AV541579 ( RZ168g10F )


BLASTX 2.2.22 [Sep-27-2009]

Reference: Altschul, Stephen F., Thomas L. Madden, Alejandro A. Schaffer, 
Jinghui Zhang, Zheng Zhang, Webb Miller, and David J. Lipman (1997), 
"Gapped BLAST and PSI-BLAST: a new generation of protein database search
programs",  Nucleic Acids Res. 25:3389-3402.

Query= AV541579  RZ168g10F
         (589 letters)

Database: uniref100 
           9,526,577 sequences; 3,332,566,763 total letters


significant alignments:[graphical|details]

UniRef100_Q9SA55 F10O3.3 protein n=1 Tax=Arabidopsis thaliana Re...   335   2e-90
UniRef100_UPI00019838BC PREDICTED: hypothetical protein n=1 Tax=...   280   8e-74
UniRef100_A7PUA9 Chromosome chr7 scaffold_31, whole genome shotg...   280   8e-74
UniRef100_B9H894 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Populus trichocarpa R...   279   1e-73
UniRef100_B9S407 Potassium channel regulatory factor, putative n...   278   3e-73
UniRef100_C5XCA3 Putative uncharacterized protein Sb02g036950 n=...   266   7e-70
UniRef100_B6T2W8 Prp18 domain containing protein n=1 Tax=Zea may...   265   2e-69
UniRef100_B9FY09 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Oryza ...   263   1e-68
UniRef100_Q6YTU8 Os07g0571900 protein n=2 Tax=Oryza sativa RepID...   263   1e-68
UniRef100_C0PEI6 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Zea ma...   260   5e-68
UniRef100_Q9ZVN0 T22H22.4 protein n=1 Tax=Arabidopsis thaliana R...   258   3e-67
UniRef100_B6U5W5 Prp18 domain containing protein n=1 Tax=Zea may...   256   7e-67
UniRef100_A9TW50 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Physcomitrella patens...   254   4e-66
UniRef100_Q53RB6 Prp18 domain containing protein, expressed n=1 ...   240   5e-62
UniRef100_A3ALT3 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Oryza ...   240   5e-62
UniRef100_B8AQ14 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Oryza ...   240   7e-62
UniRef100_B4FKU6 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Zea ma...   238   3e-61
UniRef100_Q0DPC6 Os03g0701100 protein n=1 Tax=Oryza sativa Japon...   185   3e-45
UniRef100_UPI00018615FA hypothetical protein BRAFLDRAFT_113924 n...   161   3e-38
UniRef100_C3YV51 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Branch...   161   3e-38
UniRef100_Q6GMH0 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor 18 n=1 Tax=Danio rerio...   159   1e-37
UniRef100_Q01FS2 Putative potassium channel regulatory factor (I...   158   3e-37
UniRef100_UPI00015608E7 PREDICTED: similar to Pre-mRNA-splicing ...   157   5e-37
UniRef100_UPI0000E222FA PREDICTED: PRP18 pre-mRNA processing fac...   157   5e-37
UniRef100_UPI0000D9C1E9 PREDICTED: PRP18 pre-mRNA processing fac...   157   5e-37
UniRef100_UPI0000D9C1E7 PREDICTED: PRP18 pre-mRNA processing fac...   157   5e-37
UniRef100_UPI00005A0101 PREDICTED: similar to Pre-mRNA splicing ...   157   5e-37
