniRef100_UPI00019276D0 UniRef100_UPI00019276D0 UniRef100_UPI00019276CF UniRef100_UPI00019276CF UniRef100_UPI000060FA3A UniRef100_UPI000060FA3A UniRef100_Q7XY30 UniRef100_Q7XY30 UniRef100_A8Q7P0 UniRef100_A8Q7P0 UniRef100_Q5K7H6 UniRef100_Q5K7H6 UniRef100_Q8IG53 UniRef100_Q8IG53 UniRef100_B3RSE4 UniRef100_B3RSE4 UniRef100_A3RMS2 UniRef100_A3RMS2 UniRef100_Q17770 UniRef100_Q17770 UniRef100_Q9TWZ1 UniRef100_Q9TWZ1 UniRef100_Q95T75 UniRef100_Q95T75 UniRef100_Q3YMU0 UniRef100_Q3YMU0 UniRef100_B4QC45 UniRef100_B4QC45 UniRef100_B4HNU6 UniRef100_B4HNU6 UniRef100_Q7S399 UniRef100_Q7S399 UniRef100_Q0CL25 UniRef100_Q0CL25 UniRef100_C7YK79 UniRef100_C7YK79 UniRef100_UPI000194BD76 UniRef100_UPI000194BD76 UniRef100_A6ML76 UniRef100_A6ML76 UniRef100_O76191 UniRef100_O76191 UniRef100_B4MYN2 UniRef100_B4MYN2 UniRef100_B4KSD0 UniRef100_B4KSD0 UniRef100_A7SXD7 UniRef100_A7SXD7 UniRef100_A7XLW1 UniRef100_A7XLW1 UniRef100_B3NSB4 UniRef100_B3NSB4 UniRef100_Q4PBS0 UniRef100_Q4PBS0 UniRef100_Q6H323 UniRef100_Q6H323 UniRef100_B4P5Z6 UniRef100_B4P5Z6 UniRef100_A9QQ51 UniRef100_A9QQ51 UniRef100_UPI000180B87E UniRef100_UPI000180B87E UniRef100_UPI00005A2F98 UniRef100_UPI00005A2F98 UniRef100_UPI00005A2F97 UniRef100_UPI00005A2F97 UniRef100_UPI000056C40E UniRef100_UPI000056C40E UniRef100_UPI0000EB1A91 UniRef100_UPI0000EB1A91 UniRef100_B7PHA0 UniRef100_B7PHA0 UniRef100_B5G4X6 UniRef100_B5G4X6 UniRef100_B4MDX8 UniRef100_B4MDX8 UniRef100_B3MG35 UniRef100_B3MG35 UniRef100_B0X904 UniRef100_B0X904 UniRef100_UPI0001793822 UniRef100_UPI0001793822 UniRef100_UPI0000436C41 UniRef100_UPI0000436C41 UniRef100_Q6NXB9 UniRef100_Q6NXB9 UniRef100_Q5TWW9 UniRef100_Q5TWW9 UniRef100_A8PKA4 UniRef100_A8PKA4 UniRef100_UPI0000523CBD UniRef100_UPI0000523CBD UniRef100_UPI000051A854 UniRef100_UPI000051A854 UniRef100_Q6JAB9 UniRef100_Q6JAB9 UniRef100_Q17L92 UniRef100_Q17L92 UniRef100_B4J9V4 UniRef100_B4J9V4 UniRef100_B3L111 UniRef100_B3L111 UniRef100_Q96VF3 UniRef100_Q96VF3 UniRef100_UPI0000D56130 UniRef100_UPI0000D56130 UniRef100_UPI0000085D91 UniRef100_UPI0000085D91 UniRef100_Q2XQR3 UniRef100_Q2XQR3 UniRef100_C0H4Y6 UniRef100_C0H4Y6 UniRef100_B7P4U1 UniRef100_B7P4U1 UniRef100_A8PVU7 UniRef100_A8PVU7 UniRef100_UPI0001796080 UniRef100_UPI0001796080 UniRef100_Q56Z88 UniRef100_Q56Z88 UniRef100_Q4Z2V7 UniRef100_Q4Z2V7 UniRef100_Q4PLZ2 UniRef100_Q4PLZ2 UniRef100_Q27780 UniRef100_Q27780 UniRef100_A1C5W8 UniRef100_A1C5W8 UniRef100_Q5XGQ2 UniRef100_Q5XGQ2 UniRef100_Q5YER4 UniRef100_Q5YER4 UniRef100_Q7RRT0 UniRef100_Q7RRT0 UniRef100_Q5C145 UniRef100_Q5C145 UniRef100_O96460 UniRef100_O96460 UniRef100_B3W657 UniRef100_B3W657 UniRef100_B0XVY4 UniRef100_B0XVY4 UniRef100_A1DG36 UniRef100_A1DG36 UniRef100_UPI00017929A8 UniRef100_UPI00017929A8 UniRef100_UPI0001757F46 UniRef100_UPI0001757F46 UniRef100_Q9GS26 UniRef100_Q9GS26 UniRef100_UPI000186E5C4 UniRef100_UPI000186E5C4 UniRef100_UPI00005E9B04 UniRef100_UPI00005E9B04 UniRef100_UPI00005BC5A9 UniRef100_UPI00005BC5A9 UniRef100_Q8AXL3 UniRef100_Q8AXL3 UniRef100_C5XRG2 UniRef100_C5XRG2 UniRef100_Q3YMT9 UniRef100_Q3YMT9 UniRef100_B4GU57 UniRef100_B4GU57 UniRef100_P34329 UniRef100_P34329 UniRef100_Q1HGL1 UniRef100_Q1HGL1 UniRef100_C5FFB3 UniRef100_C5FFB3