UniRef100_UPI00005A0100 PREDICTED: similar to Pre-mRNA splicing ...   157   5e-37
UniRef100_UPI0001B7A020 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor 18 (PRP18 homol...   157   5e-37
UniRef100_UPI0000D60F0C Pre-mRNA-splicing factor 18 (PRP18 homol...   157   5e-37
UniRef100_UPI0000EB3841 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor 18 (PRP18 homol...   157   5e-37
UniRef100_UPI00004BD126 PREDICTED: similar to Pre-mRNA splicing ...   157   5e-37
UniRef100_Q3TT68 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Mus mu...   157   5e-37
UniRef100_B2RBU0 cDNA, FLJ95691, highly similar to Homo sapiens ...   157   5e-37
UniRef100_Q9JKB8 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor 18 n=1 Tax=Rattus norv...   157   5e-37
UniRef100_Q5RE03 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor 18 n=1 Tax=Pongo abeli...   157   5e-37
UniRef100_Q8BM39 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor 18 n=2 Tax=Mus musculu...   157   5e-37
UniRef100_Q99633 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor 18 n=1 Tax=Homo sapien...   157   5e-37
UniRef100_Q2HJ41 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor 18 n=1 Tax=Bos taurus ...   157   5e-37
UniRef100_UPI000194E24E PREDICTED: PRP18 pre-mRNA processing fac...   157   8e-37
UniRef100_UPI00003A9504 PREDICTED: similar to hPrp18 n=1 Tax=Gal...   157   8e-37
UniRef100_C1BJD5 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor 18 n=1 Tax=Osmerus mor...   157   8e-37
UniRef100_A4RRU8 Predicted protein (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Ostreococc...   157   8e-37
UniRef100_UPI00005843EE PREDICTED: similar to PRP18 pre-mRNA pro...   155   2e-36
UniRef100_UPI00003612B3 UPI00003612B3 related cluster n=1 Tax=Ta...   155   2e-36
UniRef100_Q5EAV6 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor 18 n=1 Tax=Xenopus lae...   155   2e-36
UniRef100_UPI000069DCA2 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor 18 (PRP18 homol...   155   3e-36
UniRef100_UPI0000F2E537 PREDICTED: similar to hPrp18 n=1 Tax=Mon...   154   7e-36
UniRef100_UPI0000EDFD02 PREDICTED: similar to hPrp18 n=1 Tax=Orn...   154   7e-36
UniRef100_UPI00017B3117 UPI00017B3117 related cluster n=1 Tax=Te...   154   7e-36
UniRef100_B7P571 U5 snRNP-associated RNA splicing factor, putati...   153   9e-36
UniRef100_Q8MML7 Putative uncharacterized protein prp18 n=1 Tax=...   152   1e-35
UniRef100_UPI00015B6274 PREDICTED: similar to putative mRNA spli...   151   3e-35
UniRef100_UPI0000D92CBC PREDICTED: similar to hPrp18 n=1 Tax=Mon...   151   4e-35
UniRef100_UPI0000D556D1 PREDICTED: similar to Prp18 CG6011-PA n=...   149   1e-34
UniRef100_A9V6H9 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Monosiga brevicollis ...   149   2e-34
UniRef100_UPI0001791D8C PREDICTED: similar to Prp18 CG6011-PA n=...   148   3e-34
UniRef100_C4WSK2 ACYPI004343 protein n=1 Tax=Acyrthosiphon pisum...   148   3e-34
UniRef100_C1N4Z5 Predicted protein (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Micromonas...   147   5e-34
UniRef100_C1EJB5 Predicted protein (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Micromonas...   147   6e-34
UniRef100_A7RX18 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Nematostella vectensi...   147   6e-34
UniRef100_UPI0001926A3C PREDICTED: similar to PRP18 pre-mRNA pro...   144   5e-33
UniRef100_Q7QBT9 AGAP002307-PA n=1 Tax=Anopheles gambiae RepID=Q...   144   5e-33
UniRef100_UPI000186D1F0 pre-mRNA-splicing factor, putative n=1 T...   143   9e-33
UniRef100_Q4RJS1 Chromosome 13 SCAF15035, whole genome shotgun s...   143   1e-32
UniRef100_Q29BT5 GA19293 n=2 Tax=pseudoobscura subgroup RepID=Q2...   143   1e-32
UniRef100_Q16YV2 Pre-mrna processing factor n=1 Tax=Aedes aegypt...   142   2e-32
UniRef100_UPI000180B71D PREDICTED: similar to Pre-mRNA-splicing ...   142   3e-32
UniRef100_Q1JSA2 Pre-mrna splicing factor protein, putative n=1 ...   141   3e-32
UniRef100_B6KV00 Pre-mRNA splicing factor 18, putative n=3 Tax=T...   141   3e-32
UniRef100_B4NHY7 GK13717 n=1 Tax=Drosophila willistoni RepID=B4N...   141   3e-32
UniRef100_B4LXA4 GJ23455 n=1 Tax=Drosophila virilis RepID=B4LXA4...   141   3e-32
UniRef100_B4K7A7 GI24151 n=1 Tax=Drosophila mojavensis RepID=B4K...   141   3e-32
UniRef100_B4JSG2 GH22411 n=1 Tax=Drosophila grimshawi RepID=B4JS...   141   3e-32
UniRef100_B3LVB7 GF16419 n=1 Tax=Drosophila ananassae RepID=B3LV...   141   3e-32
UniRef100_Q9V437 Prp18 n=1 Tax=Drosophila melanogaster RepID=Q9V...   141   4e-32
UniRef100_B4QTV8 GD20137 n=1 Tax=Drosophila simulans RepID=B4QTV...   141   4e-32
UniRef100_B4PMR0 GE25155 n=1 Tax=Drosophila yakuba RepID=B4PMR0_...   141   4e-32
UniRef100_B4ILV4 GM23352 n=1 Tax=Drosophila sechellia RepID=B4IL...   141   4e-32
UniRef100_B3P379 GG16208 n=1 Tax=Drosophila erecta RepID=B3P379_...   141   4e-32
UniRef100_B0DAI1 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Laccaria bicolor S238...   140   1e-31
UniRef100_UPI00001F8B9A PREDICTED: similar to hPrp18 isoform 5 n...   139   2e-31
UniRef100_B0WCY0 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor 18 n=1 Tax=Culex quinq...   139   2e-31
UniRef100_B6ACF1 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor 18, putative n=1 Tax=C...   138   4e-31
UniRef100_A8P4J3 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Coprin...   137   6e-31
UniRef100_Q4Z6M5 Pre-mRNA splicing factor protein, putative (Fra...   136   1e-30
UniRef100_Q22HI6 Prp18 domain containing protein n=1 Tax=Tetrahy...   136   1e-30
UniRef100_A5K6U1 Pre-mRNA splicing factor protein, putative n=1 ...   136   1e-30
UniRef100_Q8I2S9 Pre-mRNA splicing factor, putative n=1 Tax=Plas...   134   5e-30
UniRef100_B3L2P4 Pre-mrna splicing factor protein, putative n=1 ...   134   7e-30
UniRef100_B3RUV7 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Tricho...   133   1e-29
UniRef100_Q5DEM0 SJCHGC02508 protein n=1 Tax=Schistosoma japonic...   130   6e-29
UniRef100_C4QDD1 Pre-mRNA processing factor, putative n=1 Tax=Sc...   130   6e-29
UniRef100_UPI0000DB7CB9 PREDICTED: similar to Prp18 CG6011-PA, p...   129   1e-28
UniRef100_A8HS02 Pre-mRNA splicing factor 18 n=1 Tax=Chlamydomon...   129   2e-28
UniRef100_C9JT47 Putative uncharacterized protein PRPF18 n=4 Tax...   125   2e-27
UniRef100_B8C7C3 Predicted protein (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Thalassios...   124   4e-27
UniRef100_A0D810 Chromosome undetermined scaffold_40, whole geno...   124   4e-27
UniRef100_A0BES1 Chromosome undetermined scaffold_102, whole gen...   123   1e-26
UniRef100_UPI0000E222F9 PREDICTED: PRP18 pre-mRNA processing fac...   122   2e-26
UniRef100_UPI0000D9C1E8 PREDICTED: PRP18 pre-mRNA processing fac...   122   2e-26
UniRef100_Q5KFR3 Pre-mRNA splicing factor, putative n=1 Tax=Filo...   121   5e-26
UniRef100_Q4N6I7 Pre-mRNA splicing factor protein, putative n=1 ...   119   2e-25
UniRef100_B7G0J5 Predicted protein (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Phaeodacty...   118   4e-25
UniRef100_Q5DB98 SJCHGC02509 protein n=1 Tax=Schistosoma japonic...   117   5e-25
UniRef100_Q5CXN8 PRP18 (SFM+PRP18 domains) (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Cr...   117   5e-25
UniRef100_Q5CIH9 Pre-mRNA splicing factor protein n=1 Tax=Crypto...   117   5e-25
UniRef100_A4RQ08 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Magnap...   117   9e-25
UniRef100_A7ASF9 Pre-mRNA splicing factor 18, putative n=1 Tax=B...   115   2e-24
UniRef100_B2WK70 Potassium channel regulatory factor n=1 Tax=Pyr...   114   4e-24
UniRef100_B2AW42 Predicted CDS Pa_7_5880 n=1 Tax=Podospora anser...   114   6e-24
UniRef100_Q4UJ31 Pre-mRNA splicing protein (Prp18 homologue), pu...   113   1e-23
UniRef100_A8WV48 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Caenor...   112   2e-23
UniRef100_UPI000023DCA4 hypothetical protein FG02533.1 n=1 Tax=G...   110   8e-23
UniRef100_O45431 Protein F32B6.3, partially confirmed by transcr...   110   1e-22
UniRef100_Q0V259 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Phaeos...   109   1e-22
UniRef100_Q4Y4U2 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Plasmo...   109   2e-22
UniRef100_C5K1F0 mRNA splicing factor n=1 Tax=Ajellomyces dermat...   109   2e-22
UniRef100_B6HIS3 Pc21g23610 protein n=1 Tax=Penicillium chrysoge...   109   2e-22
UniRef100_Q7RXQ0 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Neuros...   108   2e-22
UniRef100_C9SC86 Pre-mRNA splicing factor n=1 Tax=Verticillium a...   108   3e-22
UniRef100_C5GLQ8 Prp18 domain-containing protein n=1 Tax=Ajellom...   108   3e-22
UniRef100_C1GH12 Pre-mRNA splicing factor n=1 Tax=Paracoccidioid...   107   7e-22
UniRef100_C7Z9T9 Putative uncharacterized protein (Fragment) n=1...   106   1e-21
UniRef100_C6HN67 Pre-mRNA splicing factor n=1 Tax=Ajellomyces ca...   106   2e-21
UniRef100_C4JM45 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Uncino...   106   2e-21
UniRef100_C0NEB1 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor n=1 Tax=Ajellomyces ca...   106   2e-21
UniRef100_A6QXM5 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Ajello...   106   2e-21
UniRef100_B6K2I4 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor 18 n=1 Tax=Schizosacch...   105   2e-21
UniRef100_A2QA17 Contig An01c0330, complete genome n=1 Tax=Asper...   105   2e-21
UniRef100_C8VS23 mRNA splicing factor (Prp18), putative (AFU_ort...   105   3e-21
UniRef100_B0XP78 mRNA splicing factor (Prp18), putative n=2 Tax=...   105   3e-21
UniRef100_A1D169 MRNA splicing factor (Prp18), putative n=1 Tax=...   105   3e-21
UniRef100_Q0CMI9 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Aspergillus terreus N...   105   3e-21
UniRef100_B6QBZ4 mRNA splicing factor (Prp18), putative n=1 Tax=...   105   3e-21
UniRef100_A1CNC7 mRNA splicing factor (Prp18), putative n=1 Tax=...   105   3e-21
UniRef100_Q2HA07 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Chaeto...   104   5e-21
UniRef100_B8M3K5 mRNA splicing factor (Prp18), putative n=1 Tax=...   104   5e-21
UniRef100_B8MYU1 mRNA splicing factor (Prp18), putative n=2 Tax=...   104   6e-21
UniRef100_A6SR19 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Botryo...   103   8e-21
UniRef100_A7EPR7 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Sclero...   103   1e-20
UniRef100_C0SJD0 Potassium channel regulatory factor n=1 Tax=Par...   103   1e-20
UniRef100_C5G1C3 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor 18 n=1 Tax=Microsporum...   102   2e-20
UniRef100_Q1DT38 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Coccid...   101   4e-20
UniRef100_C5P4M7 Prp18 domain containing protein n=1 Tax=Coccidi...   101   4e-20
UniRef100_C1HEC1 Potassium channel regulatory factor (Fragment) ...    99   3e-19
UniRef100_O94406 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor 18 n=1 Tax=Schizosacch...    98   4e-19
UniRef100_A8NQE1 Prp18 domain containing protein n=1 Tax=Brugia ...    96   2e-18
UniRef100_C5E0A3 ZYRO0G11044p n=1 Tax=Zygosaccharomyces rouxii C...    84   1e-14
UniRef100_C5DI05 KLTH0E08668p n=1 Tax=Lachancea thermotolerans C...    81   5e-14
UniRef100_Q4XGE9 Pre-mRNA splicing factor protein, putative (Fra...    79   2e-13
UniRef100_Q6BYT3 DEHA2A07150p n=1 Tax=Debaryomyces hansenii RepI...    79   2e-13
UniRef100_UPI00003BD154 hypothetical protein DEHA0A07238g n=1 Ta...    78   6e-13
UniRef100_Q6C1J2 YALI0F15807p n=1 Tax=Yarrowia lipolytica RepID=...    78   6e-13
UniRef100_B5VIW7 YGR006Wp-like protein (Fragment) n=1 Tax=Saccha...    75   4e-12
UniRef100_B3LIL0 Pre-mRNA splicing factor PRP18 n=1 Tax=Saccharo...    75   4e-12
UniRef100_P33411 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor 18 n=4 Tax=Saccharomyc...    75   4e-12
UniRef100_Q5ACV5 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Candid...    75   5e-12
UniRef100_B9WA77 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor, putative n=1 Tax=Cand...    74   1e-11
UniRef100_Q6FTU7 Strain CBS138 chromosome F complete sequence n=...    73   2e-11
UniRef100_C5M5G1 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Candid...    72   3e-11
UniRef100_C4Y3G9 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Clavis...    72   3e-11
UniRef100_A3LMZ1 Predicted protein n=1 Tax=Pichia stipitis RepID...    72   4e-11
UniRef100_A8QBE0 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Malass...    69   3e-10
UniRef100_A5DUZ8 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Lodder...    69   4e-10
UniRef100_Q752S0 AFR503Wp n=1 Tax=Eremothecium gossypii RepID=Q7...    67   1e-09
UniRef100_UPI000151BC1F hypothetical protein PGUG_02090 n=1 Tax=...    61   8e-08
UniRef100_Q4QBQ6 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Leishm...    61   8e-08
UniRef100_A5DFN9 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Pichia...    61   8e-08
UniRef100_A7TK97 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Vander...    60   1e-07
UniRef100_C4QYE0 Splicing factor n=1 Tax=Pichia pastoris GS115 R...    60   2e-07
UniRef100_A4HCE1 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Leishm...    58   5e-07
UniRef100_A4HZW5 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Leishm...    57   1e-06
UniRef100_A2GV31 Potassium channel regulatory factor, putative n...    55   4e-06
UniRef100_A2GT62 Potassium channel regulatory factor, putative n...    55   4e-06
UniRef100_A2DGL6 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Tricho...    55   4e-06
UniRef100_Q4D6W3 Putative uncharacterized protein n=1 Tax=Trypan...    54   9e-06
graphical overview:
UniRef100_Q9SA55 UniRef100_Q9SA55 UniRef100_UPI00019838BC UniRef100_UPI00019838BC UniRef100_A7PUA9 UniRef100_A7PUA9 UniRef100_B9H894 UniRef100_B9H894 UniRef100_B9S407 UniRef100_B9S407 UniRef100_C5XCA3 UniRef100_C5XCA3 UniRef100_B6T2W8 UniRef100_B6T2W8 UniRef100_B9FY09 UniRef100_B9FY09 UniRef100_Q6YTU8 UniRef100_Q6YTU8 UniRef100_C0PEI6 UniRef100_C0PEI6 UniRef100_Q9ZVN0 UniRef100_Q9ZVN0 UniRef100_B6U5W5 UniRef100_B6U5W5 UniRef100_A9TW50 UniRef100_A9TW50 UniRef100_Q53RB6 UniRef100_Q53RB6 UniRef100_A3ALT3 UniRef100_A3ALT3 UniRef100_B8AQ14 UniRef100_B8AQ14 UniRef100_B4FKU6 UniRef100_B4FKU6 UniRef100_Q0DPC6 UniRef100_Q0DPC6 UniRef100_UPI00018615FA UniRef100_UPI00018615FA UniRef100_C3YV51 UniRef100_C3YV51 UniRef100_Q6GMH0 UniRef100_Q6GMH0 UniRef100_Q01FS2 UniRef100_Q01FS2 UniRef100_UPI00015608E7 UniRef100_UPI00015608E7 UniRef100_UPI0000E222FA UniRef100_UPI0000E222FA UniRef100_UPI0000D9C1E9 UniRef100_UPI0000D9C1E9 UniRef100_UPI0000D9C1E7 UniRef100_UPI0000D9C1E7 UniRef100_UPI00005A0101 UniRef100_UPI00005A0101 UniRef100_UPI00005A0100 UniRef100_UPI00005A0100 UniRef100_UPI0001B7A020 UniRef100_UPI0001B7A020 UniRef100_UPI0000D60F0C UniRef100_UPI0000D60F0C UniRef100_UPI0000EB3841 UniRef100_UPI0000EB3841 UniRef100_UPI00004BD126 UniRef100_UPI00004BD126 UniRef100_Q3TT68 UniRef100_Q3TT68 UniRef100_B2RBU0 UniRef100_B2RBU0 UniRef100_Q9JKB8 UniRef100_Q9JKB8 UniRef100_Q5RE03 UniRef100_Q5RE03 UniRef100_Q8BM39 UniRef100_Q8BM39 UniRef100_Q99633 UniRef100_Q99633 UniRef100_Q2HJ41 UniRef100_Q2HJ41 UniRef100_UPI000194E24E UniRef100_UPI000194E24E UniRef100_UPI00003A9504 UniRef100_UPI00003A9504 UniRef100_C1BJD5 UniRef100_C1BJD5 UniRef100_A4RRU8 UniRef100_A4RRU8 UniRef100_UPI00005843EE UniRef100_UPI00005843EE UniRef100_UPI00003612B3 UniRef100_UPI00003612B3 UniRef100_Q5EAV6 UniRef100_Q5EAV6 UniRef100_UPI000069DCA2 UniRef100_UPI000069DCA2 UniRef100_UPI0000F2E537 UniRef100_UPI0000F2E537 UniRef100_UPI0000EDFD02 UniRef100_UPI0000EDFD02 UniRef100_UPI00017B3117 UniRef100_UPI00017B3117 UniRef100_B7P571 UniRef100_B7P571 UniRef100_Q8MML7 UniRef100_Q8MML7 UniRef100_UPI00015B6274 UniRef100_UPI00015B6274 UniRef100_UPI0000D92CBC UniRef100_UPI0000D92CBC UniRef100_UPI0000D556D1 UniRef100_UPI0000D556D1 UniRef100_A9V6H9 UniRef100_A9V6H9 UniRef100_UPI0001791D8C UniRef100_UPI0001791D8C UniRef100_C4WSK2 UniRef100_C4WSK2 UniRef100_C1N4Z5 UniRef100_C1N4Z5 UniRef100_C1EJB5 UniRef100_C1EJB5 UniRef100_A7RX18 UniRef100_A7RX18 UniRef100_UPI0001926A3C UniRef100_UPI0001926A3C UniRef100_Q7QBT9 UniRef100_Q7QBT9 UniRef100_UPI000186D1F0 UniRef100_UPI000186D1F0 UniRef100_Q4RJS1 UniRef100_Q4RJS1 UniRef100_Q29BT5 UniRef100_Q29BT5 UniRef100_Q16YV2 UniRef100_Q16YV2 UniRef100_UPI000180B71D UniRef100_UPI000180B71D UniRef100_Q1JSA2 UniRef100_Q1JSA2 UniRef100_B6KV00 UniRef100_B6KV00 UniRef100_B4NHY7 UniRef100_B4NHY7 UniRef100_B4LXA4 UniRef100_B4LXA4 UniRef100_B4K7A7 UniRef100_B4K7A7 UniRef100_B4JSG2 UniRef100_B4JSG2 UniRef100_B3LVB7 UniRef100_B3LVB7 UniRef100_Q9V437 UniRef100_Q9V437 UniRef100_B4QTV8 UniRef100_B4QTV8 UniRef100_B4PMR0 UniRef100_B4PMR0 UniRef100_B4ILV4 UniRef100_B4ILV4 UniRef100_B3P379 UniRef100_B3P379 UniRef100_B0DAI1 UniRef100_B0DAI1 UniRef100_UPI00001F8B9A UniRef100_UPI00001F8B9A UniRef100_B0WCY0 UniRef100_B0WCY0 UniRef100_B6ACF1 UniRef100_B6ACF1 UniRef100_A8P4J3 UniRef100_A8P4J3 UniRef100_Q4Z6M5 UniRef100_Q4Z6M5 UniRef100_Q22HI6 UniRef100_Q22HI6 UniRef100_A5K6U1 UniRef100_A5K6U1 UniRef100_Q8I2S9 UniRef100_Q8I2S9 UniRef100_B3L2P4 UniRef100_B3L2P4 UniRef100_B3RUV7 UniRef100_B3RUV7 UniRef100_Q5DEM0 UniRef100_Q5DEM0 UniRef100_C4QDD1 UniRef100_C4QDD1 UniRef100_UPI0000DB7CB9 UniRef100_UPI0000DB7CB9 UniRef100_A8HS02 UniRef100_A8HS02 UniRef100_C9JT47 UniRef100_C9JT47 UniRef100_B8C7C3 UniRef100_B8C7C3 UniRef100_A0D810 UniRef100_A0D810 UniRef100_A0BES1 UniRef100_A0BES1 UniRef100_UPI0000E222F9 UniRef100_UPI0000E222F9 UniRef100_UPI0000D9C1E8 UniRef100_UPI0000D9C1E8 UniRef100_Q5KFR3 UniRef100_Q5KFR3 UniRef100_Q4N6I7 UniRef100_Q4N6I7 UniRef100_B7G0J5 UniRef100_B7G0J5 UniRef100_Q5DB98 UniRef100_Q5DB98 UniRef100_Q5CXN8 UniRef100_Q5CXN8 UniRef100_Q5CIH9 UniRef100_Q5CIH9 UniRef100_A4RQ08 UniRef100_A4RQ08 UniRef100_A7ASF9 UniRef100_A7ASF9 UniRef100_B2WK70 UniRef100_B2WK70 UniRef100_B2AW42 UniRef100_B2AW42 UniRef100_Q4UJ31 UniRef100_Q4UJ31 UniRef100_A8WV48 UniRef100_A8WV48 UniRef100_UPI000023DCA4 UniRef100_UPI000023DCA4 UniRef100_O45431 UniRef100_O45431 UniRef100_Q0V259 UniRef100_Q0V259 UniRef100_Q4Y4U2 UniRef100_Q4Y4U2 UniRef100_C5K1F0 UniRef100_C5K1F0 UniRef100_B6HIS3 UniRef100_B6HIS3 UniRef100_Q7RXQ0 UniRef100_Q7RXQ0 UniRef100_C9SC86 UniRef100_C9SC86 UniRef100_C5GLQ8 UniRef100_C5GLQ8 UniRef100_C1GH12 UniRef100_C1GH12 UniRef100_C7Z9T9 UniRef100_C7Z9T9 UniRef100_C6HN67 UniRef100_C6HN67 UniRef100_C4JM45 UniRef100_C4JM45 UniRef100_C0NEB1 UniRef100_C0NEB1 UniRef100_A6QXM5 UniRef100_A6QXM5 UniRef100_B6K2I4 UniRef100_B6K2I4 UniRef100_A2QA17 UniRef100_A2QA17 UniRef100_C8VS23 UniRef100_C8VS23 UniRef100_B0XP78 UniRef100_B0XP78 UniRef100_A1D169 UniRef100_A1D169 UniRef100_Q0CMI9 UniRef100_Q0CMI9 UniRef100_B6QBZ4 UniRef100_B6QBZ4 UniRef100_A1CNC7 UniRef100_A1CNC7 UniRef100_Q2HA07 UniRef100_Q2HA07 UniRef100_B8M3K5 UniRef100_B8M3K5 UniRef100_B8MYU1 UniRef100_B8MYU1 UniRef100_A6SR19 UniRef100_A6SR19 UniRef100_A7EPR7 UniRef100_A7EPR7 UniRef100_C0SJD0 UniRef100_C0SJD0 UniRef100_C5G1C3 UniRef100_C5G1C3 UniRef100_Q1DT38 UniRef100_Q1DT38 UniRef100_C5P4M7 UniRef100_C5P4M7 UniRef100_C1HEC1 UniRef100_C1HEC1 UniRef100_O94406 UniRef100_O94406 UniRef100_A8NQE1 UniRef100_A8NQE1 UniRef100_C5E0A3 UniRef100_C5E0A3 UniRef100_C5DI05 UniRef100_C5DI05 UniRef100_Q4XGE9 UniRef100_Q4XGE9 UniRef100_Q6BYT3 UniRef100_Q6BYT3 UniRef100_UPI00003BD154 UniRef100_UPI00003BD154 UniRef100_Q6C1J2 UniRef100_Q6C1J2 UniRef100_B5VIW7 UniRef100_B5VIW7 UniRef100_B3LIL0 UniRef100_B3LIL0 UniRef100_P33411 UniRef100_P33411 UniRef100_Q5ACV5 UniRef100_Q5ACV5 UniRef100_B9WA77 UniRef100_B9WA77 UniRef100_Q6FTU7 UniRef100_Q6FTU7 UniRef100_C5M5G1 UniRef100_C5M5G1 UniRef100_C4Y3G9 UniRef100_C4Y3G9 UniRef100_A3LMZ1 UniRef100_A3LMZ1 UniRef100_A8QBE0 UniRef100_A8QBE0 UniRef100_A5DUZ8 UniRef100_A5DUZ8 UniRef100_Q752S0 UniRef100_Q752S0 UniRef100_UPI000151BC1F UniRef100_UPI000151BC1F UniRef100_Q4QBQ6 UniRef100_Q4QBQ6 UniRef100_A5DFN9 UniRef100_A5DFN9 UniRef100_A7TK97 UniRef100_A7TK97 UniRef100_C4QYE0 UniRef100_C4QYE0 UniRef100_A4HCE1 UniRef100_A4HCE1 UniRef100_A4HZW5 UniRef100_A4HZW5 UniRef100_A2GV31 UniRef100_A2GV31 UniRef100_A2GT62 UniRef100_A2GT62 UniRef100_A2DGL6 UniRef100_A2DGL6